my view on money

By Jean Wells,2014-09-21 14:11
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    My view on money

    Most of us have heard the proverb: money makes the mare go. Its true

    that all of us need money to lead a better life. There is another famous saying: money is not everything, but without money, everything is nothing. Dozens of people believe that money is the best thing in the word. But I dont think that money talks!

    I have to admit that money is pretty useful and necessary in our daily life. We use money to buy delicious foods, beautiful clothes, comfortable houses and so on which are we want and can really satisfied us. Some people become the slaves of money who can do every thing in order to get money. But there are more things that money cant buy such as

    friendship, health, life and faithful. What money can buy is material, which can only give us physical enjoyment.

    However, as humans, the best thing is that we have thoughts. We can enjoy divers emotions which from our families, friends and so on. All these things are meaningful to life but they cant be bought by money. As

    a result, money is only a tool of trade. We shouldnt be controlled by

    money. The chief aid of a man is not to earn money because we have lots of more important things to do!

    In a nutshell, money is necessary in our life. Everyone wants to possess more and more money. But we should remember that no matter what happened, dont let your money direct you! Only by using our money correctly can makes us a peaceful mind and leads us a better life!

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