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    Long Beach Yacht Club

    PO Box 97

    Long Beach, MS 39560 228/868-8279 DECEMBER 2008 VOL. XXVII, NO. 12


    Closed Closed Closed 4 PM >9 PM 4 PM >8 PM 2 PM >8PM Closed

     1 2 3 4 5 6

    Grill Your Own

    $5.00 Set Up

    7 8 9 10 11 Eddie 12 13

     McDaniels as Santa @ 6 PM

    Grill Your Own

    $5.00 Set Up

    14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Club

    Board of Christmas Christmas

    Governors BUNCO Grill Your Own Party Dirty

    7 PM 6:30 pm $5.00 Set Up Santa gift

    exchange 21 22 23 24 25 26 27



    Club Closed

    28 29 30 31



    Flag Officers Board of Governors Ex-Officio

     One Year Two Years

    COMMODORE….…………Shelda Jones Fleet Surgeon………Dr. David V. Larosa Vice Commodore……Lawrence Simpson Kert Meyer Dana Burke Fleet Chaplain…………… Rear Commodore…………….Julie Noble Patti Steagall Dick Urban Auxiliary President…………June Wiggins Fleet Captain………………...Holly Tom Stokes Bill Caraway Newsletter Editor……….……Joe Fleming Murray Tommy Rand Freddie Secretary………………….....Shirley Steen Past Commodore………..James Welch


    Moving the appliances Lunch Break

    Painting and Shaking

    Patti and Charlie installing

    equipment with the help of Dick,

    Lenny and Barry


    November 1 was a busy day that began about 8:30 a.m. Lenny Edwards brought his trailer to Joe Fleming’s house to move the refrigerator, freezer, coolers, TV, and ice maker down to the club and with the help of Dick Urban and Roy Burke they loaded the equipment, caravanned down Pineville Road and arrived at the club by 9:00 a.m. The club was buzzing with activity as we had several agendas that day. At the club Lenny fired up the forklift (to raise the equipment from the ground to the porch), we took down the rail on the west end of the club and began to unload the equipment. With added help from Lawrence Simpson, James Stewart, Ken Price and Charlie Coleman the equipment is now on the porch.

    While this was going on Steve and Lori Harmon rolled in with their trailer and the painting continued. We sanded, taped, painted ….thank you to Steve and Lori, Holly Murray, Vance and Heather Sprague, Terry Richardson, Chuck Rumsey, Karla Whitsitt, and Lee Taylor. Downstairs we had another painting party with Tanita Ohliger, Judy Simpson, Ken Price, and Joe Fleming sanding and painting the light fixtures. Quentin Whitsitt and Callie Edwards made sure the paint was mixed by thoroughly shaking the cans. As soon as the equipment was upstairs Charlie and Pattie Coleman, Lenny Edwards, Barry Skellie, Lawrence Simpson and Dick Urban began putting the rail on the cat walk. Charlie and Pattie built the catwalk and brought it down from Hattiesburg.

    About noon everyone was getting hungry so Ken Price treated us with grilled hot dogs. Linda came down to prepare the bar for the evening because Judy Simpson and I were going to bartend for about an hour while she saw her daughter off to the Homecoming Dance. Linda you are terrific, as you see it took two of us to do your job and then we are limited in our ability to mix drinks. The evening was extremely busy at the bar and Shirley Steen stepped in to help by writing the invoice tickets (usually done by the computer register).

    Activity, cars, people, and the building attract a lot of attention and I saw Kathy Burns touring potential members through the club.

    After a day of sailing in the Harbor Regatta our sailors returned to the club to enjoy the dinner and receive their trophies. In first place was “Bobcat”, second place was “Serenity,” and third place was “Infinity.”

    Howard Kapp picked up all the propane tanks to fill for the big Lobster Dinner we had that evening. Dixie, Craig and Jewell Huch and Lon and Lou Moran cooked 140 lobster dinners with potatoes, corn, butter, and cole slaw while June Wiggins took tickets. The dinner was wonderfully delicious and a real treat after a very productive day of fun and work at the club. Tom Stokes brought marshmallows to roast over the fire and chocolate and graham crackers to make smores. Yummy! The kids had a great time and the adults too. The day ended about midnight when the fire was finally dying down. What a fantastic day! Thank you to all those who helped clean-up before, during, and after the dinner. (To name a few, Tanita Ohliger, Fred Welch Jr, Wanda Cazaubon’s son, Dixie and Craig Huch, and Karen Urban.)

