UNIT 3 Eating and drinking

By Laurie Wood,2014-07-06 00:29
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UNIT 3 Eating and drinking

UNIT 3 Eating and drinking

Mandy: You said you were going to whip something up, not prepare a feast!

    Pamela: Well, we dont get to break bread with each other that often. And its a special day. Jose: Yes, it is. Lets drink to Dave and Mandy!

    Pamela: Absolutely! Lets break out the champagne!

    (a bit later)

    Dave: That was fantasticsalmon washed down with champagne.

    Mandy: I am afraid I really stuffed myself with the salmon. It was delicious.

    Jose: I really pigged out, too. Wonderful.


    Break bread with someone: to eat together

    Eat like a horse: to eat a lot of food often (!)

    Eat someone out of house and home: to eat a lot of food in someones home

    Pig out: to eat a lot (!)

    Put away food or drinks: to eat or drink a lot of something Stuff your face: to eat a lot quickly or continuously (!) Pick at food: to eat in small pieces without enjoyment


    Drink to someone/something: to take a drink (usually of alcohol) to wish good health or good

    luck to someone of something

    Drown your sorrows: to drink a lot of alcohol to stop feeling sad Tank / fill up on something: to drink a lot of something

    Wash something down: to drink liquid to help swallow food or medicine Drink like a fish: drink a lot

    Preparing and serving food and drink: Break out something / break something out: to serve food or drinks to people Whip up something / whip something up: to quickly prepare something to eat

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