UNIT 1 Agreeing and disagreeing

By Bernard Robertson,2014-07-06 00:29
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UNIT 1 Agreeing and disagreeing

    UNIT 1 Agreeing and disagreeing

    Jeff: This is the worst coffee in town.

    Maria: You can say that again.

    Cathy: And how!

    Maria: We should sound out the boss about getting a new machine. Jeff: You have got to be kidding. Theres no way shed agree.

    Cathy: Somebody has to speak up.

    Jeff: Lets talk about it at the next staff meeting. Maria: OK. You say your piece, and then Ill put my two cents in.

    Cathy: Excellent! We are definitely on the same wavelength!


    and how, you bet, you can say that again on the same wavelength, see eye to eye


    You must be kidding, you have got to be kidding, take issue with

    someone / something (slightly formal), at odds (with) Opinions

    Put your two cents in, say your piece, speak up, sound out someone (to find out what someones opinion about something is), win someone over, where someone is coming from (what causes someone to have a particular opinion)

Over to you

    1. Cigarette smoking should be made a crime. 2. Parents should not control their childrens access to the Internet. 3. Extreme sports are dangerous and should be banned.

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