Unit 5 Expressing emotions

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Unit 5 Expressing emotions

    Unit 5 Expressing emotions

Sue: Whats so funny?

    Linda: I just saw Jo. I knew there was something wrong. She always wears her heart on her

    sleeve. I asked if there was something she wanted to get off her chest. She burst into


    Sue: What was it?

    Linda: She broke a nail. It was hard to keep a straight face.

    Sue: What did you say?

    Linda: I said, Get a grip. Its a fingernail. She saw the funny side, and we were in gales of


    Sue: Shes been working too hard. She probably just needed to let off a little steam.

    Linda: Yeah, I think youre right. She was all smiles by the time she left.

Showing happiness

    Light up: to suddenly look happy

    Be all smiles: to smile a lot

    Gales of laughter: loud, happy sounds that a group of people make when they are amused

Laughing and crying

    Burst into tears

    Dissolve into tears / laughter: to start to cry or laugh helplessly

Communicating your feelings:

    Blow off steam, / let off steam: to do or say something to help you get rid of strong emotions

    Bare your soul: to tell someone your secret thoughts and feelings Get something off your chest: to tell someone about something that has been worrying you Wear your heart on your sleeve: to show your feelings, especially your love for someone

Controlling your emotions:

    Lower your guard, / drop your guard: to stop being careful about sharing your emotions Lose your head: to lose control of your emotions:

    Lose your temper: to become very angry

    Go ballistic: to become extremely upset

    Throw a tantrum: to become very angry and unreasonable

    Get a grip (on yourself): to get control over your emotions

    Keep a straight face: to try not to smile or laugh


    Write a short, short story about someone expressing strong emotions. Use idioms from the unit.

    The story can be real or imagined.

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