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    In this unit, we are going to learn some expressions about entertainment and get some attitudes about entertainment and work.

    “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is a popular proverb in the United States. Other countries have similar saying. It means that without time off from work, a person becomes both bored and boring. It doesn’t matter whether we play a fast

    game of ping-pong, concentrate over the bridge table, or go walking through the woods on a busy autumn afternoon. It is important for everyone to relax from time to time and enjoy a certain form of recreation.

    Culture Notes:

    Entertainment is an action, event or activity that aims to entertain, amuse and interest a public. This audience can have a passive role, as in the case of a play, a show on a TV or a movie, or active, as in the case of a video game. The entertainment can attract an audience and influence their actions and thoughts. Entertainment may also provide fun, enjoyment and laughter. The industry that provides entertainment is called the entertainment industry. There are many forms of entertainment for example: cinema, theatre, sports, games and social dance. Puppets, clowns, pantomimes and cartoons tend to appeal to children, though many adults may also find them enjoyable. The holidays, games, reading and viewing works of art are not generally considered entertainment, but rather as a pastime. For the entertainment generally requires that the supplier of the show is visible to the viewer, with the exception of video games. Active forms of amusement, such as sports, are more often considered to be recreation. Activities such as personal reading or practicing a musical instrument are considered to be hobbies or pastimes.

    Vocabulary Bank

    continuous performance 循环场电影院 full /long/ ///近景

    cinema medium/close shot

    Cannes International 戛纳国际电影节 premiere 首映式

    Film Festival

    Oscar Award 奥斯卡金像奖 shooting schedule 摄制计划

    censor’s certificate 审查级别 release 准予上映

    banned film 禁映影片 special effects 特技

    post synchronization 后期录音合成 panoramic screen 宽银幕

    distributor 发行人 outside broadcast 实况广播

    live show 现场直播 hearing rate 收听率

    Audience air time 开始广播 dead air 停播期间

    amphitheatre 圆形剧场 revolving stage 旋转舞台

    ballet 芭蕾舞 ballroom dance 交际舞

Sentence Bank

    1. Does that film have both Chinese and 1. 那部电影有中英文字幕吗( English subtitles?

    2. Therell be some cartoons and a 2. 要演几部动画片和一部纪录片。 document.

    3. What do you think of the actress and 3. 你认为《飘》中的女主角和男主角怎actor in the film of Gone with the 么样(


    4. When a good film is on, there is always 4. 当一部好电影上映时!总是座无虚a full house. 席。

    5. The film has evoked general approval. 5. 这部影片赢得了大众的认可。 6. Oscars are awards given once a year to 6. 奥斯卡奖每年颁发一次!发给由美国the best picture, director, actor and 电影艺术科学学院选出的最佳影片、最actress, etc. by the Academy of Motion 佳导演、最佳男主角、最佳女主角等。 Picture Arts and Science.

    7. Standard film stories come in three 7. 电影故事一般由三部分组成,困境、acts: Predicament, action, and wrap up. 行动和结局。

    8. The film is said to rely entirely on 8. 据说整部片完全是靠动作支持的。 action to keep the drama afloat.

    9. Dont just sit on your hands when 9. 演员谢幕时不用坐着不鼓掌。 actors make certain calls.

    10. The famous star hand his partner will 10.这位著名的歌星和他的合作者将在give a duet at the concert. 音乐会上表演二重唱。

    Part A Video In The video is a TED presentation about the homeless experience of Becky Blanton,

    who is “a prolific and seasoned freelance writer who broke all the rules of social


    insanely 疯狂的 journalist 新闻记者 invisible 看不见的 camping 露营 gear 装备 Chevy 雪佛莱 equate 等于 impact 影响 campground 露营场所 grieve 感到悲痛 freelance 从事自由职业 sweat 出汗 Fahrenheit 华氏 bucket trash 垃圾 hassle 不断烦扰 integrity 正直 spiral 急剧地下降!陷入 depression 消沉, 沮丧 smelly 发出难闻气味的

medication 施药 suicidal adj. ()自杀的

    stigmatize 使受耻辱 criminalize 宣布…犯法

    panhandler 乞丐 parking lot 停车场

Activity One: Watch the Video and capture the main idea.






Activity Two: Listen to the Video and fill in the blanks:

    I’m a writer and a journalist, and I’m also an insanely (1) __________ person. So in

    22 years as a (2) __________, I’ve learned how to do a lot of new things. And three

    years ago, one of the things I learned how to do was to become invisible. I became one of the working (3) __________. I quit my job as a newspaper editor after my father died in February of that same year, and decided to (4) __________. His death hit me pretty hard. And there were a lot of things that I wanted to feel and deal with while I was doing that. I’ve camped my whole life. And I decided that living in a (5)

    __________ for a year to do this would be like one long camping trip. So I packed my cat, my rottweiler, and my camping gear into a 1975 Chevy van, and drove off into the sunset, having fully failed to realize three (6) __________ things. One: that society equates living in a (7) __________ structure, even a shack, with having value as a person. Two: I failed to realize how quickly the (8) __________ perceptions of other people can impact our (9) __________, if we let it. Three: I failed to realize that homelessness is an attitude, not a (10) __________.

Activity Three: Discussion on the lecture

    1. How long have the speaker been a journalist?

    _____________________________________________________________________ 2. Why did he decide to quit the job and decide to travel?

