Clone Farm

By Emily Cole,2014-10-07 00:43
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    Clone Farm

    With the development of science and technology and the progressive society, it can be easily seen that factory would soon enter a new era of mass production.

    So, here comes a brand-new production line——clone farm.

    This new technique aims to scale up the production and increase growth rates. While carrying out this technique, various problems are coming out.

    First is about the matching attribute. Normal cloning doesnt work in

    birds because eggs cant be removed and implanted. So they put forward

    to take the stem cells from fertilized eggs, and then inject them into the embryo of a fertilized recipient egg.

    Second is about the safety. When everything is ready, it comes up a thought that it might be increase the suffering of farm birds. That it is to say, if one bird were infected with a disease, all its clones would be too. But on the other side, if one set of clones fell victim to a disease, the technology would allow farmers to roll out a resistant set rapidly.

    Basic on these situations, there still remain some benefits. Once the time is ripe, the production lines can increase the quantities of farm birds promptly. And as long as the relevant problems are solved, it can become more effective to the production and supply the high quality production to the society.

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