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District of Baltimore Newsbriefs - Welcome ...

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    American Catholic education in the Lasallian tradition since 1845

    N E W S B R I E F S

Vol. 63, No. 1 October 2008

From the Provincialate:

Our prayers are requested for those who have died during the summer months:

     Herbert Kaufman, former Brother Ernest Phillip (June)

     Edith Fealy, mother of Brother William Fealy (June 2)

     Mary H. “Jeanne” Gerngross, wife of Joseph A. Gerngross, AFSC (June 29)

     Rose Filberg, mother of Brother Charles Filberg (July 5)

     James A. McErlean, AFSC (July 28)

     Catherine Best, 102 year old aunt of Brother Patrick Carney (August)

     Raymond P. Froehlich, father of Brother Timothy Froehlich (August 12)

     Margaret Schmidt, sister of Brother Albert Schmidt (August 12)

Our prayers are requested for the ill and infirm:

     Brother Thomas Bondra, recovering from heart-related problems at La Salle Hall

     Brother Edward Cannon, returned to De La Salle Hall to continue recovery from

     injuries sustained from a fall

     Brother Thomas Chadwick, recovering at La Salle H S community from surgery

     fusing cervical vertebrae to relieve numbness in his left arm and side.

     Frank Mullin, brother of Brother Lewis Mullin, suffering from bone cancer

     Brother Michael Phillips, experiencing much difficulty with swallowing

FROM ROME: On July 3, 2008, Pope Benedict XVI authorized the Prefect of the Con-

    gregation of the Saints to promulgate the Heroic Virtues of the Servant of God on

     Brother ANDRES HIBERNON GARMENDIA (Spain), who, from that date, is



     Brother John Luczkowski (profession of first vows)

     Brother Peter Nguyen (profession of first vows)

     Brother Anthony Elfering [MW] (welcome to Jeremy House community)

     Brother Brendan Kelly [NY] (welcome to Jeremy House community)

    (at the GAD liturgy at La Salle University on September 27, 2008)

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    CONGRATULATIONS to our Jubilarians:

     Br. Albert Schmidt (70) Br. Lawrence Dempsey (50)

     Br. James Kirkpatrick (60) Br. Joseph Mahon (50)

     Br. John Lawless (60) Br. Patrick Cassidy (25)

     Br. Patrick Carney (50) Br. Kevin Dalmasse (25)

    CONGRATULATIONS to the following community directors (2008-2011):

     Br. Michael Andrejko Central Catholic New

     Br. Richard Buccina Jeremy House Reappointed

     Br. Patrick Cassidy San Miguel New

     Br. Charles Filberg Calvert Hall Reappointed

     Br. Timothy Froehlich Provincialate Reappointed

     Br. Joseph Kines Brentwood Avenue New

     Br. Patrick King Hudson Catholic New

     Br. Leonard Rhoades Yeadon Reappointed

     Br. James Rieck La Salle H S Reappointed

     Br. Joseph Willard LSU: De La Salle Reappointed

CONGRATULATIONS to the following Brothers who completed degrees:

     Brother Anwar Martinez MA in Education La Salle University

     Brother Robert Peach MA in English Arcadia University

OCTOBER BIRTHDAYS: [2] Dennis Malloy; [4] Steven Casale; [5] John Kane;

    [12] Thomas Dunn; [15] Robert Eckenrode; [16] John Chung; [23] Gregorian McLaugh-

    lin; [25] Daniel Burke, Brian Henderson.


    Charles Gresh

     For the second time in ten years, the Explorer, the University's yearbook, was ded-

    icated to Ed Sheehy, "the man, the myth, the legend,” who, incidentally, was heard last month on KYW radio discussing the 1968 Democratic convention. Recent guests for

    Mass and dinner included Michael McGinniss, president; Tony Elfering and Brendan Kelly, Jeremy House. As summer begins to fade, so does Gerald Fitzgerald's attractive garden which was appreciated by many this summer. Charles Gresh attended the Amer-ican Guild of Organists' National Convention in the Twin Cities.

     The La Salle University Advancement Office received word in August that John A.

    Schlegel, the former Brother Edward Clement, died at the age of 97 in his home in Arvada,

    CO on December 8, 2007. He was the principal/director at the old St. John’s, D.C.

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    Rene Sterner

     The Sterner homestead and its belongings went on the auction block on Saturday,

    September 20. My sister Margaret handled almost all of the auction details including the

    sale of the home. Fortunately, we got a buyer of the home and its almost two acres be-

    fore the day of the auction itself. It is amazing how much “stuff” can be accumulated by

    living in the same home for 68 years! What do you do with the many photos Mom had

    taken over the years, including pictures of the family’s trips to Ammendale, Anselm Hall,

    Central Catholic? The report cards of six children from grade one through high school

    can prove interesting.

