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    At Andrew Dutton, Inc. Company, we are dedicated to giving our customers more choices. To accommodate your preferences, we have added a custom

    color option, with a surcharge, for our Sussex? line.

    All custom colors will only be finished with the STANDARD GLOSS used on all Norman Shutters products. The difference in size from a color swatch to the finished product may also affect the overall look and perception of the finished product’s color.

    Cancellation and Modification

    Once an order has been submitted, the custom color surcharge fee is not refundable. If the customer should decide not to follow through with a custom color order AFTER the confirmation email and/or the color confirmation swatch has been sent out from the factory, the customer MUST STILL PAY for

    the custom color surcharge fee. If the customer decides to change the color he or she had chosen AFTER the confirmation email and/or the color

    confirmation swatch has been sent out from the factory, the customer MUST PAY AN ADDITIONAL custom color surcharge fee. Production Lead Time

    For REGULAR custom color orders, the lead time is FIVE WEEKS from the day you confirm your custom color AND all other related on-

    hold questions.

    For SPECIALTY custom color orders, the lead time will be EIGHT WEEKS from the day you confirm your custom color AND all other related

    on-hold questions.

    Color Sample Match

    Please be aware that we will only be able to MATCH THE TONE AND NOT THE TEXTURE OR FINISH of the color sample you send in. Differences in

    material, texture, and staining and painting methods can affect the final look of a natural wood product. For color sample with multiple tones, please state clearly which tone you would like to match. To ensure that we do get the best match to the color that you have chosen, please provide a sample without smudges or other color tainting marks. The factory will only allow one dispute during the color confirmation process. Please fill out the Custom Color (Match Swatch) Request Form and follow all of the instructions carefully to avoid disputes in color tone. Remember to also keep a color sample of this stain for your reference.


    Choose a color from the Sherwin-Williams? Color? (#657-2846 CS 4/06) or Benjamin Moore? Classic Colors? (# /M5900010).

     No digital photo verification.

    • Or send us a color sample at least 2” x 2” in size of your desired solid color. No digital photo verification.


    • Send in a color sample at least 2” x 2” in size of your desired stain. To shorten your confirmation time period and to ensure that we have the

    best match to your stain, we will email a high quality digital photo for you to confirm the tone before the goes into production. If you would

    prefer to receive a color confirmation swatch in the mail to confirm the color, there will be additional shipping and handling fee.

    ; If you choose to confirm your color with a color confirmation swatch, from the time the factory receives the color sample of your desired color,

    it will take approximately two weeks for you to receive the confirmation color swatch from the factory. Please note there will be additional

    shipping and handling fee.

Color Sample Storage

    As an added convenience for the customer, the wood color chip of a product that is made will be stored up to ONE YEAR for remakes, re-orders, and/or new orders. All re-orders and/or new orders from a stored color swatch are subject to the standard custom color fee. A strike off from the original

    product is required for remakes and re-orders after one year.

Value declared for the Color Sample

    The customer should use his/her own judgment to decide what the fair market value is for his/her package. The customer will be responsible for

    accessorial fees including all duties and taxes. A 17% tax will be applied to the total amount of the package value and CIF (Cost-Insurance-Freight)


I understand and accept that there may be variations in the finished product from both the original sample color and/or the

    color confirmation photo/sample due to factors such as those mentioned above, and that such variations within industry

    tolerances do not constitute or create sufficient or valid reason for refusal of any order, nor to withhold or refuse payment

    towards my account. I also agree to comply fully with all the policies stated above.

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