yslTest Module 3 Unit 4rsc

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yslTest Module 3 Unit 4rsc

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    Test for Module 3 Unit 4

    I Rearrange the letters in the brackets to form proper words. 1. These apples come from _________. (aajpn)

    2. The ________ come from Canada. (saannab)

    3. He bought a ________ of milk. (ratocn)

    4. Ive make a ________. (asadl)

    5. I mixed the milk and the ________. (orulf)

    6. He has put the mixture in the ________ . (vone)

    7. The food from the USA is ________. (read)

    8. He comes from _________. (atrsailua)

    9. They bought the things on the _________ list. (ppshingo) 10. This ________ of sugar comes from Thailand. (actkep) II. Choose the right words to complete the sentence. 1. Mum made the cake _________(with, by) butter, sugar, eggs, milk and flour. 2. Some rice comes from Thailand. Some _________(come, comes) from Japan. 3. Our mum is a very good __________ (cook, cooker). We like __________(eat, eating) her


    4. Can I have _________(some, any) drinks? Of course you can. 5. Do you like cheese ________(or, and) yoghurt?

    6. The pears from Canada are 3 yuan _________(each, every). 7. I mixed the butter, and flour ________(in/ with) a spoon. 8. All these things come from __________(different/ the same) countries. 9. Before meals, he likes ___________(making/ laying) the table. 10. Which pineapples are _______________________(the most expensive/ most expensive)?

    III. Fill in the blanks with proper verbs.

    make buy not get watch eat wash

    1. Look, Danny! I ____________________ a cake.

    2. What drinks _____ you ______________ for the picnic tomorrow? 3. Mum ____________________ rice in an hour.

    4. They ___________________________ things ready now. They _____________________ TV.

    5. He ______ never __________ hamburgers.

    IV. Choose the best answer.

    1. The peaches from Japan are dear. ____ ______from Canada are cheaper. A The, one B The, ones C A, peach D The, peach 2. Peter comes from _____. He is ________.

    A America, America B American, American C America, American D American, America

    3._______ did he make the cake _____?

    A Whatwith B Howwith C Where in D Whenfor

    4.______ did you make the cake?

    A What B How C Who D Which 5. I often help Mum _______ potatoes.

    A peel B washing C eat D cooking

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    6. They cant jump, run _____ play.

    A or B and C then D but 6. What do you think _____ her diet?

    A in B on C of D over 7. Are sweets bad _______ __________?

    A for, you and I B for, you and me C to, me and you D to, you and me

    8. The sun is shining. I want a _______ of sunglasses. A packet B pair C piece D carton 9. Pineapples are my favourite ________.

    A drink B diet C fruit D meat 10. Can you _______ it in English?

    A say B speak C tell D talk 11. We went to the supermarket to _______ things. A buy B sell C cook D take 12. How much did she _______ in the shop?

    A spend B buy C put D cost 13. The butter from Canada is ______ of all.

    A dear B dearer C the dearest D the expensivest 14. Look! We ______ so many paper planes.

    A make B made C have make D have made 15. Mother does _______ housework at home at weekends. A any B many C much D a lot 16. A lot of fruit and plenty of vegetables will make a good _______. A breakfast B food C diet D dinner 17. Most people have three _______ a day.

    A food B meals C dinners D diets 18. Sprite is a kind of ______ drink.

    A hard B soft C fruit D vegetable 19.What _____ you have _____ dinner yesterday?

    A did, of B do, for C did, for D do, of 20. Im going to write a list _____ food _____ today and tomorrow. A for, of B on, for C about, for D of, for V Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words. Dan and Bob come from A___________. They look the same b____________ they are twins. Dan

    doesnt like chicken. His f____________ food is fresh fruit. He likes h____________, too. Bob

    likes sausages. Theyre his favourite food. Dan and Bob are Sams best f___________. They like to walk to school together. They like to s__________ their food. They like to play t____________

    at the weekend.

    VI Complete the following dialogues.

    1. ----Where do you live?

    ----I live ______ the tenth floor ______ Flat A. 2. ----Lets have a picnic tomorrow.

    ----Great! Lets ________ things __________.

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