Different Styles,Different Brilliance

By Randy Hart,2014-09-21 15:26
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Different Styles,Different Brilliance

    Different Styles;Different Brilliance

     -the English Talent show of Wuhan University

    Nowadays, its just the right season when the main universities in Wuhan are having their own English talent show. As a result, it is absolutely an exciting piece of news for English lovers who consequently cant wait to grab the feast for eyes.

    thOn the afternoon of March 24, when people mainly went to Wuhan

    University to enjoy the beauty of blown-up sakura, a team of members of the English Association came there to watch the talent show which contestants from seven first-class universities including WHU participated in.

    Held in the Lecture Hall of College of Foreign Languages and Literature, Wuhan University, the show began with two pieces of classical music, brought by the Flute and Xiao Association of WHU. After that, two hosts introduced us the competition rules. And then the show officially raised its curtain, along with a medley of songs called This Kind of Love. The contestants from our college

    affectionately showed their deep understanding of love between boys

and girls. What came next was the amazing original song Die A

    Thousand Times by a contestant from Huazhong University of

    Science and Technology. Impressed by his song, the judges gave him a quite high score. Next, a cool boy from Wuhan University of Science and Technology performed Bruno Mars It Will Rain,

    perfectly showing his strong rocky voice. During the show, there were also several excellent speeches by the girls from Huazhong Normal University and Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. Besides all these, the show comprised a sketch, a dubbing of Truman and a

    imitation of Obamas speech, adding great brilliance to the whole show.

    At last, contestants from Wuhan University won the first prize. The second prize went to the contestants of HUST while the third place went to the contestants of our school. What is more, it is said that our school will hold our own English talent show next month, so please focus on whats new on campus!

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