Living To Love You

By Florence Flores,2014-07-06 11:22
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Living To Love You

歌名:Living To Love You

    歌手:Sarah Connor

    专辑:Naughty But Nice

    All we had was just one summer Two lovers strolling in the park But like they say the world keeps turning As the leaves wouldve fallen we should fall apart Now Im waiting for the winter

    To build my castle out of ice

    And deep inside is massive building Theres a crystal lake of all the tears I've cried.

    Baby for all my life

    Dont you know that its true

    Im living to love you

    So baby dont think twice

    If you feel what I feel

    Trust your heart and do what I do Cause Im living to love you

    Im living to love you

    When youre gone its not forever

    Cause youre remaining in my heart So tell me why Im feel this aching

    Every time I think of you when were apart

    I admit that from time to time Im feeling insecure and think Im gonna loose my mind Dont let it shownononono..nooo

    I dont think Ill never understand

    That our love should never have a happy end So Im really gonna try my best

    To let you know To let you know When

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