BEC writing final Key (06)

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BEC writing final Key (06)

BEC Higher Writing Lesson 7 Answer Key

Graphic Description

Case One

    The main trends in textiles sales for JanDec 1999 are clear from the line graph above. (The line

    graph above clearly shows the main trends in textile sales for JanDec 1999.)

    As shown in the graph, wool sales started the year at 2.5 million. There was a swift fall in the first quarter, followed by a gradual increase in the second and third quarters. There was a sharp jump in sales in August, taking sales to HK$3 million at the start of September. Wool sales ended the year at approximately HK$3 million having topped HK$4.5 million in November.

    Cotton sales fell gradually in the first quarter to a low of HK$0.2 million in April. This was followed by a period of continuous growth until September, when sales topped HK$3.5 million. There was then a sharp decline, and cotton sales ended the year at HK$2 million.

Case Two

    (Student Version)

    Our graph shows the sales figures between 1994 and 1996 in Europe, Africa and Asia. Based on these data, we can state, that there was a growing tendency in all three continents, but the speed of changes were different, being the slowest in Europe, where a steady growth is characteristic. In Africa sales increased suddenly between 1994 and 1995, reaching the top at above 15 thousand pounds. In 96 we have witnessed only a slight increase there.

    In Asia, the development was more proportional between 94 and 95. Sales had tripled, while it during the next year it had doubled.

UCLES examiner’s comments:

    All the relevant points are covered, some comparison is made between different figures and the organization is generally appropriate. However, there are some minor errors of grammar and register (‘being the slowest’, ‘reaching the top’). Mark 7

(Standard version)

    The graph above shows clearly the sales figures of Company X in Europe, Africa and Asia during the period 1994-1996.

    It can be seen clearly in the graph that there is a general growing tendency in the three areas. Europe started at around 7K, grew gradually to 10K in 95, rising significantly to 15K in the end. Sales in Africa started from around 3K and shot up to above 16K in 95, finishing the period at 20K. Sales in Asia grew from 5K in the beginning, jumped to 15K in 95, rising dramatically to 30K in


    On the basis of the above analysis, it can be concluded that Company X’s sales performance in Asia is the best.

    The performance of the 3 products in the year since their introduction to the market is clear from the graph above.

    As indicated in the graph, Product A had the best performance of the three. It rocketed from $0 to $5000 in Apr, then continued to climb steadily to a peak of $7500 in Aug, but fell slightly to $7100 in Oct, dropping dramatically to $3200 to finish the year. Product B showed an upward trend throughout the year, rising considerably to $2000 in June and then shot up to a peak of $6000 in December. By comparison, Product C had the worse performance. It remained level at $0 until June, then climbed to slightly above $1000 in August before dropping to -$1000 in Oct. It rose moderately to approximately $O in the end.

Part Two

Report on the launch of our new car model ___


    This report aims to study the launch of our new Car Benz (Model V) in China mainland in order to recommend the best ways to launch it.

Target consumers

    The target consumers of this product are high-income businessmen and white collar-workers in foreign owned companies and joint ventures. According to our market research, most of them need a famous-brand car with good performance, attractive appearance and comfortable interior layout. Advertising media

    TV is obviously the most effective medium to reach the widest audience quickly. Twenty slots in CCTV prime time transmission should coincide with the launch. TV advertising should then be back up by advertisements in car magazines, with glossy color photos of famous film or sports stars.

    Possible sales resistance

    One obstacle that prevents consumer from buying our car is the high price and lack of parking space for most Chinese residents.

    Sales outlets

    The first choice will be motor vehicle trading centres, for they attract the largest number of customers. Furthermore, car dealers may also contribute to the sales of our new model.

Conclusions & recommendations

    All considered, our new model has a fairly good sales potential, although its success depends on our market effort. We should focus on the high performance and fuel efficiency of our new model as well as its status symbol for successful executives.

    Sample Answer

    This is a report comparing the performance of the three teenage magazines, magic, Sparks and Wavy, from 1995 until 2000.

    It can be seen that Sparks magazine started in best position in 1995, and its sales increased until 1997. Since then, sales are decreasing sharply. It has become least selling magazine.

    On the other hand, Magic started with lowest position, but the sales increased sharply for one year, then became more stable, and continue slow increase.

    In 1995 Wavy was in worse position than Sparks, and sales fell for the next two years. But then they rose dramatically, and in 2000 it was in first place.

    To sum up: magic shows stable growth over five years. Wavy has very rapid growth in last three years and Sparks has dramatic decline.