     School hired Eric Lawrence, a ’98 graduate of Delone and ’02 of Penn State to

    take over the position of Director of Development and Alumni Relations. Eric had been

    Sports Information Director at Gettysburg College and brings lots of energy and enthu-

    siasm. Newly organized Alumni Association will hold its first ever Mass and Communion thBreakfast on October 12. Rene attends GAD on the weekend of the 27 and will go to

    Birmingham, AL for the NFL Council meeting on October 2-5.

     At this year’s NFL Nationals held in Las Vegas Rene received the first time ever awarded honor of The NFL Life Time Service Award. He will be returning to La Salle Col-

    lege High School community in Wyndmoor on or about October 15 after taking six weeks

    to train his successor at Delone. The school’s board of directors gave Rene a “THANK YOU” dinner at Buona Fortuna, one of Hanover’s finest Italian restaurants. School has

    sent plans for renewing the original 1940 building and proposed renovations for the 1956

    and 1960 wings of the school to the Diocese of Harrisburg for review. From September 2

    through mid-October Rene will be residing with Father Lawrence McNeil at the rectory of

    the Sacred Heart Basilica, Conewago Chapel. The Basilica is one of the nation’s most historic churches and rectories (1741). From this rectory Jesuit circuit riders took the

    Catholic faith to the western parts of PA and NY Pittsburgh, Erie, Buffalo, and all the places in between. Actually at the time the Jesuits had been suppressed so all the

    priests belonged to the “Society of Catholic Gentleman” which maintained ownership of all of what had been Jesuit farms surrounding Conewago. They still own the two largest

    farms and collect their annual rent. Famous Catholic convert Prince Gallitzin lived in the

    rectory for two years before leading a large group of locals on Conestoga wagons to es-

    tablish a Catholic settlement in the Alleghenies (present town and area around Loretto,

    PA). It’s a good time to recharge one’s history batteries.

     Over the summer the football stadium received all new aluminum bleachers on

    both sides of the field. All of the press boxes, refreshment stands and ticket booths have

    been repainted in black and gold, the school’s athletic team colors. Real effort is under-

    way to increase scholarship aid funds from PA State EITC (Educational Improvement Tax

    Credit) program. In the current year the school has received about $72,000 in EITC

    funds. With the addition of S-Corp businesses the school hopes to gain more funding for

    financial aid in 2009-2010.

     Latest issue of Delone Today features articles on two distinguished graduates -

    one involved in cutting edge AIDS research at the University of Washington in Seattle

    and in Nairobi, Kenya, all focusing on how the disease is transmitted particularly between

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mother and child. The other graduate has been helping the homeless, the poor, the hun-

gry in northern

    5 of 18 Virginia. He explains how Delone Catholic’s motto, “Be Doers of the Word!” changed his

    life’s work. He has been honored this past year by the city of Herndon, VA for his out-

    standing work on behalf of the poor. The Report on Annual Giving showed a 7% in-

    crease over the previous year.

     Magazine Drive got off to a great start with $28,000 in sales the first day. By the

    Drive’s end they surpassed their goal of $60,000. Football team is off to a good start with

    impressive wins over Millersburg, Trinity, Dover, and Biglerville. Trinity had been ranked

    # l in the Harrisburg area so Delone’s victory was considered an upset. This year’s com-

    petition band is smaller than usual but has a great sound and the flag twirlers are better

    than ever. They have finished in either first or second place in several of their Saturday

    night band competitions.

     This will be the last Newsbriefs report from here in “God’s country”. Brothers,

    thanks for reading! The length was always to acquaint you with another part of God’s

    great landscape and let you know how life goes on in other places. Several times over

    the past two years I have met Trinity graduates, Trinity faculty, and Trinity chaplains who

    always lament the Brothers leaving Trinity and want to know where the Brothers who

    taught them at Trinity might be today. Those who were there should know that they did

    much to “touch hearts” and are greatly appreciated and gratefully remembered. The # 3 man in the current U.S. State Department is Bill Burns, a graduate of Trinity and La Salle



    Patrick Ellis

     School has welcomed Joseph Keough to the library staff (including that of the

    community), James Dries to the chemistry department and Michael Kramer to the guid-ance staff. Kevin Strong was heartily welcomed back for three days a week as volunteer

    counselor for students with special needs.

     Moderatorships include John Lawless (cross country), Phillip DePorter (football) and John Herron (soccer).

