TOF News Dec 30 2009

By Sheila Peterson,2014-06-15 00:38
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    Tax Reform will push luxury tax starts levying in 2012 and the proposal will be ready next year.


    Lite-on (2301) is expected to receive 18month order and foreign brokers expect its EPS in 2010 will be over NT$ 3.6. LED lighting, micro-projectors and environmental light source sensor will be three products to boost the growth.

    Optimax (3051) will sell the equipments to produce Polarizing Filter to Daxon (8215), one member of AUO group.

Powertech (6239) denied the M&A rumour with Orient (2329) and said that its 100%

    impossible to Powertech to merge Orient. However, Kingstons founder also holds

    1.89% of Orient.


    After Just Sleep middle price brand by Formosa Regent, Ambassador also shows interests in the daily fare below NT$ 2500 near western Taipei area to aim at the individual tourists from Hong Kong, Macau, and China.


    Thanks for upstream BD up, ABS producers decide to raise price by 6% first.

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