Esercizi Capitolo 10

By Gladys Garcia,2014-07-11 11:56
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Esercizi Capitolo 10 ...

ITL 507 - Traduzioni Capitolo 10:

    futuro, futuro vs. presente, futuro di probabilità, si impersonale

    1. As soon as they arrive in Sardinia they’ll call us.

    2. We’ll visit the Greek temples while we’re in Agrigento.

3. When I graduate in December, I’m going to Palermo for Christmas.

4. In Italy during Ferragosto people go to the beach.

    5. I wonder what the weather is like in Sicily on New Year’s Day.

6. When I go on vacation, I never unpack my bags, especially when I stay in a hostel.

7. It’s common knowledge that an international flight costs more than a domestic one.

8. As soon as I have the money, I intend to take a cruise to the Emerald Coast.

9. We’ll reserve a single room with air conditioning in a deluxe hotel.

10. Can one rent a boat in Cagliari?

Traduzioni Capitolo 11:

    ci, ne, pronomi doppi, imperativo (tu, noi, voi)

    1. Giulio, don’t buy three kilograms of mussels; we need five of them.

    2. I need to go grocery shopping at the supermarket, but I can’t go there until noon.

    3. My best friend always talks about fashion, but I don’t like to talk about it.

4. Do you like these gloves? I bought them for you at the San Lorenzo market in Florence.

5. Sara loves ice cream, so her grandfather always buys it for her.

    6. Kids, go to the butcher’s and buy some beef; we don’t have any of it.

    7. My husband believes in ghosts, but I don’t believe in them.

8. Our children eat a lot of apples, so we bought them twenty of them.

9. Her roommate is so selfish; she only thinks about herself.

10. Carla, shoes are on sale at the Gallery in Milan; let’s go there now!

Traduzioni Capitolo 12:

    aggettivi indefiniti, pronomi indefiniti, negativi, imperativo (Lei, Loro)

1. The “trulli” are circular houses in Puglia that have only one room.

2. My landlord has some houses for rent next to the university.

    3. No one wants to live in the suburbs; everybody wants to live in the city center.

4. Signorina, go to Gargano for the honeymoon of your dreams!

    5. All of the tenants on the second floor have a balcony and an attic.

    6. I want something good to read, but there is nothing interesting on the bookshelf.

7. Signori, take the stairs; the elevator is out of service.

    8. Some studio apartments are completely furnished; others have only a sofa.

9. Each apartment in the building has a washing machine and heating.

    10. Signori, rent the villa in Brindisi; the one in Taranto has neither a yard nor a view.

Traduzioni Capitolo 13:

    condizionale presente, condizionale passato, pronomi possessivi

1. I would like to spend my vacation in Roccaraso, but my boyfriend would prefer to spend his in Termoli.

2. Giorgio should have obeyed the speed limit; this morning a traffic officer gave him a ticket.

3. Sir, would you check the oil and the tires, please?

4. My daughter got her driver’s license when she was fifteen; when did your daughters get theirs?

5. I would take the car to the mechanic’s, but I ran out of gas.

6. Our government could do much more to protect the environment from pollution.

7. Luigi and Mario said that they would give me a ride to the National Park in Abruzzo.

8. I fastened my seatbelt; did you fasten yours?

9. Laura parked in a no-parking zone; she could have gotten a ticket!