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Non-finite verbs

    1. Is the radio bothering you?

    It certainly is. I’d like it _____ off.

    A. turning B. to turn C. turned D. turns

    2. _______, we went swimming.

    A. Being a hot day B. It was a hot day

    C. It being hot D. Owing to a hot day

    3. Returning to my apartment _______.

    A. my watch was missing B. I found my watch disappeared C. I found my watch missing D. the watch was missed

    4. Before he came to London, he had never heard a single English word ____. A. speaking B. spoken C. to speak D. speak

    5. ____ in the rain, he was wet to the skin.

    A. Having being caught B. Being caught C. Having done D. To do 6. Hob was criticized, for he went to class with his exercises ____. A. not having done B. not being done C. not doing D. undone 7. The pressure of gas is in proportion to temperature, other things ______ equal. A. being B. been C. be D. are

    8. It isn’t worthwhile ____ the recent issue of this periodical.

    A. read B. reading C. you to read D. for your reading 9. Wherever you go on the earth, there is always gravity ____. A. to keep you to fall off B. to keep you from falling off C. to keep you falling off D. to keep you fall off

    10. ______ under an apple tree, Newton was thinking and thinking. A. Lied B. Lying C. Laying D. Had lied

    11. _______ over and over again, this substance is good enough for chemical use. A. To have been purified B. To be purified

    C. Purified D. Being purified

    12. I sat until after eleven, _______ in a book.

    A. absorbing B. having absorbed

    C. absorbed D. having been absorbing

    13. Industry and agriculture will develop rapidly, with science and technology ____.

    A. to modernize B. modernizing C. modernizes D. modernized

    14. _______ a fine day, we decided to go out on a picnic. A. Having been B. Being C. What D. It being 15. _____ finished his homework, he had to stay home at the weekend. A. Having not B. Not having C. Being not D. Having not been 16. Because of my poor English I am afraid I can’t make myself ____.

    A. being understood B. to understand C. understanding D. understood 17. The noise of desks ____ could be heard out in the street. A. opened and closed B. to be opened and closed C. being opened and closed D. having been opened and closed 18. New ideas sometimes have to wait for years before _____. A. being fully accepting B. having fully accepted C. fully accepting D. being fully accepted

    19. You don’t object ____ you by your first name, do you?

    A. that I call B. to my calling C. for calling D. that I am call 20. He wants _____ as soon as possible.

    A. that his bike is repaired B. this bike to be repaired C. that this bike repairs D. this bike repair


    1-5 CCCBA 6-10 DABBB

    11-15 CCDDB 16-20 DCDBB

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