Module 4 New technology

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Module 4 New technology

    Module 4 New technology 一(短语

    1. 打开___________________ 2.重放___________________ 3. 赶快___________________ 4. 把…连到…___________________ 5.挽救某人的性命___________________ 6.拿起,捡起___________________ 7.爬出…___________________ 8.上医院看病___________________ 9.关掉___________________ 10.拍照_________________ 二(单词拼写

    1.If you want to record, ___________,按! the red _______________,按钮!. 2. Can you __________,借! me your ________________,录像! camera? 3. Please ______________ ,抄写!the new words three times after class.

    4. The doctor gave him some __________,药!, and __________ ,建议!him taking it on time.

    5. My monkey doesn't ____________,咬人!.

    6. His chest began to _____________,疼痛!

    7. The Sun ____________,出现! in the east.

    n a minute. 8. There are sixty ____________,秒! i

    9(As one grows older, one’s ____________ declines.

    10. A mosquito ___________() me.

    11. Gradually a smole _____________,露出! on her face.

    12. The driver _______________,伤害! himself in the accident. 三(完成句子


    He ____________ ____________ ___________ _____________ last year.


    He _____________ ____________ _____________his teacher. 3.他们上个星期就躲在那个老房子里。

    They ____________ _____________ that old house last week. 4.请打开灯,太黑了。

    Please ____________ _____________ the light, its very dark.


    Lets __________ ___________ ____________ ____________ the monkey.


    My watch ___________ ______________.

    7(请保持冷静。 Please _______________ _______________.


?、if 状语从句专练


    If ,一般现在时!, will(wont)


    eg. If a snake bites you , take a photo with your mobile phone.

     If I play well, I will play the solo.

     If you are ill, you must go to see a doctor. ( )1.If you _________ to a CD, use the headphone.

     A.listening B.will listen C.listen D.listened ( )2.If it _________ tomorrow ,stay at home.

     A.will rain B.would rain C.rain D.rains ( )3.---Would you like to come to dinner tonight?

    I will________ I’m free. ---

     A.and B.if D.but

    ( )4.If you ________ , you’ll be the most beautiful girl at the party.

     A.have come B.came C.come D.comes ( )5.He will come if you _____ hime

     A.will invite B.invite C.invited D.invites ( )6.If you _________ a chance to study abroad, just take it.

     A.getting B.had got C.will get D.get 7.Don’t go our tomorrow if it __________rain.


    8.Do you know if we _______________(pass) the exam? If we _________(pass) it,

    tell me quickly.

    9.Do you know if they __________(come) tonight? If they __________(come)here,call me.

    10.I am not sur if father __________(buy) a computer for me.

     If he _________(buy) one, I will be very happy. 11. He wants to know if the library ____________(open) this afternoon.If it

    _________(open), he will go to return the books. 12.---I want to know if you ________ to the meeting this afternoon.

     ---I will come if I ________free.

     A. will come, am B.come, am

     C.will come,will be D.come ,will be

    13. I wonder if my parents _________(send) me a present for my birthday.

     If they ________(send) me a cell phone , I will be really very happy.

    ( )14.I wonder if it _________(rain) tomorrow.

     If it __________(rain),we won’t go shopping.

     A.rains, will rain B.will rain, rains

     C.will rain, will rain D. rains ,rains



    ( )1. Please connect the digital camera _______ the computer.

    a. to b. with c. into d. for

    ( )2. It is important ______ you ______ English well.

    a. to , to learn b.for , for learn c. to , for learn d. for, to learn ( )3. He wants to ___ a recorder from his classmate because he ____ his to Tom yesterday.

     a. borrow, lent b. borrowed, lend c. lend, borrow d. lend, borrowed ( )4. It's time for us to listen to the news. Would you please ______ the radio?

    a. turn on b. turn off c. turn to d. turn down

    ( )5. She suggested _____ early so that we could catch the first train.

    a. to get up b. getting up c. get up d. to getting up

    ( )6. We will go to the park if it _________ fine tomorrow.

     a. will be b. be c. is d. was

    ( )7. ---I want to know if you _____ to the meeting this afternoon.

    ----I will if I ____ free.

     a. will come , am b. come, am c. will come, will be d. come , will be ( )8. Jimmy couldn't walk. He _____ his feet in the basketball match yesterday.

     a. hurts b. hurted c. was hurted d, hurt

    ( )9. Your bag is on the floor . Please __________.

    a. pick up it b. pick it up c. pick up d. pick up for it ( )10. If there are a lot of buses on the road, you'd better _______as slowly as you can. a. drive b. drives c. driving d. to drive

    ( )11. I don't know if it ______ tomorrow. If it ______, I will stay at home.

    a. will rain, rains b. rains, will rain c. will rain, will rain d. rains , rains ( )12.Stop talking. I have _____ to tell you.

