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    Module 5 The Great Sports Personality

    Teaching Design

    Period 1-2: ReadingA Life in Sport


    ? To learn about the great sport personality

    ? To learn to read with strategies


    ?Warming up by learning what personality is

    What is personality?

    In psychology, personality is a collection of emotion, thought and behavior patterns unique to a person. There are several theoretical perspectives on personality in psychology, which involve different ideas about the relationship between personality and other psychological constructs, as well as different theories about the way personality develops.

    ?Talking about the top 10 world athletes in 2005

    The great sports personality is best shown in the annual top 10 world athletes. Following are the top 10 world athletes in the year of 2005 selected by Xinhua News Agency:

    1. Roger Federer (Switzerland)

    Top-ranked male tennis player in the world, ending up the 2005 season with 11 singles title including two grand slam trophies, a 35-match winning streak, and a win-loss record of 81-4, a second to best match winning percentage in a year in Open Era.

    2. Zhang Yining (China)

    Top-ranked women player in the world and the new generation to China's table tennis, lifting her first world championships singles trophy in Shanghai in May to become another "grand slam" winner of worlds, Olympics and World Cup.

    3. Fernando Alonso (Spain)

    Formula One's youngest champion at the age of 24, ending seven-time winner Michael Schumacher's string of five straight season titles.

    4. Liu Xiang (China)

    Winner of the Alternative Sportsperson of the Year at the 2005 Laureus World Sports Awards,

    adding an 110m hurdles silver medal at the Helsinki world championships to his history-making Olympic title taken at 2004 Games in Athens.

    5. Yelena Isinbayeva (Russia)

    Female Athlete of the Year named by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) for the second straight time, setting nine world records indoor and out while recording the first women's five-meter vault in London and breaking the mark again after winning the world title in Helsinki.

    6. Ronaldinho (Brazil)

    Biggest winner of world soccer in 2005, completing a hat-trick of three most important awards, as he won his second successive World Player of the Year award from soccer's governing body FIFA, and also the European player awards in the same year and the inaugural FIFPro World Player of the Year award, selected by soccer players in September.

    7. Maria Sharapova (Russia)

    First waman emerging from the star-studded Russian pack to climb onto the top of the world tennis rankings, winning 3 singlestitles at 18 and making semifinals in 11 tournaments in 2005 before declining to the fourth position at the end of the season.

    8. Kenenisa Bekele (Ethiopia)

    Winner of the IAAF men's athlete of the year award, whose season of 2005 has been remarkable in any circumstances with defending the 10,000 gold at the Helsinki world championships, breaking his own world record in Brussels and winning the world cross country double for the fourth successive time.

    9. Justin Gatlin (United States)

    Fastest man in the world 2005, taking both the 100m and 200m sprints gold medals at the world athletics championships in Helsinki in August.

    10. Lindsay Davenport (United States)

    Season-ending world number one female player to world tennis, winning six of her totally ten finals of WTA singles Tour in 2005,including the grand slam tournaments of Australian Open and Wimbledon. Enditem

    ?Before you read

    Before we take up the text on page 42 let‟s please go over the word list for this module, paying attention to the pronunciation of the word, the relationship between its pronunciation and its spelling.

    ?While you read

    While reading the text on page 42 try to cut/ the sentences into thought groups, blacken the

    predicates, underline the useful expressions and darken the connectives.

    ?After you read

    After reading you may find time to copy all the useful expressions into your Expression Book and make your own sentences with them.

    the prince of gymnasts, retire at the age of.., win 106 gold medals, in major competitions, across the world, at the 1982 World Championship, two silver and a bronze, sports journalists, make a list of…, the greatest sportsmen and sportswomen of the twentieth century, Li Ning', together with…, with the feeling that…, perform well, in the 1988 Seoul Olympics, this sense of failure,

    make…determined to succeed in one‟s new life, a year after.., begin a new career, sporting background, launch a new brand of sportswear, compete with…, make the unusual choice, choose…as the brand mark, the bright red logo, be made up of …, come onto the market, at just

    the right time, the number of… , on the increase, have a major advantage over…, a pair of …, cost up to five times as much as a similar…product, success for…, come quickly, in just a few years, win more than fifty per cent of the national market, be purchased every ten seconds, on the

    athletics track, the football pitch, go into a school or university anywherethe chances are …, in

    tracksuits, with the familiar logo, grow internationally, gymnastics teams, be employed by…to create…, step out onto the track, during the 2008 Olympics, make money, open a school for gymnasts, since then, achieve the sporting ambitions, work with…for children's rights and peace

    the work of a great sportsman, retire from…, a great sportsperson

    ? Reading again to answer questions

    A Life in Sport

    Because when he retired at the age of 26, he had won 106 gold medals Why did they called Li

    in major competitions across the world. (six out of seven gold medals Ning the prince of

    at the 1982 World Championship, and three at the 1984 Olympics in gymnasts?

