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    21. Is Jack on duty today?—It_____ be him. It’s his turn tomorrow.

    A. mustn’t B. won’t C. can’t D. needn’t

    22. There is a(n) ______ of 200 yuan for the person who returns the lost necklace to its owner.

    A. reward B. prize C. award D. Praise

    23. It’s surely a surprise ______ the event is successful.

     A. that B. what C. whether D. when

    24. There’s a man at the reception desk who seems angry. I think he means _____trouble.

    A. causing B. to cause C. to have caused D. having caused 25. What was she doing when you came in?She was ___ the view from the window.

    A. respecting B. admiring C. gathering D. hunting 26. On October 1st everyone in China holds fun activities _____the birthday of the People’s

    Republic of China.A. celebrating B. memorizing C. favoring D. announcing 27. In my opinion, ______ we’re home for the holidays, it doesn’t mean we should spend all

    our time watching TV. A. as though B. even if C. ever since D. in case 28. We are looking forward to _________ a chance to watch the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. A. give B. be given C. being given D. giving 29. We thought it was he who did it, but it _________ that he wasn’t even there.

    A. turned up B. turned down C. turned off D. turned out 30. Walking around, I found the city was full of people _____ for the New Year’s festival.

    A. making up B. make up C. dressing up D. dress up 31. If you want to catch the first bus you’d better ________ for the bus station immediately.

    A. set up B. set about C. set down D. set off 32. The picture of the park ______ memories of our class’s trip last year.

    A. called up B. broke up C. picked up D. came up 33. Since the man had no choice but to fight back, we’d better _________ him.

     A. forgive B. ignore C. forbid D. forget 34. May I smoke here?If you ____, choose a seat in the smoking section.

     A. should B. could C. may D. must

    35. Would you like to travel this summer?—____, but if I’m admitted to a university I’ll have to go to the campus instead.

    A. I couldn’t agree more B. I’d like to C. With pleasure D. I’ve no idea

    21. Would you like to go to the concert with me tonight? ______

     A. Yes, you could. B. It’s my pleasure. C. Sounds great! D. You are welcome.

    22. For my help, he thanked me in ___ form of ____ invitation to dinner.

     A. the; the B. the; an C. /; an D. /; the 23. We must deal with the air pollution here _____ it’s too late.

     A. if B. when C. unless D. before

    24. Have you prepared for the sports meeting which _____ soon?

     A. has taken place B. will be taken place C. is to take place D. is to be taken place

     25. Before building a house, you have to ask for the government’s _______.

     A. award B. permission C. request D. excuse

     26. He asked me for this book many times. Please tell him he ____ get it tomorrow.

     A. must B. would C. shall D. should

     27. A big party will be held ____ those foreign leaders who will visit our city next week. A. in memory of B. in honor of C. in search of D. in charge of

     28. I’m moving to the countryside because the air there is much fresher than ___in the city. A. ones B. one C. that D. those

     29. Have you ______ him to join us in the research? No. He is a stubborn person and

    won’t listen to anyone. A. persuaded B. reminded C. forced D. allowed

     30. Shall we smoke here? No, we ___, because the worker is filling our car with petrol.

     A. won’t B. needn’t C. couldn’t D. mustn’t

     31. The program is _____ to teach children how to protect themselves.

     A. failed B. meant C. produced D. remembered

     32. Jim returned from the teacher’s office, ______ me that Miss Yang wanted to see me at once.

    A. tells B. told C. to tell D. telling

     33. He is a famous actor in our country, and has even gained ______ fame now.

     A. independent B. seasonal C. frequent D. worldwide

     34. It is said that there ____ be a big disaster in the town in five years.

     Nobody ______ tell exactly what will happen in the future.

     A. may; can B. may; may C. should; may D. can; should

     35. I hope nothing will prevent you from coming, as we’re _____ your visit.

     A. attaching to B. applying to C. looking forward to D. paying attention to



     3、其次?它可以省许多钱。 4、最后?它不会太危害环境。




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