     Carl Clayton volunteers two days a week at the Assistance Center of Towson

    Churches, an ecumenically sponsored emergency service agency for individuals and

    families. He will also be helping with many of the sophomore retreats at CHC.

     Phillip DePorter has joined the campus ministry team for the overnight retreats of

    the junior class at the Trinitarian retreat center in Pikesville. Others who drop by are Mi-

    chael Kramer, Don Alger and Jim Dries. Phil continues as liaison with Archbishop Bor-

    ders School in East Baltimore, at which CHC students tutor middle school students and

    organize after-school activities for younger children.

     Don Alger motors to Penn every Saturday for a long day of graduate courses and

    labs in chemistry, while Michael Kramer commutes to Fordham at midweek in pursuit of

    his doctorate in clinical psychology.

     Chris Barczak, of the faculty, was selected by his colleagues as Distinguished La-

    sallian Educator for the year, also by his fellow members of the Mission and Ministry

    Committee of the District.

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    Dave Trichtinger

     The community hosted its annual Labor Day picnic, which received very favorable

    reviews. Our successful CAP deliberations culminated in a delicious dinner at Maria’s

    Restaurant in Roxborough. The community welcomed Anwar Martinez, La Salle Volun-teer Sean Quigg , and the novitiate sub-director emeritus, Brendan Garwood. We are looking forward to Rene Sterner’s arrival in October. A number of Brothers were visible

    at the Freshman Mothers’ Tea, the Men’s Club Freshman Fathers Welcome Night and the

    Alumni Board’s cookout. Richard Kestler is being awarded the 2008 Spirit of Jeanne

    Jugan Award while Jim Rieck has been named to the Alumni Hall of Fame for St. Helena

    School. Jim assisted with the closing down of Ocean Rest for the summer. Richard’s fundraising efforts yielded several large donations which have enriched the capital cam-

    paign and endowment. Despite ongoing “finishing” work, the Brothers, faculty, and stu-

    dents are delighted with the new building. Bill DiPasquale, Mang Tran, Jim Steck and Dave Trichtinger are enjoying their offices/classrooms in the new wing. Everyone is

    looking forward to the official dedication ceremony for the new building on Sunday, Octo-

    ber 5. Jim Steck is basking in our varsity lacrosse team’s #1 national ranking in a promi-nent coaches’ publication. The community joined football moderator, Dave Trichtinger, in celebrating varsity football victories over highly ranked West Catholic and St. Joe’s

    Prep. Dave Trichtinger and Anwar Martinez enjoyed a performance of “Side by Side by

    Sondheim” at the Stagecrafters Theatre in Chestnut Hill. Joe Dougherty attended confe-rences at Newport, RI and Norte Dame, IN visiting Brothers and old friends in both lo-

    cales. Tom Chadwick is recovering from surgery on his neck. Brendan Garwood and Father Dick Delzingaro have stepped up to the plate to take care of the econome details

    during Tom’s recuperation. Brendan has resumed volunteering at St. Joseph’s Villa in

    Flourtown. Ken Cook reports that the library is less hectic with the opening of the new

    wing. Michael Thai continues his ESL teaching. Bart Schlachter is active in the litur-gical planning at St. Vincent’s and continues his volunteering at La Salle Academy. Andrew Bartley has been tending to his sister during her hospitalization and regular visi-

    tor Tony Baird has been assisting his brother, who is in hospice care. Please keep them

    in your prayers.


    Bob Schieler

     Our community, bolstered by the additions of Dominic Smith and John Lucz-kowski, held its CAP meeting August 23-24 at Ocean Rest. While we are engaged in

    five different ministries we committed ourselves to creating a community that is regular,

    prayerful, welcoming, and fraternal.

     Shortly after the CAP weekend Bob Schieler flew off to Rome for a month of meet-

    ings and the annual retreat of the General Council. He returned just in time to attend Bill Mann’s inauguration as President of Saint Mary’s University in Winona on September 26.

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     Malachy Broderick conducted a retreat for Ignatian Volunteers in Falkner, MD.

    He also teaches twice a week at Blessed Sacrament parish and continues to offer spiri-

    tual direction, as well as volunteering his services as an occasional driver for the Brothers

    at Ammendale.

     John has transitioned smoothly into his teaching duties at St. Johns. He teaches history and religion and also serves as moderator of the girls’ soccer team. He promised to add his culinary skills to those of Malachy and Fran Eells for the benefit of the com-munity.

