ACEW Lecture 8 Lesson 8

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ACEW Lecture 8 Lesson 8

    Lv Jun Advanced English Writing Page 1 of 8

    Lecture 8 Topic/Title Lesson 8 LonelinessAmerican Malady

    Teaching Students study the sample of definition and learn to write the essay

    Aims/Objectives of definition.

    1. The organization of the essay

    Teaching Points 2. The analysis of some sentences

    2. The analysis of diction

    Teaching Discussion Methods

    Time Allowance 80 minutes

    Teaching I. About the author

    Procedures: CARSON McCULLERS

     1. Background Carson McCullers was born Lula Carson

    Smith in Columbus, Georgia, on February 2. Organization 19, 1917. Her small but significant body of

    work includes five novels, two plays, twenty 3. Sentence short stories, over two dozen nonfiction

    pieces, a book of children's verse, a small 4. Diction number of poems, and an unfinished autobiography.

    Most famous for her novels The Heart is a Lonely Hunter《心是孤

    独的猎人》(《天涯何处觅知心》!电影,, Reflections in a Golden Eye

    《黄金眼的倒影》 《禁房情变》!电影,, The Member of the Wedding

    《婚礼的成员》《婚礼的参加者》!电影,, The Ballad of the Sad Cafe

    《伤心咖啡馆之歌》, and Clock Without Hands《没有指针的钟》,

    McCullers was also a playwright and a short story writer.

    McCullers' life was blighted by a series of

    cerebral strokes caused by misdiagnosed and

    untreated childhood case of rheumatic fever. The first

    stroke occurred when she was only 24 years old, and

    within several years she was completely paralyzed on

    her left side. McCullers suffered a final stroke in

    August, 1967 and died at age 50 on September 29,


    麦卡勒斯在她一首名为《抵押的心》!The Mortgaged Heart,的诗




    Carson McCullers,的小说使读者深入体会到书中人物孤独、隔绝、易



    Lv Jun Advanced English Writing Page 2 of 8 人物很多是压抑的、卑贱的、肮脏的(甚至是残障的。其中(一些人整日







II. About the text

    1. The text is from The Mortgaged Heart

    The Mortgaged Heart is an important

    collection of Carson McCullers’s work,

    including stories, essays, articles, poems,

    and her writing on writing. These pieces,

    written mostly before McCullers was

    nineteen, provide invaluable insight into

    her life and her gifts and growth as a writer. The collection also contains the working outline of "The

    Mute," which became her best-selling novel The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter. As new generations of readers continue to discover her work,

    Carson McCullers’s celebrated place in American letters survives more surely than ever. Edited by McCullers’s sister and with a new introduction by Joyce Carol Oates, The Mortgaged Heart will be an

    inspiration to writers young and old.

    The poem:

    The Mortgaged Heart

    The dead demand a double vision. A furthered zone,

    Ghostly decision of apportionment. For the dead can claim

    The lover's senses, the mortgaged heart.

    Watch twice the orchard blossoms in gray rain

    And to the cold rose skies bring twin surprise.

    Endure each summons once, and once again;

    Experience multiplied by two--the duty recognized.

    Instruct the quivering spirit, instant nerve

    To schizophrenic master serve,

    Or like a homeless Doppelgänger

    Blind love might wander.

    The mortgage of the dead is known.

    Prepare the cherished wreath, the garland door.

    But the secluded ash, the humble bone--

    Do the dead know?


    Lv Jun Advanced English Writing Page 3 of 8 2. The structure of the text:

    Paragraph 1

    The topic sentence: It has been said that loneliness is the great

    American malady.

    In sentence 1, she gives a prelude: eight million people live in New

    York. So, people should not feel lonely.

    In sentence 2, to our surprise, we find that her friend lived in New

    York for the purpose of being so alone, which is a

    paradox, and the key word alone appears last in this


    In sentence 3, she begins to repeat the key term: the aloneness”.

    (While my friend