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Module 7 Countries

     Unit 1 New York is in the east.教学设计

     Teaching aims:Washington D.C .is the capital of the USA.

     It's in the east.

     Teaching importance:Direction.

     Teaching difficulties:Country

     Teaching Tools:Reporter

     Teaching steps:

     Step one :Warm up

     1 Sing a song.

     2 On the board write the words'United States of America'. Show the students a map of the USA or draw a rough map on the board.Ask the students if they know anything about the USA.They may have heard of New York,Hollywood,

     Disneyland and perhaps the names of some famous people.

     Write the students' suggestions on the board. Talk about each one briefly or ask the students to give some information about them.

     3 If the following names are not on the board, write them and indicate the syllables and stress.

     4 Say the words and get the students to repeat them.Make sure to leave the words on the board for the following activity.

     Step two: Listen and point

     Ensure that the students remember the words'city'and 'country'.Say,'Is Beijing a city?'Nod your head and prompt the students to answer,'Yes,it is.'Then say,'Is Shanghai a country?'Shake your head and the students should say.'No, it isn't.' Prompt them to continue and add,'It's a city.'

     Let's play a game: I am goint to call out the name of something and you have to say whether it is a city or a country.OK?

     Step three:Listen and say

     Draw a rough map of the USA and mark the following places on the map:New York, San Francisco and Washington D.C.

     Allow the students to look at the map for one minute and then erase the names.Leave circles to mark the places you have erased.Now point to a circle and ask,'Which place is here?' The students should respond,'That's [city name].'

     Step four:Point ,ask and answer

     Show a map of China or draw one on the board.Mark the compass pointd'east'and'west'if they are not already on the map.

     Now write the names of some cities that are in the east and some that are in the west.

     Explain to the students that you are going to call out the name of a city and they have to say if the city is in the east or west.

     Step five: Homework

     Unit 2 Beijing is the capital of China.教学设计

     Teaching aims:Beijing is the capital of China.

     It's in the north.

     Teaching importance:

     Talk about country,city and capital and so on.

     Teaching difficulities:direction

     Teaching Tools:Recorder

     Teaching Steps:

     Step one : Warm up

     Write some countries' words on the board,say and get the students to repeat them.

     Explain that you are going to call out the name of a country and its capital city and a student has

     to go to the board and connect the two words by drawing a line.Continue the activity until each country is linked to its capital city.

     Have the students copy the names into their exercise books and continue the activity in pairs.

     Step two: Listen and point

     Tell the students that you are goint to call out the name of a city.They have to say which country

     it is the capital of .

     Step three:Listen and say

     Have the students look at the two pictures and try to work out which cities they show(London and


     Get the students to try and predict what the song will be about(England and China). You should point out that the boy is near Big Ben in London in the first picture. In the second picture the boy is at the Tian'anmen Square.

     Find out if the students would like to vistit the UK and if so, why?

     On the board write the words'China and England',get the students to brainstorm ideas about places and things in England and China.Write their suggestions on the board.

     Step four:sing

     Play the spoken version of the song and get the students to repeat the words.

     Play the second version and let the students listen to the melody or they can sing along with the music.

     Divide the class into two groups.Tell one group they are England and the other group is China.Get

     each group to write a word about that country on a large piece of paper.

     They should use the list on the board that they came up with in 'Before singing the song.'

     Get the 'China' group to sing the verse about China and the 'England'group sings the one about England.As they sing , they should hold up their pieces of paper.

     Step five:Homework

     Get the students to make a poster about England or China.

     They can use magazine pictures or draw pictures,and then write the name of each place underneath.At the top they can put the title,'Come to England'or 'Come to China'.

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