Comments on Sample Answer

    This is quite a good answer, which both summarises the information given and goes into some detail for each magazine, Presentation is clear, with introductory and concluding paragraphs. There is a good variety of relevant vocabulary (‘decreasing sharply’, rose dramatically, ‘stable

    growth’). Language errors (missing articles, prepositions, e.g. ‘with lowest position’ should be ‘in the lowest position’, ‘very rapid growth in last three years’ should be ‘a very rapid growth in the

    last three years’’) do not impede understanding. This answer would be likely to receive a mark of about 7.

Part two


    This report is about the recent trade fair held two weeks ago in China. It was a major event for a medium company like us to attend first time in a foreign country.

    Last week, thousands of computer hardware manufacturers congregated in the international trade fair in Beijing, China. Many famous giant companies, such as Microsoft, IBM, Compaq had a considerable exhibition on the new style of laptops and desktop computers.

    We are small brand to be known by the overseas customers. However, we tried our best to attract attention from all participants. We had bright, colourful advertisement signs over all our stand. WE paid a little more to get an outstanding location, which was right opposite the main entrance.

    We had attracted many wholesalers and retailers from Asian countries, which is our goal to trade with them. Many companies indicated that they wish to trade with us if there are no language barriers. Fortunately we found people from Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China could speak fluent English.

    Asia has huge markets, especially China, which is the market most European companies intend to enter and penetrate. We have kept many of the Chinese companies who have the interest to trade with us. It is a golden opportunity to expand our market s globally. Therefore, any chance of trade fairs like this in future, we should not miss, and should event take more extensive display space.


Sample Answer

The problem

    As we have a lot of people in this office working at small individual work-stations, with computers and phones, it is difficult to concentrate because of people talking and making phone calls. All previous attempts to reduce noise levels have failed. This is a serious problem, as we suspect that it is affect our productivity.

Solutions proposed

    No more space can be made available, but it is proposed that we consider the following possibilities.

1. Introducing rules on scoialising in the office

    This would mean that all coffee breaks have to be taken in the canteen, and it is not allowed to eat or drink at a work station. This would cut down noise and also keeps the office cleaner.

2. Flexible office hours

    If we could all choose to come to work as early as seven a.m., and leave as late as nine p.m., there would be fewer people in the office together, so it would be quieter. However, it would be more difficult to arrange meetings and work together with colleagues at all.

3. changes in office layout

A corner of the office could be created as a quiet area by partitions. However, this would make

    all the work-stations even smaller than now. Another idea is to put higher partitions between small groups of two or three people.

4. Working at home

    It is suggested that most of us have certain parts of our jobs (e.g. writing reports) that could be done at home. This could mean coming to the office only on two or three days every week. This would make it easier to do work you have to concentrate on in a quiet place. This would have to

    be a voluntary arrangement, just for people who choose it, and the company would have to supply computers, modems, etc.

    Please be prepared to give feedback on all these ideas at a meeting to be arranged in the last week of March.


    Comments on Sample Answer

    This is a very good answer, which covers all points in the question and is clearly organized, with an introduction, numbered paragraphs and a final sentence telling the reader what to do next. Most of the language is concerned with possibilities (with would and could) but there is also some

    descriptive language and an instruction. There are only minimal errors (compueter, is affect,

    keeps should be computer, ‘is affecting and keep). This answer would be likely to receive a

    mark of 18 or 20.


Sample Answer

Dear applicant

    You have been selected as a potential future employee of our company by the recruiting committee.

    Therefore, we would like to invite you to our internal assessment day at which you will have tests and interviews and get further information about SIMUL Ltd.

We kindly ask you to prepare the following documents and bring them with you:

    Please write at least one page on your future objectives, personal and profession (hand


    Please select one of the enclosed drawings and be prepared to describe what you see on it and

    what feelings you have while looking at it.

    The assessment takes place on 15 May from 9.00 to 18.00, and will only be interrupted by a two-hour lunch break. While the morning is reserved for several tests and interviews, the afternoon offers you the chance to get a first impression of our company. You will be visiting different working places of SIMUL Ltd., such as the factory, the marketing offices and our large store.

    Please refer to the enclosed situation plan if you intend to come by car. There is plenty of parking space. If you choose the train, please take line 17, leaving the main station at 8.15 on track 5. Get off the train at Acorn Road, walk down Lime Street, and turn left after 600 feet, where you will

see our premises. The reception is in building A.

    We are looking forward to welcoming you on 15 may to our assessment day. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us under 01123528.

Yours faithfully,


Comments on Sample Answer

    This is a good answer, which covers all necessary elements of the task, is well organized and achieves a register which is welcoming as well as businesslike. The final paragraph is appropriate, but such a letter would probably finish with Yours sincerely. Vocabulary is appropriate and the

    range of language varied, with correct use of tenses, polite commands and conditional. There are a few small errors (‘interrupted’, under + phone number should be interrupted and on + phone

    number should be interrupted and on + phone number), which do not impeded comprehension.

    This answer would be like to receive a mark of about 16.

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