    Sunday people continued to work: Lori Harmon and her son Joe painted the door frames and Charlie and Pattie Coleman finished the rail on the catwalk.

    On Tuesday, I saw Holly down at the club and we decided we would start painting the steel columns on the deck …so with help from our “lift operator,” Barry Skellie we hopped in the basket and up we went to begin painting the columns. Freddy Welch III was cleaning the pool and when I had to leave he pitched in to help paint. We continued to paint on Wednesday.

    Traditional red beans cooked by Sallie Kapp were served at the General Membership meeting Wednesday, November 5. Julie Noble cooked the rice, and Judy Simpson and Sallie Kapp cooked cornbread. Thank you ladies for a great dinner and thank you to all LBYC members for your help and support.

    Thursday brought a different kind of work with Howard Kapp directing and working alongside Fred Welch Jr., Freddy Welch III, Ain Rajala, and Barry Skellie trenching, digging, and laying the pipe for the water. Success…..we have water. While they worked outside Ken Price painted inside. On Friday, Holly Murray,

    Ken Price, Tanita Ohliger, Joe Fleming, Marguerite Hess and I carried on the painting. On Saturday, Vance and Heather Sprague, Holly Murray, David Keith, Van Temple, Joyce Pialet and I painted. Sunday, Joe Fleming, Holly Murray, Philip Whitsitt, Khloe Ohliger, Maddy Murray, Quentin Whitsitt, Julie Noble and I resumed painting. And the painting continues…….

    Thank you to everyone who provides food to our functions (grill your own, hot coffee or lunch for work parties): Julie Noble, Madeline Nolan, Ain and Becky Rajala, Lawrence and Judy Simpson, Dana Burke, Sallie Kapp, Ken Price, and Patti Steagall.

    The Bar! What a work of art! Dick Marx, Brad Marx, Lenny Edwards, Barry Skellie, and Freddy Welch have worked very hard on this beauty.

    Thank you to Tom and Lydia Stokes for the clean-up crew.

    Thank you to June Wiggins for planning the Thanksgiving Pot Luck Dinner. With temperatures dipping into the 30’s we moved the dinner upstairs……with few lights, no running water, and no bathroom facilities we had a fantastic time.

    We closed the last week of November to have the floors stained. Tom Stokes, Barry Skellie, and Dick Urban took down the inside doors. Thank you, a door weighs about 40 pounds and they are big. We will open on Thursday, December 4, 2008.

     This year has been a very busy and productive year and I thank you for allowing me to serve as your Commodore. I have enjoyed working with all of you; the board, the members, Pier Con, and our staff (Linda Johnson). I thank the nominating committee for the confidence in me by asking me to serve as your Commodore again. I look forward to another great year. ?


    W. Railroad Merchants Mall is located at 608 W. Railroad, right here in Long Beach. The owner, Sandy Shaver and her husband Pat Rich have owned the property since 1992 but only after Katrina did they decide to come out of retirement and open up several new businesses at this location

    Caboose Art Gallery is dedicated to Mississippi artists. There are over 40 artists to include painters, potters, sculptors, photographers, jewelry designers, quilt makers, authors and poets. Many of the artists are residents of Long Beach and several are members of the Long Beach Yacht Club.



    Antique Junction offers antique and vintage furniture, jewelry, collectibles ,Art classes and gifts.

Layaway, Gift Certificates ,Gift Wrapping and Delivery is available for the Holidays.

Make It Yours Monogramming has a wide selection of gifts that can be monogrammed or bring in your own items; team wear, hats,

    shirts. etc. Turnaround time is usually 3-5 days.

