Teaching Plan for Unit 18

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Teaching Plan for Unit 18

    Teaching Plan for Unit 18 ?Text Book:

     Senior English for China Student’s Book 1B

    ?Teaching Aims:

    1 About the knowledge:

    ? To activate students to talk about the geographic information about China.

    ? To learn expressions ,vocabularies and phrases of different locations and directions. ? Can understand “it” as subject.

    2 About the ability:

    ?Can talk about locations and directions with the expressions and phrases fluently. ? Can make sentences with “it” as subject

    ? Teaching Important Point And Difficult Point: ?Useful expressions and phrases about locations and directions:

    ?lie off ?be surrounded by ?to the north and south ?lie on ?on the northeastern coast ?in relation to

    ?Understand “it”as subject and learn how to ues this kind of sentence structure ? Teaching Method:


    ? Teaching Procedure:

    ? Warming up

    ?Show a map of China to the students and let them point the places where they have been before

    ?Divide the students into groups and let them introduce the places to their classmates

    ?Provide the expressions that can be used to describe the postion of the places and guide them to use these expressions

    (2) Pre-reading activities

    ?Let students write down the names of five islands and describe where they are ?Let students tell their classmates all they know about the islands

    (3) Reading

    ?Showing students a picture and short video and giving them a general idea about New Zealand.

    ?Let students talk about what they know about New Zealand.(about the location ,the climate ,the cities and so on )

    ?let each group make a chart about the information of New Zealand

    ?Go to analyze text with pictures on PPT to make the content vivid.

    a.Analyze logical arrangement from the whole text

    The first paragraph talks about the location


    The second paragraph talks about the climate


    The third paragraph talks about the cities in New Zealand


    The fourth paragraph talks about the people there (how and when they settle there) b.Explain sentence by sentence to make the points in the text clear

    In the first paragraph :the useful expressions about locations and directions

    (lie off ,lie on, be surrounded by , to the south and the west ,the same size etc.)

    In the second ,third and fourth paragraphs :the usage of “it”as subject

    (It is some 3500kilometres from Polynesia to New Zealand which they crossed in narrow


    ? Summarize the Important and Difficult Points and Practice:

    a.Emphasis the phrases and expressions which are used to talk about locations and directions and remember the examples in the text.

    b.Work in pairs and describe your hometown (where it is and how it looks like and so on) and ask some students to present their dialogues.


    ? Role play:

SituationRoles: a guide; three tourists

     Destination: New Zealand

     Demands: Each of the tourists should ask the guide at least two questions about

    any of the main topics in the reading material

?More information input about New Zealand. ( class work )

    Students are asked to find more information related to New Zealand beforehand. Then present them to the class.


    a.Recite the expressions and phrases

    Write a description of a country or a region. b.

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