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     New Zealand Chess Supplies Ltd

Phone: +64 (0) 6 304 8484 P.O. Box 122

    Fax: +64 (0) 6 304 8485 Greytown 5742

    E-mail: Wairarapa

    Website: New Zealand

NEW TITLES January, February & March 2010


    The Moscow & Anti-Moscow Variations -DREEV $43.00

    The Scotch Game for White -BARSKY $45.00

    Squeezing the Gambits: The Benko, Budapest, -GEORGIEV $42.00

    … Albin & Blumenfeld


    Open Files -UHLMANN & SCHMIDT $72.00


    A Course in Chess Tactics -BOJKOV & GEORGIEV $42.00

    Play the Alekhine -BOGDANOV $36.00


    New In Chess The First 25 Years 1984-2009 -GIDDINS (Ed) $62.00 Chess Opening Essentials 4: 1.c4/1Nf3/Minor Systems -DJURIC et al $68.00

    Yearbook Vol 94 (quarterly analysis of current opening practice & theory 2010 ) (S/C)each$58.00


    Bullet Chess: One Minute to Mate -NAKAMURA & HARPER $52.00

    Grandmaster Repertoire 3: English Opening Vol 1 -MARIN $78.00 ndScandinavian Defense 3…Qd6 2 Ed -MELTS $58.00


    Chess Exam: Matches Against Chess Legends -KHMELNITSKY $32.50

    … You vs Bobby Fischer Chess Tactics for Advanced Players -AVERBAKH $58.00

    The Improving Chess Thinker -HEISMAN $48.00

    BOOK LIST No. 50 TITLES IN STOCK 1 March 2010

All titles algebraic notation and soft cover (unless otherwise indicated).

    New stock constantly arriving - enquiries for unlisted titles welcome.

    (N/E = New Edition D = Descriptive notation H/C = Hardcover)

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An Active Repertoire for Black -MAROVIC $24.00

    Advance & Other Anti-French Variations -PSAKHIS $45.00


Alexander Alekhine‟s Best Games Algebraic Edition -ALEKHINE $54.00

    Analysing the Endgame N/E-SPEELMAN $42.00

    Aron Nimzowitsch: A Reappraisal N/E-KEENE $48.00 The Art of the King‟s Indian -GUFELD $48.00

    The Art of Planning in Chess: Move by Move -McDONALD $48.00

    Attack & Defence -DVORETSKY&YUSOPOV$54.00

    Attacking the King -NEISHTADT $38.50

    Attacking Repertoire for White -COLLINS $42.00

    The Batsford Book of Chess Records -DAMSKY $52.00

    Batsford Chess Puzzles -BARDEN $48.00

    Beating the Flank Openings -KOTRONIAS $36.00

    Beating the King‟s Indian & Benoni -VAISSER $36.00

    Beating the Petroff -KOTRONIAS et al $45.00

    The Benko Gambit Revealed -McDONALD $48.00

    Bishop v Knight: The Verdict -MAYER $45.00

    The Bishop‟s Opening Explained -LANE $48.00

    Black is Still OK! -ADORJAN $42.00

    Bobby Fischer Rediscovered -SOLTIS $54.00

    Bobby Fischer the Wandering King -BOHM & JONGKIND $39.50

    The Budapest Gambit -LALIC $45.00

    The Budapest Fajarowicz -GUTMAN $45.00

    Caro-Kann Defence: Advance Variation & Gambit System -KARPOV & PODGAETS $48.00

    Caro-Kann Defence: Panov Attack - KARPOV & PODGAETS $48.00

    Chess: The Art of Logical Thinking from the First Move - McDONALD $48.00

    … to the Last Chess Choice Challenge -WARD & EMMS $45.00

    Chess Choice Challenge 2 -WARD $45.00

    Chess Choice Challenge 3 -WARD $45.00

    Chess: The Complete Chess Tutor 2004 Edition -LASKER $52.00

    Chess For Tigers N/E -WEBB $48.00 The Chess Player‟s Battle Manual -DAVIES $36.00

    The Chess Player‟s Bible H/C-EADE $45.00

    Chess: The Search for Mona Lisa -GUFELD $44.00

    Chess Strategy -GUFELD et al $48.00

    Chess Success: Planning After the Opening -McDONALD $45.00

    Chess Tactics -LITTLEWOOD $39.50

    Chess Under the Microscope -MOTWANI $48.00

    Chess Wizardry: The New ABC of Chess Problems -RICE $54.00


     Spanish: Karpov/Zaitsev System -BIKHOVSKY $34.50 A Complete Defence for Black -KEENE & JACOBS $52.00

