UNIT 4 Feelings

By Annie Turner,2014-07-06 00:29
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UNIT 4 Feelings

    UNIT 4 Feelings

     Yesterday I got up on the wrong side of the bed. I’d been feeling down in the dumps since I

    quit my job.

     At first, I enjoyed advertising. I worked hard and I loved it. Then I changed companies.

     My new boss began to drive me up the wall. She was always blowing hot and cold about my

    project proposals. One minute she was positive. The next minute she wasnt interested. I was on

    edge all the time. It was time for something new. My heart just wasnt in it anymore. So I quit and applied to work overseas as a volunteer.

     After breakfast I went to check the mail. There was a big envelope on the floor. That was a

    sight for sore eyes! I opened it.

     I got a job in Africa! I’m going to teach in Africa for two years! Suddenly, I was walking on


Feeling unhappy:

    Get up on the wrong side of (the) bed: to start the day feeling unhappy or uncomfortable Down in the dumps: feeling unhappy

Feeling happy or good:

    Over the moon, / walking on air: to be very happy

    Pick you up: to make you feel happier

    Be swept away, / be carried away (by something): to feel very enthusiastic or emotional A sight for sore eyes: something that you are happy to see

    Whatever floats your boat: to do whatever makes you happy (sometimes sarcastic)

Feeling emotional

    Have a lump in your throat, / get choked up: to feel very emotional

    Cool down. / cool off: to stop feeling angry or emotional

    Blow hot and cold: to be positive sometimes and sometimes negative Your heart isnt in something: you arent interested in or excited about it On edge: nervous or worried

    Out of sorts: in a bad mood

    Up in arms: very angry

    Touch a (raw) nerve, / hit a (raw) nerve: to cause an emotional reaction Drive someone up the wall: to make someone very unhappy, angry, or anxious

Now write:

     Write about a time when something was a sight for sore eyes for you.

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