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agudelivery inspection reportuji Delivery Inspection Report


    ULUPURE Delivery Inspection Report

    No: User Device ID Inspection Date

    Model Inspection Criteria Q/75598828/0.2/2011 Inspection Mode

    Inspection Technical Requirement Result Item

    No damage, no cave-in, no fracture, paint evenly.

     Appearance No dirt and rust in the machine.

    The appearance is good. The components are welded well. The indicator light is lit while power

    on. Good grounding.

    All the power controls and switches meet the CCC standard. The electric & signal wires are Inner routed separately. The marks are clear. components

    The circuit is connected rightly. The resistivity & conductivity meters can work normally.

    All the PE tubes, fittings and snap rings are fixed. Binding wire is neatly.

    The pretreatment unit is good in appearance. There is no leakage when testing the pretreatment

    unit with 5.0 bar water pressure. The mark is clear.

    There is no leakage when testing the RO membrane and ion exchange cartridge for 60 mins Waterway

    with 5.0 bar water pressure.

    The water pipes are connected firmly on the right position.

    All the Pumps, high & low pressure switches can work normally.

    The functions of desalination and water pass of RO membrane meet the standard through

    30mins test. Performance No fault through testing the solenoid vale for more than 30 times. testing

    The circuit board can work normally. Its output order is no problem. The button is flexible.

    There is no crack and leakage when testing the pressure reservoir with 6.0bar water pressure.

    Testing time : H Water produce : L/H

    Feed water : ppm RO water : μs/cm Water testing

    UP (Ultrapure water) : MΩ.cm


    Advice of inspector : Advice of approval :

    Signature: Date: Signature: Date:

    Remark: This inspection report just shows the testing data. However, the user should read the use manual before

    operation. The troubles caused by the wrong operation and unqualified feed water, will be solved according to our

    related standard.

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