     Dominic Smith continues to learn the ropes of his new position in the develop-

    ment office of Bethlehem Foundation. He hopes to be in his new office at the Paulist

    Hecker Center by early October. During the month he helped host the Bethlehem Uni-

    versity meetings at Georgetown University. We welcomed Jack Curran who was representing the university at the meetings.

     Fran is delighted to have Michael Miller on his staff at San Miguel. He is also

    looking forward to moving into a new building by the second semester.

     The community members enjoyed GAD and thank all who made it a special day for

    John and Peter Nguyen.


    Luke Maher

     All returned safely from their summer travels that included visits to Virginia, North

    Carolina, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Oregon and California. Pat King conducted a suc-cessful CAP session that concluded with lunch at a downtown bistro. New school year is

    off to a smooth start under the leadership of Father Warren Hall, Class of 1981, and Phil

    Gazale, long term faculty member. A note of thanks goes to Pat Cassidy for his help with scheduling. Community hosted the new teachers for prayer and dinner. The faculty

    appreciates the many services provided by Larry Shine, Director of Printing, including

    the duplication of transparencies on the office copier. Community security is at such a

    high level that Peter Costello, Director of Security, was unable to gain entry to the resi-

    dence after completing a late night patrol securing the property. Fortunately, "Steve"

    answered Peter's telephone call for assistance and admitted him to the house. Pat King continues to deny that he was mistaken for Brendan Garwood at the CBA Lincroft picnic.

     Several Brothers participated in Senior Week at Ocean Rest. Thanks to John McErlean for a first class program. Congratulations to Jim Butler, Joe Juliano, Mike McGinniss and all involved in making the Tri-District Assembly a GRAND SUCCESS!


    Pat Carney

     “Get the lead out” is a phrase often used metaphorically on athletic fields, but it

    was used literally for De Paul this summer. The state had determined that the lead in the

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    pigment used for the nylon turf on our field was 3 times the maximum allowed in NJ.

    Since a lawsuit with the company could have dragged on, a negotiated settlement had

    the school paying half the cost of a new surface. When work began on August 25 with a

    promise of being ready for opening day, many of us doubted. To their credit, the workers

    seemed to work during all daylight hours and through weekends and it was ready as

    promised and a beautiful final product indeed.

     Since it was too late for the last Newsbriefs, I will add a note about last year’s prom.

    Not to be outdone by students coming in limos, one of our young ladies and her entou-

    rage arrived by helicopter (which we later found out she piloted for part of the trip she is

    a licensed pilot).

     School got off to a good start with about 940 students stretching the facilities to the

    limit. The effect of the recent Wall Street doings on the ability to pay tuition has yet to be

    felt. The new principal has hit the ground running.

     The sad news of the summer included the death of Sr. Patricia Flarity, SC, who

    had been principal for 35 years and had continued to work in the school after her retire-

    ment. The attendance at the wake and Mass as well as the multi-jurisdiction police escort

    blocking the interstates on the way to the cemetery was a testimony to the esteem in

    which she was held.

    I enjoyed seeing so many Brothers (including 2 of our teachers) and 3 ex-Brothers when I

    traveled to Pittsburgh for my reunion (50th) at Central. I wish all of the Brothers could

    have heard the words of appreciation for what the Brothers did for these guys. The alums

    were effusive in their praise for both individual Brothers who taught them and the Broth-

    ers in general. Two priests from our class (including one who is a grandfather of 3) con-

    celebrated the Mass.

     Sports are off to a good start with most fall teams playing above .500 and the foot-

    ball team undefeated after a pre-season of finding fields on which to practice.

     Back-to-school nights went well with parents not too upset over the computer

    glitches which have plagued the system since switching servers during the summer.


    Mark Lowery

     Community very happy to welcome our newest members, Peter Nguyen and Fa-

    ther Stephen Okello, a Consolata Father, who is studying at Duquesne for the first

    semester and going to Sangre for the second semester. Our prayers and best wishes are

    with Tom Bondra on his move to Ammendale for recovery from his heart problems.

    School is off to a very good start with full enrollment. Installation of state-of-the-art phone

    and computer system took place in both school and house. New windows installation in

    the school continues.

     Fall sports in full swing keeping Chuck Huber busy as soccer moderator and Ray

    Bronowicz as football motivator. Football team’s last minute stunning victory over Upper

    St. Clair stops their coach from the winning-est PA coaching record. Community hosted

    faculty for a welcome back social. Bob Schaefer is on the verge of a nervous breakdown

    as he teaches 5 sophomore religion classes filling in for a faculty member out for surgery.

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Bob is ready to head to Rome for the CIL program! Community held its CAP planning at

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