    Los Angeles, as well as two silver and a bronze)

    It was the sense of failure that he experienced in the 1988 Seoul What made Li Ning

    determined to succeed Olympics that made him determined to succeed in his new life

    He decided to launch a new brand of sportswear, competing with in his new life?

    global giants like Nike and Adidas. And what did he

    decided to do?

    The number of young people with money to spend was on the increase. How was success for

    Li Ning's designs were attractive, and they had a major advantage over Li Ning guaranteed?

    their better-known rivals -- they were cheaper.

    Today a Li Ning product is purchased every ten seconds. The company What is Li Ning’s

    has also grown internationally. company running


    When he retired Li Ning’s dream was to open a school for gymnasts. He What was Li Ning’s

    was able to do this in 1991. dream when he


    Additional Materials

    Complete the article with one word in each blank:

    When retiring at the _____ of 26, Li Ling has won 106 gold medals in major _____ across

    the world. But Li Ning retired disappointed, _____ he had not performed well in the 1988

    Seoul Olympics.

    A year laterLi Ning began his _____He chos his own name as the brand _____. Li Ning's sports clothes came onto the market at just _____ right time. In just a few years, Li

    Ning won more than fifty _____ cent of the national market. The company has also _____

    internationally. But Li Ning's dream was to open a _____ for gymnasts. He was able to do

    this in 1991. And if you _____ a great sportsperson, anything is _____, as Li Ning's advertising says.

    (keys: 1. age 2.competitions 3.for 4.mark5. the 6. per 7. grown 9. are


    Study the notes to the difficult sentences:

    1. When sports journalists met in 1999 to make a list of the greatest sportsmen and

    sportswomen of the twentieth century, ...当体育记者在1999年聚会:拉出一个二十世


make构成的短语还有~make for 走向:朝…前进?有助于:促进:make out 辨认出:

    看出?理解:了解?写出:开出。make up 构成:组成?(为…;化装?补充:补足?和解:

    重归于好?捏造:临时编造:虚构:make up for 补偿:弥补:make a face 做鬼脸。

    2. Li Ning retired with the feeling that he had failed. 李宁退役的时候心中有个失败的感


    idea, opinion, news, hope, belief等名词后面。同位语从句一般用来解释或说明这些名词的

    具体含义或内容:在逻辑上表现为同位关系。例如~ They are familiar with the opinion that all matter consists of atoms.他们很熟悉这一观点:所有的物质都是由原子构成的。They

    were delighted at the news that their team had won.当听到他们的球队赢了的消息时:他们

    欣喜若狂。 The factory(that)we visited yesterday is a chemical one.我们昨天参观的那家

    工厂是化工厂。(that在从句中作宾语:所以此句是宾语从句) The news that he will leave for Shanghai is true.他将要去上海的消息是真的。(that只起连接从句的作用:所以此句是同位


    3. But it was this sense of failure that made him determined to succeed in his new


    表示强调的结构是 It is (was) + 被强调的部分,that (who)+句子的其它部分。除了谓语


    能用that而不用when where? 当被强调的部分是人时:可以用who? 当强调主语时

    要注意主语和谓语的一致。It is my uncle that/who is coming to visit us. It was at midnight

    that he came back home. It was in the park that the two old friends ran into each other. Its

    not you who are in trouble; but its I who am in trouble. It was not until the accident happened that I became aware of my own foolishness4. The number of young people with money to spend was on the increase.有钱可花的年轻人的数量在不断增加。

    4. If you go into a school or university anywherethe chances are you will see students in Li Ning tracksuits with the familiar logo.到任何地方的中学或大学看一看:


    chances are (that) ... (informal) it is likely that ...: The chances are you won’t have to pay.

    Answer the reading comprehension questions:

    1.Why was Li Ling called the prince of gymnasts? Because _____.

    A: When he retired at the age of 26, he had won 106 gold medals in major competitions

    across the world.

    B: Li Ning was the best.

    C: When sports journalists met in 1999 to make a list of the greatest sportsmen and

    sportswomen of the twentieth century, Li Ning's name was on it.

    D: A and B

    2. But he didn’t forget his _____ background.

    A: traveling

    B: sporting

    C: competing

    D: designing

    3. Success for Li Ning was ______ and it came quickly.