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Topic Thirteen Health

    必备词汇: health, unhealthy, fit, disease, illness, sick, fight against diseases, cancer, headache, overweight, mental, physical, treatment, recover from, be infected with(被感染), be addicted to, addiction, drugs, medicine, stressful, stress, sleepless, tired, tiredness, energetic, the disabled, junk food, green food, organic food, genetic food, health care, physical exercise, life style, fall ill, keep fit, be in a good mood, relieve the stress


    1. In order to fight against,we need to make more efforts to do something

    2. It is estimated that about 39.5% children are infected with

    3. Different People have different opinions about which is more important,

    wealth or health?

    4. Some people prefer wealth, holding that

    5. Once health is lost, it is no use doing something

    6. As far as Im concerned, I lovebut I value more.

    7. It is not wise to achieve wealth at the cost of our health.

    8. Without health, everything else, including our wealth, becomes meaningless.

    9. Nothing can compensate for( the loss of health. 弥补!

    10. It is a common phenomenon that many students are addicted to online games, which produces a negative influence on their academic performance.

    Topic Fourteen Weather


    climate, pleasant weather, atmosphere, rain, storm, rainstorm, rainforest, adequate rainfall , rainbow, thunder, lightning, snow, snowfall, foggy, wind, icy,

    rainy, cloudy, clear, frost, freeze, hail, hot, cold, warm, cool, wet, dry, dried up, drought, flood, temperature, intense heat, global warming, weather forecast, heavy rain, hurricane, typhoon, artificial rain(人工降雨), water crisis


    1. As long as we make joint efforts, we may manage to stop from

    2. To stop global warming, we should make immediate and continual efforts

    3. By limiting private cars, we can reduce our contribution to global warming

    while creating a stronger, healthier and more secure nation.

    4. has received 25% less rain than normal.

    Topic Fifteen Entertainment and sports

    必备词汇: performance, attend a party, an English evening, join the club, on a summer camp, go camping, go to the theatre/cinema, go dancing, ice-skating, go skating, soccer, rugby, badminton, baseball, bungee jumping, diving, surfing, wrestling, walking, jogging, boxing, cycling, play chess, hiking, champion,

    stadium, gym, do exercise, do/have sports, swimming pool, Yoga 必备句型

    1. It is reported that about 2,000 athletes from different countries will attend

    the 11th Asian Games to be held in

    2. Some people like jogging for the simple reason that

    3. Its essential for us to keep healthy both physically and psychologically.

    4. In my opinion, we shouldnt dojust for our own benefit.

    5. We should takeseriously, focusing on

    6. Its really important to make it a natural part of our life to do sports in our

    leisure time.

    7. Its necessary for us to make it a habit/a rule to do

    8. It must be pointed out that people are paying much more

     attention to health nowadays.

    9. We should always keep it in mind that

    10. It is true that entertainment also contributes to a better state of mind.

    Topic Sixteen Travel and transport

    必备词汇: a seaside city, capital, important center for industry politics,

    economy, economic, culture, cultural, location, be located/situated in/on main

    language, famous sights, places of interest, climate, scenery, by bus/tube/subway,

    underground, on foot, by train, flight No. 321, a traffic jam, a road accident, traffic

    light, show sb.

    around, turn right/left, give sb. a lift, ask for a lift, pick sb. up 必备句型:

    square kilometers 1. The city has a population/an area of a seaside city with a population of.., covering an area of

     a large/small population

    2. It is located in/on/ near

     Located/Situated in the south of China, Guangdong enjoys a pleasant climate,

    neither too cold nor too hot.

    3. The history of the city dates back to/goes back toyears ago has a long

    history of with a long history

     The history of the city dates from Tang Dynasty.

    4. Famous sights in the city includeas well as

     There are some places of interest in the city, including

     There are many wonderful sights in the city, included.

    5. It has a pleasant climate with plenty of sunshine and the

     average temperature is

     The climate here is warm in winter and cool in summer. 6. Because of its sound public transportation system, it is

     convenient and easy for us to travel between and

    7. With the development of modern science and technology, the transportation and

    communication facilities have greatly improved.

    8. Traveling abroad or within ones country brings many invaluable benefits as well as broadening ones horizon.

    9. From my point of view, modern transportation is a double-edged sword. On one

    hand, it provides conveniences and comforts for uson the other hand, we can

    never ignore its negative influences. For example, it damages our environment

    10. There is no better way other than improving technology and raising peoples

    awareness of safety so that we can make the most of modern transportation. Topic Seventeen: Language learning

必备词汇: spelling, pronunciation, grammar, article, obtain, grasp(领会,掌握)

    learnby heart, memorize, recite, recitation, oral language, spoken language, body language, appreciation of the language, translateinto, explain sth. to sb., give sb.

    an explanation, stress(强调), vocabulary, native speaker, mother tongue, fluency, accuracy, input(), output, dictionary, proficiency(), influent, expression, 输入熟练

    with an accent, translation, translator, describe sth. vividly, describeas



    1. The more you practice, the better your English will be.

    2. What we are supposed to do is to learn to appreciate

    3. I dont think it makes any sense to do

    4. Learning something in the absence ofis very difficult.

    5. It is recommended that students practice speaking whenever possible, as the saying goes, Practice makes perfect.

6. Knowing sth about the culture will guarantee a better comprehension while

    reading in English.

    7. It is well worth our extra efforts to learn by heart.

    8. Having 15 minutes of extra-curricular study a day can really improve ourselves.

    9.Never hesitate to turn to others when we have questions.

    10. It is commonly believed that the cultural background is an essential part in ones language learning.

    11. It will definitely do us good to communicate with others more frequently.

    12. Dont be afraid of making mistakes while speaking English.