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    Unit 3 Why do you like koalas?

    Period One

    一、Teaching aim:

    Topic: Why do you like …?

    Structures: Why do you like koalas? Because they are very kind of cute. Task: Talk about your favorite animal.

    Culture: Know something about the animals in the world. Vocabulary:

    Animal: koala, elephant, dolphin, lion, tiger, panda, dog, penguin, very, kind of , cute


    Why do you like koalas? Because they are very/kind of cute. Abilities: Students can ask and talk about the animals they like Emotion: Talk about animals, understand animals, love them and enjoy life Important points: The names of the animals and some adjectives Difficult points: Plurals

    二、Teaching steps:

    Step 1 Review:

    Do you like …? and some adjectives:

    (1) chant: do you like fruit? (2) Talk about the movies. Step 2 presentation

    Talk about persons and teach friendly, beautiful, cute, clever, shy, smart Talk about the people near us

    Step 3 Review the animals they have learned

    Look at the animals . what is this? It is a lion. dog, pig, monkey, chicken, ox, fox, cow , cat, sheep

    Do 1a, 1b

    Step 4 Talk about your favorite animals with some adjectivesPractice in pairs

    Step5 make a survey

    How many students like the kind of animal?

    Step6 Homework

    Period Two

    一、Teaching aim:

    Task: Talk about the rare animals.

    Culture: Know something about your friends/parents

    Vocabulary: Australia South Africa ugly friendly shy clever grammar Where are you /they from? Where is he /she/it from? What animal do you like? What other animals do you like

    What fruit do you like ? What fruit do you like ? 二、Teaching steps:

    Step 1 presentation

    AI like… B: Why do you like him / her?

    A: Because he/ she is very/kind of …

    Practice with these adjectives Friendly shy ugly cute beautiful smart

Talk about your family members and classmates.

    What animal do you like (best)? I like …Why do you like…Because they’re

    Step 2 Match the words with the animals in the picture

    1b Listen and check the animals you hear Step 3 Ask about your partner’s favorite animals.

    A: Do you want to see lions?

    B: Yes , I do .

    A: Why ?

    B: Because they’re cute.

    Step 4 listening

    2a Listen . Write the animals you hear. Draw a line from the animals to the description words.

    Section B1Match the description words with the animals.

    Talk about the animals you know. AWhat animals do you like

    B: I like elephants. They are cute. A: What other animals do you like? B: I like dogs, too.

    A: Why?

    B: Because they’re friendly and clever

    Section B

    2a Listen and circle the description words you here in activiy1.

    2b Listen again. Fill in the chart.

    Period Three

Step 1 Review

    My favorite color is

    My favorite food is

    My favorite fruit is

    My favorite player is

    My favorite sports is

    My favorite number is

    My favorite movie is

    My favorite animal is

    Step 2 Discuss

    Discuss about the rare animals in the word and where they live.3a Put the animals in the map.

    Step3 Pair work

    Use the animals and countries in 3a. Where are lions from ?

    Lions are from South Africa.

    Step4 Survey and report:

    How well do you know your classmates? name from Favorite animal why Step5 Group work

    Say your favorites What’s your favorite color/sports/movie/subject/

     number/ food/fruit/animal?

    Where is she /he /it from? Where are they from? 3a Read the descriptions and match them with the animals below.

    Make an ID card for each animal:

    3b Look the lion in 3a. Then complete the description with the words in the box.

    Africa years this eats sleeps lazy This is Larry. He’s from _____. He’s eight _____ old

    He _____meat. Larry is _____. He usually _____and

    Relaxes 20 hours every day !

    Task :

     Tell us your favorite animal.

    Group work:

     Exchange the description with other students. Can you guess the animal?

    4 game bingo

    Period Four

    Step1 Revision Chant: What animals do you like?

    I like pandas. I like pandas.


    They are quiet. They are quiet.

    What animals do you like?

    I like koalas. I like koalas.


    They are cute. They are cute.

    What animals do you like?

    I like dolphins. I like dolphins.


    They are clever. They are clever.. Talk about movies/subjects/sports/players/actors/days/months.

    What …do you like?

    What other … do you like?


    Make a survey

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