    Several events are planned for the holidays:

    November 20th 5pm - 7pm - Meet the Artists. Food and refreshments served. Public invited. Saturday, December 13th 10am - 6pm Kid’s Shopping Day and Art Show Thursday, December 18th 5pm - 9pm Meet the Artists Tuesday, December 23rd 10am - 9pm Last Minute Shopper’s Day

     Year round art classes are also available:

    Jewelry Design - Jasmine Henson Oil Painting - Sylvia Doucet Stanton Children’s Art Classes - Tricia McDonald Silk Painting - Schonda Sweeney Photography - Tom Montgomery



    I think our Fall Harbor Race Series was thoroughly enjoyed by all. I thank Tom Stokes for seeing it through as work had me away for all but the last race day. Also a big thanks to Salute’ Restaurant, Lil Rays Restaurant and Ken’s Marine Hardware for donating door prizes. Six boats participated over 3 weekends.

    The Series winner was Free Spirit with skipper Tom Stokes. Second place went to Bobcat, the outsider from Gulfport Yacht Club, with skipper Ricky Bond. And third place went to Serenity, skippered by Griff Nolan.


    I owe a big apology to Peter Hanson and Alexis Leach for not being printed in my last newsletter. They ndsailed together on the 420 in the Back to School Regatta and finished 2 overall. Also Cameron French ndand Alexis Leach finished 2 overall in the 420 at the Watewitz Regatta. It is never my intention to leave anyone out of the newsletter, sorry guys!

    We had a busy month of sailing in all kinds of weather. November has proved to be an interesting time to sail. We started off sailing at Buccaneer Yacht Club in the GYA Fish Boat Championship. The weekend was beautiful with light winds. Sailing for us was Joey Stokes, Jasmine Henson and Todd Geary. The following weekend we cruised over to Pensacola Yacht Club to enjoy the Schreck Regatta, it was a bit colder, with very shifty winds but we survived! Khloe Ohliger, Joey Stokes and I sailed a good few races. We even attended a beautiful wedding ceremony on the grounds of PYC. The next regatta found us just down the road at GYC. It was bitter cold and windy, so windy, the group of sailors decided to pass on Saturday sailing. Sunday was cold but the winds were light and shifty leaving us little chance to be wet and cold. Our team for the weekend was Bo Clarke, Erin Keefer and Khloe Ohliger. They did a fantastic job! Have you ever had a something you had to attend and you just weren’t looking forward to it at all? Well that was my attitude with the Senior Liptons. After all this was an event that was supposed to be sailed in the hot humid month of September. The GYA Championship being sailed in November just didn’t seem right. Just like some of the other events I dreaded attending; I got there and had a wonderful time. The Bay-Waveland Yacht Club did a great job as always! What made this event the most fun was having all the support from our club members. A big thanks to Kert Meyer , Ed and Becky Keefer for bring their boats over for spectators. We had a great time watching the races while drinking cocoa. Our team did an awesome job of sailing, some who have only been on a Flying Scot a handful of times. We completed all four races, something we haven’t done in several years.


    Bo Clarke Philip Whitsitt Todd Geary Jasmine Henson Amanda Schrantz

    Lyda Murray Erin Keefer Khloe Ohliger


    Shelda Jones Kert Meyer Ed Keefer Becky Keefer Karen Urban Dick Urban

    Ron Irby Gay Irby Joey Stokes Alexis Geary Joe Fleming June Wiggins

    Freddy Welch Fred Welch Tom Stokes Lydia Stokes Rose Lester Stan Snodgrass

    Glen Bohne Paulette Bohne Maddy Murray Auther Geary Quentin Whitsitt

    We didn’t win anything big, but I do believe we were the club that had the best time! Thanks to everyone for your support. Buccaneer Yacht Club took home the win this year, so let’s gear up for Mobile Bay, Labor Day 2009.

    The end of the year is coming fast, but it just means a start to a new sailing season, beginning with the Sugar Bowl Regatta at the end of December. Any takers? Did you know that the number of regattas that LBYC attend in 2008 were in excess of 47 total? This includes juniors and adults, one design sailing and PHRF sailing. That’s a pretty tremendous number of events; hey there are only 52 weeks in the year!

