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WORKitOUT Consulting International-Profile


    Consulting International


WORKitOUT Consulting Int.

?. History

    WORKitOUT Consulting International Co.Ltd. , invested by business elite from the United States, Malaysia and Chinese mainland, headquartered in Beijing, is an business organization focusing on marketing research and marketing consulting services.

    Our consulting team has been working in marketing forefront for more than 15 years and integrated rich experiences and know-hows in research and consulting services by working with large numbers of world renowned brand owners and 4A companies. Our service industry ranges from finance, travel&tourism,home appliances, telecommunications consuming goods,medicine&health, etc.

    As one of founders, Dr. Reid Thompson came to China mainland in 2003 and started his own business. After witnessing fast economy development and deep social changes while deepgoingly understanding local cultures, he decided to cooperate with partners , to contribute their industry experience and intelligence with more than 30 years into marketing opportunities and problems brought by development and revolutions in this prosperous country.

    Our long-term cooperation partners in Chinese mainland include Peking University Center of Social Survey Research(PUCSSR), Research Center of ‘the Chinese Banker’ (CBRC)

    and Travel&Tourism Marketing Research Center of Beijing International Studies University (TTMRC).

?. Main Partners

    Dr.Reid E.Thompson


    Post-graduate of Psycology, University of Minnesota

    PhD. of Chiropractic, Northwestern College of Chiropractic St. Paul,


     Marketing Director of KFC St. Paul, Minnesota, 1978 -1988

    Private practice as a holistic physician in USA, 1988 -

    Retired from active practice in 2003

     Billy Kam


     Post-graduate of Marketing/Economics, University of Montana

    Marketing Director of Asia-Pacific in JohnsonDiversey,1998-2005

    CFO of Asia in WD-40,2005-2009

WORKitOUT Consulting Int.

    Larry Sun

    Partner Marketing Director

    Deputy Director of China Talent Semimonthly, 1995-2003

     Director of American Education Federation, 2004-2009

     Miss Fanny Zhang

    Partner Senior Consultant

    Post-graduate of Tourism Marketing,Beijing International Studies


    Research Manager of Sinomonitor International ,2007-2009

? Core Service

A. Consumer Discovery

    ‘Consumer Discovery’ is one of our core business. Our ‘Discovery Team’ constitutes of experienced professionals from statistics, sociology , marketing,etc. Meanwhile, there are

    industrial background professionals in each of our tailored research project, to ensure enough profession of related industries in our final solutions.

Our ‘Consumer Discovery’ covers the following aspects:

    ; Earlier Stage of Market Entry: Market Size Forecast & Consumer Needs


    ; Earlier Stage of Market Entry: Competitor Analysis

    ; Earlier Stage of Market Entry: Concept Development&Testing / New Product


    ; Earlier Stage of Market Entry: Media Strategy / Pre-Testing of Advertising Concept

    ; Earlier/Medium Stage of Market Entry: Market Segment Analysis

    ; Medium/Later Stage of Market Entry: Consumer Satisfaction/Loyalty System

    Establishment&Tracking Study

    ; Medium/Later Stage of Market Entry: Pro-Testing of Advertising

    Effectiveness ,Integrating Marketing Effectiveness

    ; Medium/Later Stage of Market Entry: Brand Study

WORKitOUT Consulting Int.

We offer the following research services:

    ; Ethnography Research(Qualitative), includes homo visit, Shop Alongs, Travel


    ; Focus Group Interview (Qualitative)

    ; In-depth Interview (Qualitative)

    ; Quantitative Research , mainly contains On-line Panel Survey, Street Intercept,

    CAPI(Computer Assisted Personal Interview)

B. Biz Training

    Based on long-term cooperation with leading organizations in finance, Peking University as well as other authoritative organizations, combined with professionals from home and abroad, we have successfully hold business trainings in banking , insurance, retails , media , travel&tourism industries,etc.

Some of our latest training programs are as follows:

    ; Risk Management& Inner Control in Banking Industry

    ; Database Mining&Customer Relationship Management in Banking Industry

    ; How to Create City Brand

Welcome to contact us for keeping track of latest training programs

?. Research Models

    Our research team has developed a series of analysis models and solutions by incorporating state-of-the-art methods globally and Chinese local practice, to help our client clarify marketing questions and find out solutions.

    X-Media Advertising Effectiveness Testing

     Event Marketing Effectiveness Testing

     Key-Touch Test

    WORKitOUT Consulting Int.

    X-Media Advertising Strategy Solution

     New Product Concept Development&Testing Solution

?. Industry Foci

? Finance

    Segments in finance industry we have cooperated with contains banks, insurance, security and capital fund. Some of our ad-hoc research are as follows:

    - X-Media Advertising Pro-Testing and Strategy Study

    - Event Marketing Effectiveness Study

    - Branding and Influence Factor Study

    - Consuming Behaviors and UX Study

    - Satisfaction-Loyalty Study

    - Satisfaction & Competitiveness Study of Bank Outlet

    - Site Selection Study of Bank Outlet


    Besides, we will incorporate hot topics and discussions of finance industry in our training programs as well as salons, which will also be expatiated in WorkitOut Insight.

? Tourism&Travel

    Tourism&Travel is promising industry in Chinese mainland with rich ‘Chinese’ features. WorkitOut Consulting Int. has been focusing on tourist behavior study since 2007 , which contains high-end tourism market analysis, inbound segment market, latest trends of outbound tour market,etc.

Our clients list as follows:

    - Tourism Bureaus from local and aboard (consuming behaviors & trends study/

    brand image study / X-media Campaign Effectiveness Testing &Strategy Study /

    Promotion Planning & Advertising Agent Service)

    - Developers (Feasibility Analysis / Market Size Forecast& Needs Study)

    - Tourism zones/Scenic Spots (Satisfaction Study / X-media Campaign Strategy WORKitOUT Consulting Int.

    Study / Promotion Planning & Advertising Agent Service)

    - Tourism Planning Agency (Potential Needs Study)

    - Tourism Retailers/Wholesalers (Potential Needs Study / X-media Campaign

    Strategy Study / Promotion Planning & Advertising Agent Service )

    TRW (Tourism Research WorkitOut) has integrated widely-applied consuming research models into tourism industry research, to bring about solutions and strategy navigations derived from cutting edge know-hows and techniques in consuming behaviors and attitude for marketers and decision makers in tourism marketing frontier.

    Welcome to follow us for the latest discussions in ‘WorkitOut Insight’ on hot topics in tourism industry.

? Medicine & Health

    ? Auto & Fittings

    ? FMCG

Tel+86-10-63049602 +86-10-63394166

    Addr4C Building 1, Lang qin yuan, Shou pa kou S.T. , Xicheng District ,BJ,100055 Contact (English) Mona Huo


    Contact (Chinese) Ryan Wong

    +86-13520209785 Ryan@

    WORKitOUT Consulting Int.

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