    The Complete Richter-Rauzer -WELLS & OSMOS $44.00

    Contenders For the Crown -KEENE $32.00

    The Controversial Samisch King‟s Indian -WARD $48.00

    C.O.O.L. Chess -MOTWANI $45.00

    The Development of Chess Style -EUWE & NUNN $48.00

    Devious Chess: How to Bend the Rules and Win -AVNI $45.00

    Discover Your Chess Strength H/C-KEENE $28.00

    Duels of the Mind: Twelve Greatest Games of Chess H/C-KEENE $38.50

    Dynamics of Chess Strategy -JANSA $45.00

    Endgame Play -WARD $42.00

    Endgame Secrets -LUTZ $48.00

    English Attack -DE FIRMIAN et al $49.50

    Exploiting Small Advantages N/E -GUFELD $48.00 The Fianchetto King's Indian -MCNAB $36.00

    Find the Checkmate -LANE $45.00

    Find the Winning Move -LANE $45.00


    The French Defence Steinitz Classical & Other Systems -PSAKHIS $49.50 The French Defence 3 Nd2 - Tarrasch -PSAKHIS $48.00

    French Defence 3 Nc3 Bb4 - Winawer -PSAKHIS $49.50

    From Beginner to Expert in 40 Lessons -KOSTYEV $46.00

    The Grunfeld Defence Revealed -KHODARKOVSKY $45.00

    The Grunfeld for the Attacking Player -LALIC $48.00

    The Hippopatamus Rises: The Reamergence of a Chess Opening -MARTIN $45.00 How to Beat Garry Kasparov -KEENE $25.00

    How to Choose a Chess Move -SOLTIS $48.00

    How to Play the Caro-Kann Defence -KEENE & TAULBUT $19.00

    How to Play the English Opening in Chess -KARPOV 445.00

    How to Play the Middlegame in Chess N/E-LITTLEWOOD $42.00

    How to Play the Opening in Chess -KEENE & LEVY $42.00

    Ideas behind Modern Chess Openings: Black -LANE $48.00

    Ideas Behind Modern Chess Openings: Attacking with White -LANE $48.00 Imagination in Chess: How to Think Creatively and Avoid -GAPRINDASHVILI $48.00 …Foolish Mistakes

    Improve Your Chess in 7 Days -LANE $39.50

    Improve Your Chess Results -ZAK $42.00

    I Play Against Pieces -GLIGORIC $48.00

     Jon Speelman‟s Best Games -SPEELMAN $49.50

    Judgement and Planning in Chess -EUWE $48.00

    Kasparov‟s Fighting Chess 1993-1998 -KAROLYI & APLIN $48.00

    Kasparov‟s Fighting Chess 1999-2005 -KAROLYI & APLIN $48.00

    Kasparov: How His Predecessors Misled Him About Chess -KAROLYI & APLIN $45.00 Kasparov-Kramnik London 2000 -DAVIES & MARTIN $28.00

    Kasparov v Deeper Blue -KING $32.00

    The King Hunt -NUNN & COZENS $45.00

    Learn From the Grandmasters N/E-KEENE (Ed) $36.00

    Learn From Your Chess Mistakes -BAKER $48.00

    Logical Chess: Move by Move Algebraic Edition -CHERNEV $45.00

    Mastering the Sicilian -KOPEC $42.00

    Modern Endgame Practice -BELIAVSKY $52.00

    My 60 Memorable Games Algebraic Ed 2008 -FISCHER $48.00 New Ideas in the Alekhine Defence -BURGESS $32.00

    New Ideas in the QGA -FLEAR $28.00

    Nigel Short: W.C. Challenger -KEENE $42.00

    Opening Play -WARD $24.00

    Opening Repertoire for Black -MAROVIC & PARMA $24.50

    Paul Keres: The Quest for Perfection -KERES & NUNN $48.00

    Paul Keres: The Road to the Top -KERES $48.00

    Petrosian vs the Elite: 71 Victories by the Master of the -KEENE & SIMPOLE $48.00 ... Manoeuvre 1948-1993

    Planning -McDONALD $24.00

    Popular Chess Variants -PRITCHARD $29.50

    The Power Chess Program: Book 1 -DAVIES $54.00

    The Power Chess Program: Book 2 -DAVIES $54.00

    Practical Chess Psychology -AVNI $48.00

    The Queen‟s Bishop Attack Revealed -PLASKETT $45.00

    Queen's Indian Defence: Kasparov System -GUREVICH $27.50

    Rethinking the Chess Pieces -SOLTIS $45.00

    Richard Reti‟s Best Games (Algebraic Ed) -GOLOMBEK $42.00

    The Ruy Lopez Explained -LANE $45.00

    The Scandinavian Defence -PLASKETT $48.00

    The Scotch Game Explained -LANE $45.00

    Secrets of Grandmaster Chess -NUNN $48.00


    Shall We Play Fischerandom Chess? -GLIGORIC $45.00 Sharpen Your Chess Tactics in 7 Days -LANE $38.50 The Sicilian Bb5 Revealed -McDONALD $45.00

