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    1;Basic facts

    (1)Capital: Kuala Lumpur

    2(2)Size: 330,257 km

    (3)People:32 minorities,but mainly consist

    of Malayan,Malaysian Chinese and


    (4)Population: over 26 million

    (5)Language:Malay language,English as

    the second language.

    (6)Location: located between Pacific

    Ocean and Indian Ocean

    (7)Climate: Tropical rainforest climate

    (8)Religion: Islam

    (9)Currency: Ringgit(RM) 1dollar=3.8ringgit,1ringgit=2.125yuan (10)Festival: National Day(8,31), Vesak(卫塞节),Hari Raya(开斋节)Spring festival,Deepavali(屠妖节)

    (11)Best scenery: Petronas Tower, Penang, Genting Highlands, Malacca, Pulau Tioman,

    2 .Food: Nasi Lemak ;椰浆饭??Satay ;沙爹??Fujian Noodle(福建面),

    Wanta Mee(云吞面),Murtabak,;印度煎饼?,Nasi Kandar(扁担饭)

    3. Itinerary:

    November 10Arrive in Kuala Lumpur (Petronas Tower, Independent Square, National Museum)

    November 13Genting Highlands

    November 15Penang(Snake Temple)

    November 17Langkawi(Pantai Pasir Hitam,PalauPayar,Eagle Square)

    November 19Malacca(Malacca Museum ,St Paul Church,Stadthuys)

    November 21---Sabah( Sipadan Island,Mosque,coral reefs in Kapalai island),

    November 23Return to home by air

    4 .When to visit:

    East coastFebruary to October,West coastsuitable almost the whole year.Before and after the

    Christmas and Easter week should not visit, avoid the Muslim month of Ramadan and in the new

    year.Because these times are extremely crowded at tourist sites,and its difficult to purchase transportation tickets.

    5. Customs and etiquette:

    (1)They rub each other’s palms when they meet , put the palm together,touch owns precordium to show their greetings;anyone cannot touch Malays head and back;women cannot offer their hands to ask for

    shaking hands first;it is rude to point your fingers at people;a man can have 4 wives,so we shoud not talk

    about their family affair;we had better not ask their age. (2)There are similar customs for Malaysian Chinese there. (3)Beef is forbidden for the Indian there;dont talk about their color of skin,caste;dont touch their heads. 6. Resources for planning your trip provide the comprehensive information for the backpacker all kinds of beautiful pictures more information about the food

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