Mark Your Calendars

By Eddie Mcdonald,2014-07-11 13:12
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Mark Your Calendars ...

    Are we excited yet!!!!!!!

    Villa Family Reunion

    July 20-27 2002

    Brockway Springs, Lake Tahoe

The reunion committee (or I should say most of it) recently met in San Francisco to

    discuss further plans for this event. We’ll probably have one more communication after

    this one with the final activity details, but in the meantime, we thought we would update

    you with the latest.

1. Reminder - Who is the reunion committee and how do I contact them:

    ? Claudia Bartek (973) 770-1110 (I can also be reached at

    the office during the week (800) 274-5878)

    ? Tony Villa (925) 947-2647

    ? Beth Villa (510) 601-8605

    ? Vic Villa (510) 691-8133

    ? Edwina Mayhall (707) 762-7161

    ? Nadine Hecht (410) 451-2515

    ? Chris Risden (510) 305-2300

2. Reminder Where is the Reunion being held?

    Brockway Springs

    101 Chipmunk Street

    Kings Beach, California

    (530) 546-4201

    (If you haven’t booked yet, ask for Whitney and tell her you are with the Villa

    Reunion Party)

3. Who’s coming?

    We have quite a crowd coming! Here’s a list (in no specific order) of who’s booked

    as far as we know:

    Villa Adults Children Total

    Connection (Adults/children)

    Toni & Len Bartek 5 - 0 Antoinette Villa

    Greg Bartek

    Claudia Bartek & Ronnie


    Tony & Marilyn Villa 7 - 2 Tony Villa

    Beth Villa

    Andy & Rosalie Villa Jason & Rachael

    Angela & Bill Davis

    Leona Villa 9 - 0 Joe Villa

    Andrea & Larry Matash

    Tom & Joselle Mc Murtrie

    Steve Matash & Michelle

    Nick & Christine Matash

    Monica & Ken Matthews Jared 6 - 3 John Villa

    Nadine & Don Hecht Ryan & Emily

    Jennifer & Joseph Quiner

    Edwina Villa & Bruce Campbell 2 - 0 Dante Villa

    Andy & Judy Villa 10 - 7 Andy Villa

    Tony & Mara Villa Sabrina & Demi

    Victor Villa & Debbie Nick & Heather

    Andra & Jeff Villa-Borowitz Brittany, Sasha,

    & Zoe

    Chris Risden & Amanita

     The Italy


    Giancarlo & Francesca Villa 8 - 1

Annafranca Villa Iaco Villa

    Claudia Villa Iaco Villa

     Sub-Total 47+13 = 60

Len & Jan Bartek Chloe 2 - 0 Maybes

    John Villa & Crystal 2 - 0

    Chris Prentice & Friend 2 - 0

     Total 53 +14 = 67

    3. What activities are planned?

Although the main objective is to relax and spend time with family, we do have plans

    for a few activities during the week as follows:

    ? Sunday afternoon BBQ & get-together. Since Saturday will be a travel day for

    everyone and arrival times will vary, we decided it would be best to have our first

    official get-together on Sunday. The deposit that we all submitted will be used

    towards putting this together if additional funds are needed, we’ll be back in

    touch. (Those of you who have not paid yet, please send your check to me for

    $30 each adult, $15 for each child over 10 and $10 for each child under 10.)

    Chris & Amanita are currently investigating our options so………..more

    information will be available regarding time, location, and cost, as we get closer.

? Lake Tahoe Boat Tour. We will be scheduling a group outing during the week

    to take a tour of the lake. Nadine is looking into this, more info to come…..

    ? Golf Tournament & tee times. Our cousin Tony is working on this one. We

    will have one day set aside as a tournament and then pre-book some tee times for

    those who want to play more. More information will be available in our final

    communication late spring/early summer.

? Gambling Anyone. We understand that there’s a considerable gambling

    contingent in the group so I’m sure there’s a casino night in the offing!!!!

In addition, Nadine has put together an activity list based on research she has done

    into the area. It’s great – I’ll send it in our final communication.

    4. Will anything be available to remember the trip by?

We do not anticipate having anything available at the time of the reunion, but have

    considered using a group photo taken at the reunion on golf shirts, mouse pads, etc…

    Mara is in this business and will help us gather information while we are in Tahoe as

    to what everyone would like. Once decided, we will then ask for your order

    (including sizes if appropriate) as well as for payment up front to place the order.

    Again, more info to come.

    4. How do I get there? Travel arrangement information. (Edwina)

There are several options available to reach this destination here are two that we

    feel are the best:

? Air travel fly into either Reno or Sacramento airports these will most likely

    require a stop over but are the closest 45 minutes & 2 hours respectively once

    you get there. You can get a direct flight into Oakland, but will then have a 4-

    hour drive.

    ? Car rentals best is to pick one up at the airport. We can make shuttle

    arrangements, but feel families will want their own transportation for the week

    anyway. Again, let us know if you need help hooking up with others.

    All of the West Coast family members have extended an open

    invitation to anyone who needs/wants to come a day early to break

    up a long travel. Contact one of the committee members for more


5. Pictures:

    Cousin Tony has been asking for everyone to send family pictures new and old if

    you haven’t yet, please do so. He is putting together a family tree of sorts on the web.

    You can also bring them to the reunion and he will scan them and mail them back.


That’s all for now. We look forward to seeing all of you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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