unit 1 my name's Gina

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unit 1 my name's Gina

    My names Gina ( The Third Period) Step 1: Revison

    Revise full name/ first name/ last name

    --- whats your full name/ first name/ last name? --- Whats his/ her full name/ first name/ last name?

Step 2: Presentation

    T shows some numbers by fingers, and teach numbers One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen,

    fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty one, thirty,

    forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, one hundred, one hundred and one, one


Step 3: Practice

    Practise the numbers as follows:

    1. count numbers from zero, one, two.etc

    2. count odd numbers from one, three, five. or even numbers from two, four,


    3. Teacher writes some numbers used in daily life, and asks some students to say

    them out.

    eg: 110 119 12315 114 10086

    4. Teacher says some numbers, and asks students to write them down. Ask two

    students to demonstrate on the blackboard.

Step 4: Present the sentences

    1.T prepares a telephone.

    T: Look! Whats this in English?

    S: Its a telephone.

    T: What color is it?

    S: Its red.

    T: Is this your telephone?

    S: No, it isnt. Its your telephone.

    T: Yes. Do you know my telephone number?

    S: No.

    T: Ok! Now, write it down. My telephone number is *** 2. T asks a student to say out her telephone number 3. T asks the student

    --- Whats your telephone number?

    --- My telephone number is *** / Its ***

Step 5: Practice

    T asks Ss to write their own telephone number down on the notebook. Then ask


T: Whats your telephone number?

    S1: My telephone number is ***/ Its ***

    Then, T turns to the whole class, ask T: Whats his/her telephone number?

    Ss: His/ Her telephone number is ***/ It’s ***

Step 6: Pairwork

    Ss work in pairs to practise the conversation. Then T chooses some pairs to show and

    the others write down the numbers they hear.

Step 7: Activity

    Ss work in group of four. Ask the other students name, first name, last name and

    telephone number. Make a telephone book. Name:

    First name:

    Last name:

    Telephone number:

Step 8: Report

    Ask some students to report according to the telephone book.

    Example: *** is a boy. His full name is ***. His first name is ***. His last name is

    ***. His telephone number is ***.

Step 9: Homework

    Finish the work of exercise book.

Blackboard Design


     zero ten

     one eleven

     two twelve twenty twenty-one

     three thirteen thirty

     four fourteen forty

     five fifteen fifty

     six sixteen sixty

     seven seventeen seventy

     eight eighteen eighty

     nine nineteen ninety. One hundred, one hundred and one,

--- Whats your (his / her) telephone number?

    --- My( His / Her) telephone number is ***

     Its ***

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