how to say no

By Wesley Walker,2014-08-29 17:37
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how to say no


    I. opposition, realistic, difficult

    II.How to say no skillfully

    III. Experts:

     Foreigner: Harvey Mackay ,he write the famous book <Dig Your Well

    Before You’re Thirsty>

     Chinese: Li Mingxia Xi Nan University , Communication experts

    IV. Why we need say no Sifnificance of say no Learning to say no


    I. Why we need say no

    A: we can't say yes to every request

    we would fail or go crazy for sure

B: we simply don't have the time to help

    Wu must work in everyday.

II. Sifnificance of say no

    how to say no is very important to a person and to a country.


    So if you want your ideas accepted, you should first of all not offend

    your boss.


    but because China does notafford to offend that country.

III. Learning to say no

    A. method one;A simple and direct

    B. method two;we should tell the truth

    C. method Three;sincere and sympathetic


    I. Reinforce the main points

    We discussed how to say no skillfully. Firsr we must know why wo need

    say no, and then sifnificance of say no , the last one is learning to say

    no skillfully.

II. Finally

    we cannot please everyone all the time. refusing favors is a part of


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