    _____________________________________________________________________ 3. What accompanies her while traveling?

    _____________________________________________________________________ 4. What three critical things did she forget while deciding quitting job and leaving


    _____________________________________________________________________ 5. What difficulties did she meet during the summer while living in the van?

    _____________________________________________________________________ 6. What was he suggested to go when she is in deep depression?

    _____________________________________________________________________ 7. What event encouraged her to bounce back to normal life?

    _____________________________________________________________________ 8. What did the presenter urge us to do when we encounter homeless people?


Activity Four: Open discussion

    1. How to maintain the balance of work and entertainment? 2. Do you think the cause of homelessness is a mental breakdown or lack of work opportunities or lack of home?

    3. What is your attitude on homeless people?

    4. Will the addicts ever amount to anything in their life? Do you think they just don't

    receive the correct support?

    5. What is the importance of hope in ones life?

Part B Situational Oral English

    Section One

    Listen to the dialogues and find the correct answer.

     Yes No Not sure

    1. Will she go to the party?





Section Two

    Listen to the dialogues and provide the correct answers.

It is a ________ party

    1. A. year end B. Thanksgiving C. full-month D. promotion

    2. A. promotion B. Christmas C. open house D. graduation

    3. A. New Year B. wedding anniversary C. house warming D. birthday

4. A. Thanksgiving B. welcome C. costume D. achievement

    5. A. Halloween B. reunion C. welcome D. farewell

Section Three

    Listen and fill in the blanks.

    May: What’s all the (1) __________ about, Jimmy? Does it mean the bar may be a

    dangerous place?

    Jimmy: No, of course not. Just (2) __________. Nothing to worry about. Don’t you

    lso do this in China? a

    May: I don’t know. Maybe the same. Actually, this is my first time being in a bar.

    Jimmy: Oh, then it’s my (3) __________ to be here with you. I can see now why

    you’ve been so curious about the bar stuff. You like this place?

    May: Sure. I love this place, especially the (4) __________. So tasteful! Jimmy: Yeah. Other than that, the real feature are the excellent drinks. Can I have your ticket?

    May: Here it is. But, what for? We’re already in.

    Jimmy: Well, with the ticket, you can get a free drink. What would you like? Orange


    May: Yes, orange juice will be fine for me. But how can you get the drink? It’s so (5)

    __________ there around the counter. You can barely move. Jimmy: I’ll show you how. The bar tenders know whose turn it is. And also, I can

    (6) __________ my fingers to catch his attention.

    May: Cool. Thanks.

    (Jimmy brings May a glass of orange juice.)

    May: Oh, fresh juice, I love it. Well, I heard American people love (7) __________ in

    bars. Is that true?

    Jimmy: Not everyone. But a lot of people do, especially the young. It’s a fun place to

    spend an evening with friends or to make some new friends. May: Interesting. Hey, look over there. The (8) __________ is already packed with

    people. Oh, the girl in red dances great.

    Jimmy: Yeah, a dancing queen. Wanna go and (9) __________ them? May: Maybe later. I wanna take some photos first.

    Jimmy: Sure. Let me help you to hold the (10) __________.

    May: Thank you.

Section Four

    Listen to the dialogue and, get the main idea and retell the main content.






Section Five

    Listen in and write out.

    Listen to the passage and write down the words you have listened.






Part C Speaking Activities

    Task One: Debating

    Group Work

    The class can be divided into two parts: Group A and Group B. Group A is for entertainment, while Group B is against entertainment. Work out your arguments or counter-arguments before you begin to debate.

Group A For entertainment Group B Against entertainment

    Entertainment is an essential part in University students should concentrate on

    university students lives. studying only.

Group A Outline

    It is impossible to erase entertainment from life completely

    Entertainment can help students release study pressure.

    Entertainment can help to achieve a relaxed mood and a healthy body, which is the basis to study well.

Group B Outline

    Study is the only meaningful thing in university students lives.

    Take one way of entertainment, playing games, as an example to show its dad effects. Entertainment may transfer students' attention to miss anything in study.

Task Two: Role play

    Make a short dialogue on the following occasion with your partner. Present the dialogue and ask the other classmates to guess where you are.

; cinema

    ; theatre

    ; opera house

    ; bar

    ; restaurant

    ; gym

    ; barber's/ hairdresser's

    ; beauty salon

    ; party

    ; amusement park

    ; park

    ; zoo

    ; botanic park

    ; underwater world

Task Three: Story-telling

    Work in pairs

    What are your favorite ways of entertainment in your childhood or in your

    school life or in your daily life? Do you have any interesting stories to tell your

    partner about that?

Reference ideas

    Going to cinema/theater/opera house/bar/teahouse, etc. Watching TV.

    Your favorite movies/TV shows/plays, etc.

    Reading books/newspaper/magazines, etc.

    Your favorite books/magazines, etc.

    Playing video games.

    Your favorite video games.

    Taking part in sports.

    Your favorite sports.

    Participating in parties.

Task Four: Opinion survey

Work in groups and talk about the topicthe pleasure of life.

    Many people would list one or more of the following as being a pleasure in life. Work

    in small groups and decide which of these are considered as most pleasant as why?

    What other things would you add to this list? At the end of group work, each group

    may have one student report to the whole class.

; Having a cup of tea in bed

    ; Walking the dog

    ; Having cups of beer in the local pub alone or with friends

    ; Having afternoon tea ; Doing the garden

    ; Reading Sunday newspaper ; Reading favorite books ; Watching favorite movies

    oing for a drive in the country ; G

    ; DIY

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