    I have a lot of great ideas for next year with some race committee, and rules of the road clinics in hopes of hosting our own one design regatta next year. If you have any ideas you would like to toss my way let’s talk. Again Thanks for such an awesome season of sailing. ?


     Hi folks! Well, we are upstairs! We are not officially done yet- but the final little details will work out soon.

     We had a great Thanksgiving potluck dinner on the 21st. Oh so much wonderful food and good friends!

     We are going to have Eddie Mcdaniels as Santa on December11th. Please bring all the kids/grandkids and get a picture with Santa. This is a Thursday night- so just stay for the grill-your own-this starts at 6pm. On December 20th we will have our club Christmas party. This will be a potluck- just bring your

    favorite dish! We will also have the "dirty santa" gift exchange. This is always lots of fun! Keep the gifts reasonable- dont go over $15. We should have a list of gifts you can buy the club also. We need lots of little things. So, please, if you can, help out your club! Have a Happy Hoilday Season! ?


    DECEMBER 17, 2008

    6:30 PM


    Door prizes food fun 50/50 drawing

    men and women


    Welcome Aboard to our New Member’s James & Ada Stewart of Biloxi and George & Joyce Leonard

    of Long Beach. Welcome BACK to, Fritzi Presley and Michelle & Roger Evans, all of Long Beach.

    I would say that we have new applications on the board, but we don’t have a board (yet). BUT, we have

    applications !! Their applications will be presented to the board of Governor’s for their approval at their regular meeting on December 15, 2008.

     Varnum Sheldon Irving & Donna DePierne Sandra Shaver Christopher Schrantz 6534 Alakoko Drive 351 Southern Cove 238 Gulfside St 71 Bayou Circle

    Diamond Head, MS Gulfport, MS Waveland, MS Gulfport, MS

F. T. Richardson Leland & Priscilla Taylor P. Blake Walker

    4608 Lewis St. 2344 Airport Dr. 2507 Brighton Circle

    Gulfport, MS Diamondhead, M/s Biloxi, MS

The saying goes “Build it and they will come !!” And that’s the truth ! What a year !! We had a trailer,

    and then we didn’t. But that didn’t stop us at LBYC. We continued to work on our club during daylight and

    rested by the fire at dark. Our strong dedication and willingness to work together has been our key to success. Through all of the uncertainty, we trudged along and gathered up new members as we went. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of such a tremendous group of people? As we gathered and

    welcomed new members, they too became part of the “team” and joined in the activities. Thanks to

    everyone and I know that 2009 will be GREAT !



    It sure has been a great year and we have gotten so much done. I want to thank all of you who have helped with our new club, those who brought concerns about how it was being built, those who cooked for Thursdays “Grill Your

    Own”, those who painted, and to all who make it a good place to come, enjoy, eat, drink, and foster good friendships. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU. It has been interesting to serve as vice commodore for the past year to say the least, and I would say that at some time in the future all of you accept one term as one of the officers. It will give you knowledge of all that goes on behind the scene to run this club. I thank you all for my chance to do so this past year. We still have work to do to finish the inside and the grounds hope to see you there.


    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I don't know about you - but - I think we all have so much to be thankful for - including a wonderful yacht club to be able to say we are a member. I personally am thankful for you all - we are more than just a club - we are more like family and one I am proud to be a part. Have you been down to our new building yet? It is looking fantastic and almost finished. We did have our Thanksgiving dinner upstairs and it was great. There was an amazing selection of dishes and

    everything was delicious. Thanks to everyone! The lobster dinner was also absolutely wonderful. A huge thank you to Dixie, Craig, Al, Jewel, Lon and everyone else that helped put this dinner together. The croquet tournament was a lot of fun, with the winners being (are you surprised?!!) Tom, Lydia, Roy and Dana. Thanks again to Jewel and Al for having it at the "Long Beach Yacht Club Annex"! Please check the calendar for the December upcoming events - Dec. 11th we'll have Santa (complete with pictures, etc) and December 20th is our club Christmas party (bring a "dirty santa" gift) just to name a few. I wish you all a blessed holiday season and, as always, look forward to seeing you all at your club! ?

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