Writing a Newspaper Article Organizer

By Brandon Kelly,2014-06-15 10:35
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This is a outline teaching others about how to write newspapers. Including headlines, lead, body paragraph... etc..

    Writing a Newspaper Article Organizer/Rubric

    Headline (5 pts.):

    The headline is the title of the article and expresses the main idea of the story using

    direct and dramatic action verbs and nouns.

Byline: Often listed after the title, the byline gives the name of the person writing the

    story and his or her title.

Lead (5 pts):

    The lead is the first sentence in the article, and it gives the most important information to

    “hook” the reader’s attention.

    Body (short paragraphsusually no more than three to four sentences per paragraph) (50 pts):

    The body is the main part of the article, and it contains the five Ws.






Include at least two quotes from two different people (10 pts).

Include summary or final detail (10 pts).

The article must be factual and unbiased (10 pts).

Use appropriate writing mechanics: spelling, grammar, syntax, voice (10pts).

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