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last material(2012)Last,2012,last

Part 1

    1. You will pass your test by__B__.

    a. cheat b. cheating c. cheated d. to cheat. from/ by/ for/ against

    2. You should keep _b___ hard. Keep doing sth a. to work b. working c. work

    part 2.

    a. pass b. passing c. passed d. to pass

    1. You will not__a__ the test.将来时+动词原形

    2. You _ c___ the test yesterday.

    3. You have not _ _c__ the test.

    4. You are _b_ the test.

    part 3. 搭配

    1. I will be responsible __for a__ the new plan. a. for b. of c. about d. from 固定搭配;responsible for

    2. I will take _responsibility___ for the new plan. part 4. 替换

    part 5 定语从句

    a. that b. who c. which d. whose e. whom 1. The test _a c__ you will pass ( )will be easier than last


    2. The test, __ C__ you will pass ( )will be easier than last

    year.因为加了句号所以选 C

    3. The people _ ab__ we love ( )are so kind. 4. The people __ __ hearts are so kind are my friends. 5. I wish you all pass the test, _ __ is my recent concern. 6. The house, the windows of _ ___is broken, is mine. 介词+ which= whose/where/when


    Part 6 单复数(重点)

    1. He _B___ the company.

    a. love b. loves c. to love

    2. __C___ are good students.

    a. this b. that c. these d. those e. there

    3. __(1)_a_ has made great progress in _(2)d

    4. performance.

    (1) a. it b. they

    (2) a. their b. them c. it d. its

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