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102;The following appeared in a letter from the mayor of Tudor City.

    "After a major airline chose Yorkville as its regional flight hub, the number of businesses in that city almost doubled and local tax revenue increased by 50

    percent. In addition, as travel to Yorkville became easier, most respondents to

    a survey of the country's top executives identified Yorkville as a desirable place to transact business. To secure efficient transportation for Tudor City and

    stimulate our local economy, we should build a new airport, like the one in

    Yorkville, that is suitable for a regional flight hub."

    In this letter, the author comes to the conclusion that the local economy could be stimulated after building a new airport similar to the one in Yorkville. To support this conclusion the writer cites the fact that the number of businesses in the city of Yorkville increased after a flight hub was established there. Moreover, the arguer provides the evidence from a survey. several logical flaws are discovered after careful examination.

    First of all, the major problem with this letter is the unwarranted assumption that the business in Yorkville has much to do with with its transportation. Although efficient transportation plays an important role in business, however, other factors seem also significant. First, government policies, if the companies in Yorkville could run more effectively under the local policies, those companies will undoubtedly invest more in this city thus the number of businesses in that city doubled; second, local environment should also be taken into account, if the Yorkville is a beautiful city and traveling is its main business, convenient transportation is decisive, however, if Tudor City specialize in mineral products, transprotation seems less important; third, the cost of producing is also a decisive factor, it is possible that labor costs in Yorkville is much lower than that in Tudor, so more business is transacted in Yorkville than in Tudor.

    In addition, the arguer fails to provide more evidence to demonstrate that Tudor is also a desirable place to transact business, though respondents to a survey think so. Maybe Tudor is an old city with long history, and pretect of its famous interest is the first question the local government should consider about. And if Yorkville is a large city however Tudor a small one, building a new airport like the one in Yorkville is not reasonable and even if the new airport is established, the number of businesses of Tudor could not be guranteed due to the scale of the city. And, if Tudor is the centor of the education or politics of the country and lack prospect of condition of becoming an economy center, it is not for sure that after building new airport the local business could reach a new level.

    Finally, even if the improvement of transportation in Tudor is a decisive factor for developming its business and Tudor is a desirable place to transact business, the auther omits several possibilities. First, the writer fails to supply the number of former business in Yorkville, if the former number is quite small, doubled number will make no effects; second, the arguer didn't tell us the increased local tax revenue was directly influenced by the increase of business, it is possible that people's pay rise directly results the increase of local tax, and without basic number, 50 percent is not persuasive; third, more materials are necessary to prove that the survey is effective; last but not least, no evidence shows that former transportation in Tudor is not sufficient and needs


    In conclusion, this article needs more credible evidence to make it logically reasonble, the writer would nave to demonstrate that only with convenient transportation, the economy in Tudor will greatly advance. And, it calls for more evidence concerning local situation, survey, etc. to turn this misleading argument into credible one.

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