HELiPRO Terms of trade

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HELiPRO Terms of trade

    HELiPRO Terms of trade

Please note the following conditions of trade including

; Cancellation policy

    ; Tour Conditions

    ; Application to open a credit account

    ; Terms


    Cancellation policy is 30% within 7 days, 70% within 24 hours and no cancellation is required if the flight is cancelled by HELiPRO due weather or

    volcanic activity.


Tour prices are in NZ$ and include GST.

    Minimum numbers apply.

    Tour duration, flight times and tour inclusions may vary due to weather conditions and passenger loadings.

    All offshore, volcanic, snow landings and landings at unprepared off site. locations are undertaken at your own risk. Such Landings are at your pilot’s sole discretion.

    All major credit cards and currencies accepted.

    Operations daily subject to weather and volcanic activity. Due to weight and balance restrictions on all aircraft, a surcharge may apply to all passengers weighing in excess of 110kgs (240lbs). Please notify our bookings office if passengers exceed 136 kgs (300lbs)

    A fuel surcharge may apply


    HELiPRO, PO Box 291, Rotorua, New Zealand T; + 64 7 3572512 F + 64 7 357 2502



Postal Address:

    Physical Address:

Telephone Number: Area code: No:

    Fax Number: Area code: No:

    Email Address:

Nature of Business:

    Address of Registered Office:

    Company Directors:




    1. Area code: No:

    2. Area code: No:

    3. Area code: No:

I/We undertake to pay all accounts on the due date and agree that should any thpart of my/our account not be paid by the 20 of the month following services

    provided, interest at 2% per month may be added on the outstanding balance. We further undertake to pay and indemnify you in respect of all costs and expenses which may be incurred in recovering from me/us the amount of any overdue account.

     thTerms: Settlement 20 of month following supply of goods

    and services by HELiPRO

     N.B The completion of this form does not guarantee


    I/We, on behalf of the applicant, give HELiPRO and any of its representatives’ full permission to obtain credit checks from the above listed referees plus any other agency, persons or companies as they see fit to determine my credit status. Any information gathered shall be used solely for the purpose defined above. I/We also acknowledge that if I/We default in my payment obligations to you, information regarding the default may be registered on a national credit database and that information may be given to other customers accessing the database.

Helipro Base through which credit application is sought

Signature Designation

Name Date

    Personal Guarantee: When this application is signed on behalf of the applicant, by an agent or officer, then the natural person signing this application hereby warrants that he/she is authorised to sign it on behalf of the applicant and hereby personally guarantees the obligations of the applicant under the terms of this application.


    Credit Check: Date:

    HELiPRO, PO Box 291, Rotorua, New Zealand T; + 64 7 3572512 F + 64 7 357 2502


Approved: Comment:


    Please note as a condition of using the HELiPRO Website and the trade section contained within you agree that all access, passwords and information within the section are of a commercially sensitive nature. On this basis you also accept that access, passwords and information gained as a result of this registration process is to remain confidential between you and HELiPRO

Company Designation

Signature__________________________ Name




Approved: Comment:

    Please post to HELiPRO PO Box 20 421 Bishopdale,

    Christchurch 8543 or fax to +64 3 359 0471

    HELiPRO, PO Box 291, Rotorua, New Zealand T; + 64 7 3572512 F + 64 7 357 2502


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