    a. anything interesting b. interesting something

    c. something interesting d interesting anything

    ( )13. " _____! Tony." Everyone shouted loudly. Tony was the first past the finishing line. a. Come back b. Come in c. Come on d. Come over

    ( )14. My watch _______. I don't know the time.

     a. works well b. is working c. doesn't work d. don't work ( )15.Dont __________the radio. Tom is studying.

     a.turn off b. turn on c.turn down d.turn to

    ( )16.---____________________?---- I have a headache.

     a.Whats wrong, Judy b.Where are you, Judy

     c.What do you have,Judy d. What are you doing, Judy

    ( )17.What __________ noodles would you like?

     a.kind b.kinds c.kind of d.kind for


( )18.He will_________ his dictionary __________me tomorrow.

     a.lend, to b.lend, from c.borrow, to d. borrow, from ( )19.It is difficult __________ the students__________ the book.

     a. of ,to read b.for, to read c.of ,reading d. for ,reading ( )20.The cat __________him __________ the hand.

     a.bit,in b.bited,in c.bit, on d.bited, on ( )21.A bird fell on the floor. The boy___________ and examed it carefully.

     a.picks it up b.picks up it c. picked up it d. picked it up ( )22.The boy couldnt walk. He __________ his legs in the accident last years.

     a.hurt b. hurts c.hurted d.hurting ( )23.Lets go and ask our teacher for ___________.

     a. some advice b.some advices c.some pieces of advise ( )24.He was ____________ to meet his son in the Internet café.

     a.surprising b.surprised c.surprise d.surprises ( )25.____________ you go, I go too.

     a.Where do b.Wherever c.Wherever do

    ( )26.He went to Hong Kong ______________.

     a.for business b.because business c. on business d.with business 四(完型填空

    Big schoolbags have been a serious problem for students for a long time. Maybe your schoolbag is

    too 1 to carry, and it troubles you a lot 2 you want to find a book out to read. Now an e-textbook will 3 you.

     It is said that e-textbooks are going to be 4 in Chinese middle schools. An e-textbbok, in

    fact, is a small 5 for students. It is much 6 than a usual schoolbag and easy to carry. Though it is as small as a book, it can 7 all the materials,材料! for study. The students can

    read the text page by page on the 8 , take notes with the pointer,屏写笔! . or even " 9"

    their homework to their teachers by sending e-mails. All they have to do is to press a button.

     Some people says e-textbooks are good , but some say they maybe 10 for the students' eyes. What do you think of it?

    ( )1. a. light b. heavy c. useful d. comfortable ( )2. a. till b. after c. before d. when ( )3. a. trouble b. prepare c. help d. understand ( )4. a. used b. kept c. invented d. lent ( )5. a. TV b. radio c. pen d. computer ( )6. a. heavier b. lighter c. cheaper d. brighter ( )7. a. hold b. build c. discover d. practise ( )8. a. blackboard b. desk c. screen d. card ( )9. a. find out b. hand in c. get back d. gove back ( )10. a. helpful b. famous c. good d. bad 五(阅读理解


     Do you believe there are aliens? Well, make a phone call and you will know. A group of Americans can help. They made a device to "talk" to aliens. If you want to talk to an alien, you only need to visit, vall 1-900-226-0300 and say: "Hello aliens, this is Earth calling . can you hear me?" you can saything you want.

     But now, they only take phone calls from people in the US. The call is $3.99 every minute. After the hotline began in February,www. TalkToAliens. Com has got hundreds of call. There is one call every three minutes. They are also trying to send people's e-mails, photos and videos into space.

    ( )1. If you live in America and you want to know whether there are any aliens, ________.

     a. you can make a phone call b. you can go to America for help

     c. you can ask any scientist for help d. you can talk to aliens

    ( )2. www. TalkToAliens. Com is a place where ______

     a. you can get some knowledge about aliens b. you can talk to aliens

     c. the aliens live d. you can make a set of device to talk to aliens ( )3. which is NOT right?

    a. Only from the USA can call 1-900-226-0300

    b. People from any country can call 1-900-226-0300 now

    c. If you call the hotline for two minutes, you should pay $7.98

    d. Every three minutes there is someone calling 1-900-226-0300

    ( )4. from the passage we know _______

    a. there is only one call after the hotline began in February

    b. there are some aliens in the world

    c. some Americans are trying to send information about humans into space. d. If you pay $2099 a minute, you can talk to aliens.


    Mrs Smith is a good 1.____________. One 2._____________she was having supper when the 3.______________ rang. It was from a young woman. She asked Mrs Smith for 4.____________, because her daughter was badly 5._____________and had a high fever. While Mrs. Smith heard it, she stopping 6.___________ supper and hurried to the bus stop and got on the bus to the young woman's 7._____________. She looked over the young girl and let her ttake some 8.________________. The girl felt 9.___________ after that. The young woman felt happy and 10.____________ Mrs Smith.