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     Professor Yi-Ming Arthur Chen

Yi-Ming A. Chen M.D., M.S., Sc.D.

    Distinguished Professor, Institute of Microbiology and Immunology

    National Yang-Ming University ?NYMU?



Current Positions

    Director International Health Program, NYMU Dean Office of International Affairs, NYMU Director AIDS Prevention and Research Center, NYMU

Joint appointment

    Professor Institute of Brain Research, NYMU

     Institute of Clinical Medicine, NYMU

    Research member Vaccine Research and Development Center

     National Health Research Institute


Committees services in the campus:


Member: Biosafety Level 3 lab committee (2004 till mow)

    Member: Sonogram committee (2009-2011)

    Chairman: Ethical committee (2009-2011)


    1975-82 M.D., Department of Medicine, National Yang-Ming Medical College,


    1982-84 M.S., Institute of Microbiology and Immunology, NYMU, Taiwan 1986-90 Sc.D., Department of Cancer Biology, Harvard School of Public Health,

    Boston, MA, USA

Working experiences

    1982-1984 Teaching Assistant, Department of Microbiology and Immunology,

    NYMU, Taiwan

    1984-1986 Aviation Doctor, Air-force General Hospital, (Military services), Taiwan 1986 Lecturer, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, NYMU 1990-1992 Visiting Scientist, Lab of Molecular Oncology, National Cancer Institute,


    1992-1998 Associate Professor, Institute of Public Health, NYMU, Taiwan 1992-1994 Associate Research Member, Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Academia

    Sinica, Taiwan

    1998-2007 Professor, Institute of Public Health, NYMU, Taiwan 2002-2003 Visiting Scientist, HIV Drug Resistance Program, NCI, USA

Advisory/steering committee and society

    Member, AIDS Advisory Committee, Centers of Disease Control, Ministry 1992-2004

    of Health, Taiwan

    2004-2009 Member, Committee for AIDS Prevention and HIV-infected Peoples

    Rights Protection, Executive Yuan, Taiwan

    1994-2008 Founder and Coordinator, Living with Hope Organization (希望工作坊)

    1993-2009 Board Member, Taiwan Society of Preventive Medicine (has been elected

    as secretary general in 1993-1996, as chairman in 1997-2003) 1996-2006 Advisory Board on Health Issues, Consumer Foundation, Taiwan ?消基


    1996-2009 Board member, Taiwan AIDS Hope Association (台灣社團法人愛之希


    1998-2006 Council of Representative, Asia Pacific AIDS Services Organization


    2001-2009 Member, AIDS Education Advisory Committee, Ministry of Health,


    2004-2009 Member, Steering committee, Therapeutic Research, Education and AIDS

    Training in Asia (TREAT Asia) (has been elected as the chair since 2008)

    Regional Task Force on HIV/AIDS Care and support in Asia2001-2003

    2002-2005 Vice Chairman, Global Chinese AIDS Network (全球華人抗愛滋聯盟)

    2008-2010 Vice Chairman, Global Chinese AIDS Network (全球華人抗愛滋聯盟)

    2001 Medical Advisory Board, OmniViral Therapeutics LLC

    2005-2007 Chairman, Taiwan AIDS Quilt Association (台灣愛滋被單協會)

    2006-2009 Board member, Harmony Home Association ?台灣關愛之家協會?

    2003-2009 Board member, Taiwan Society of Epidemiology

    2007-2010 Chairman, Taiwan Harm Reduction Association ?台灣減害協會?

    2006-2009 Consultant, Centers for Disease Control, Taiwan

    2007-2009 Consultant, Anti-drug Usage association, Tao-Yuan Prefecture, Taiwan


    2007-2009 Consultant, Taipei City Government

    2008-2009 Board Member, Taiwan Society of Microbiology

    2008-2010 Managing Supervisor, Taiwan Society of Preventive Medicine 2008-2009 Board Member, Taiwan Can Love Association ?台灣肯愛協會?

    2008-2009 TREAT Asia Steering Committee Chair

    2009 Committee Member, Global Vaccine Access Council (University of

    Western Ontario, Canada)

    Member of the following societies: International Liver Cancer Association (member #100708), American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) (member #52595), American Society of Microbiology and Immunology, American Society of Human Genetics, International AIDS Society (ID number 32042), Taiwan Society of Epidemiology, Taiwan Society of Preventive Medicine, Taiwan Society of Microbiology, Society of Public Health of ROC, Society of Cancer of ROC, Chinese Medical Association.

Honors and awards

    1. Scholarship from Society of Microbiology of ROC, Yen Shi-Chung Award, 1983. 2. Scholarship from the Ministry of Education to study abroad, Taiwan, R.O.C.,



    3. Scholarship from the Fogarty International Center, National Institutes of Health,

    Program of International Training Grants 1989-92.

    4. Education and Culture Award, Significant Contribution to the Scientific Education

    for the Public, from the Ministry of Education, Taiwan, 1993.

    5. Research award, from the National Science Council, Taiwan, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997,

    1999 and 2000.

    6. Secretary General, the First, Second and Third Taipei International AIDS

    Conferences, 1990, 1992 and 1994.

    7. Candidate for the International Prince Mahidol Award from Thailand, nominated by

    the Department of Health, Executive Yuan, R.O.C., 1994.

    8. Young Investigator Award, First Joint Annual Conference of the Society of Oncology,

    Taiwan, 1996.

    th9. Who’s Who in the World, 2001, 18 edition.

    10. Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare, 2002-2003.

    11. Scholarships from the National Science of Council of ROC for short-term training


    12. Outstanding Research Award from National Science Council, 2008.

    13. Outstanding alumnus, Fu-Xin Primary school, 2004.

    14. Invited as a reviewer for the following grant applications: National Science Council

    (committee members on the Public Health and Environmental Sciences), University

    Grants of Hong Kong, Specific Region of China and Pfizer AIDS foundation. 15. Best Paper Award from the Urbani Foundation 2005 and 2007.

    16. Award to Special contribution to harm reduction program, 2007 from Ministry of


    17. The Second Best Research Paper Award of the Chinese Medical Association Annual

    meeting, 2007.

    18. The Best Research Paper Award of the Taipei City Hospital grants, 2007. 19. Outstanding alumnus (Academic achievement), National Yang-Ming University,


    20. Associate Editor, BMJ-Infectious Disease (since 2008); BMJ-Research Note (since


    18. Editorial board member: Chinese Journal of Medicine, The Open Hepatology Journal

    (since 2008), Newsletter for Research on Applied Ethics (since 2000, in Chinese),

    Liver Cancer Review Letters (since 2009), World Journal Hepatology (2009-2013).

    19. Ad hoc referee for the following journals, institutions and conference organizers:



    AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses,



    Journal of Hepatology

    Journal of infectious Disease

    Experimental Biology and Medicine

    Taiwan J. Public Health

    Jouranl of Chinese Society of Physiology Acta Pharmacol Sin

    Infection Genetic and Evolution


    International Journal of Drug Policy Environmental Health Perspectives

the XIII, XIV, XV and XVI International AIDS Conferences;

    thththe 6 and 7 International Conference on AIDS in Asia and Pacific (ICAAP);

    ththe 4 IAS meeting

    National Medical Research Council of Singapore Hong Kong Department of Health

    Welcome Trust


    Publication List

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    chosen as the Article of the Month, April 2007 by the International Harm Reduction



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