    Sicilian: Taimanov System -TAIMANOV $27.50

    The Sicilian with ... Qb6 -ILIC $48.00

    Simple Chess Tactics H/C-GILLAM $34.00

    Simple Chess Tactics & Checkmates -GILLAM $36.00

    Speed Chess Challenge: Kasparov v Short 1987 -KEENE $22.50 Starting Chess -GILLAM $32.00

    Startling Castling! -TIMMER $52.00

    Tactical Chess Endings -NUNN $46.00

    Tactical Chess Exchanges -NESIS $29.50

    Tactics in the Grunfeld -NESIS $48.00

    Test Your Chess with Daniel King -KING $48.00

    Think Like a Grandmaster -KOTOV $45.00

    Tony Miles „It‟s Only Me‟ -LAWTON $52.00

    Transpo Tricks in Chess: Finesse Your Moves & Win -SOLTIS $48.00 The Ultimate Closed Sicilian -LANE $48.00

    Understanding the Spanish -TAULBUT $48.00

    Victory in the Opening! -LANE $42.00

    Why Lasker Matters -SOLTIS $48.00

    Winning Endgame Strategy -BELIAVSKY et al $45.00

    Winning the Won Game -KOPEC & FTACNIK $4200

    Winning with the Benko -JACOBS $39.00

    Winning with the Philidor -KOSTEN $48.00

    Winning with the Sicilian Dragon 2 -WARD $48.00

    The Wisest Things Ever Said About Chess -SOLTIS $52.00 World Chess Championship:Kasparov v Anand 1995 -KEENE $29.50 4… Qh4 in the Scotch Game -GUTMAN $54.00

    40 Lessons for the Club Player -KOSTYEV $46.00


    Alekhine: On the Road to the World Championship -ALEKHINE $42.50 Anatoly Karpov: Chess is my Life H/C-KARPOV & ROSHAL $62.00 Attack with Mikhail Tal -TAL & DAMSKY $48.00

    Averbakh‟s Selected Games -AVERBAKH $52.00

    Battles of Hastings -CLOAD $32.00

    Battles Royal of the Chessboard -COLES $27.50

    The Blumenfeld Gambit -PRZEWOZNIK et al $34.00

    Bobby Fischer: The 5m Dollar Comeback -DAVIES et al $36.00 The Chess Beat -EVANS $34.00

    The Chess Combination from Philidor to Karpov D H/C-KEENE $32.00 Chess Exchanges -TAULBUT & JONES $34.00

    Chess in the Fast Lane -ADAMS $39.00

    Chess Kaleidoscope -KARPOV & GIK $28.00

    Chess Middlegames Essential Knowledge -AVERBAKH $42.00 Chess Training -POVAH $38.50

    Choose the Right Move -KING & DUNCAN $42.00 Creative Chess -AVNI $34.00

    Creative Chess (Expanded Edition) -AVNI $48.00

    Defence and Counter Attack H/C-FLORIAN $46.00

    Development of a Grandmaster -ADAMS $36.00

    Easy Guide to the Reti Opening -DUNNINGTON $48.00 Easy Guide to the Sicilian Scheveningen -PEDERSON $39.50


Endgame Strategy -SHERESHEVSKY $48.00

    The Final Countdown -HAJENIUS et al $42.00

    The Fine Art of Swindling -MORTAZAVI $39.00

    The Genius of Paul Morphy -WARD $48.00

    Grandmaster Achievement -POLUGAYEVSKY $52.00

    Grandmaster Chess -FLEAR $35.00

    Half A Century of Chess -BOTVINNIK $54.00

    The Heavy Pieces in Action -DAMSKY $39.00

    How to be a Complete Tournament Player -MEDNIS $32.00

    Instant Chess -LEVY & O'CONNELL $29.50

    Kasparov v Karpov 1990 -KASPAROV et al $28.50

    Kasparov: Ultimate G M - Boxed Set of 5 vols -KASPAROV $125.00 …Includes The Test of Time, London Lenningrad Champioship,

    …New World Chess Champion,

    … Kasparov v Karpov New York-Lyon 1990

    … World Championship Seville 1987

    Learn Chess: A New Way For All Vol 1 First Principles -ALEXANDER et al $22.50 Learn Chess: A New Way For All Vol 2.Winning Methods -ALEXANDER et al $34.00 Learn Chess From the World Champs D-LEVY (ed) $36.00