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    口译网 ?


Group 1

    bit beat sick seek bin been pick peak beg bag guess gas lend land said sad tell tail worker worm forget word attend earnest heart hut calm come cart cut dark duck cock caught stock floor spot sport shot thought pull pool foot food should shoot cook cool Group 2

    neat meat gun gum needle middle nail mail sin sing thin thing win wing rain ring lead need light night loan known lead read light right loyal royal thank sank think sink sin thin theme seem clothe close rise bathe breeze seize this these bus buzz loose lose race raise she see ash ass shine sign fish face pleasure treasure measure major leisure large usual usage


    口译网 ?

Group 3

    rat right fat fight man mine fan fine iron giant fell fail sake seek beer bear stay stair boy boil shout short spout spot vice wise cheap jeep gesture cheer blouse vow doctor blackboard kept pigtail absent hopeful friendly soundly little battle admit goodness frighten sudden sadness kidney Group 4

    shop girl a red tie bad smell rob the bank great change a good memory attend meetings at night with thanks these socks this year next year keep up in August take it off put it on one of us let him in best of all make it up a bottle of ink a bowl of rice too often no end who else our own later on

    Will you fetch it for me? Is it raining outside? The boss is always out.

    Come and meet my Mom How high is the entrance You ought to try. and Dad. fee actually?


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