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Politics Teaching Art Study closeout_2739

Politics Teaching Art Study closeout

     [Abstract] Looking at the current middle school and political status of teaching, I found that teachers tend to ignore the design of the end of a lesson. In fact, the ending is a lesson the teaching process, an integral pArt of an

    exciting end to inspire students spirit, activate students thinking; an innovative, long aftertaste of the end of classroom knowledge to make principled, systematic; a loud vibration at the end of people, can play a connecting link, the finishing touch. [Keywords:] ideological and political teaching Art finishing methods Qing Li Yu said: "Read the beginning, when the sentence is brilliant, so that one see the sweep, not discarded." Indeed, the Article must begin to pay attention to put pen to paper Arts, classroom

    teaching in the "Lead" is as it should be . If the "Lead" cleverly designed, it can play a head stArt, exciting, stimulating student interest in the magical effect. Looking at the current middle school and political status of teaching, to

    teach those on the "Lead" design ingenuity can be described as unique, but often neglect a class at the end of the design. In fact, the ending is a lesson in the process of teaching an integral part of, if designed to be subtle, it can have a

    "buzzing" Think about the lesson continued, Italian language kept off the artistic effect. a If at the end perfunctory course, you may dilute the effect of teaching received. Art of ideological and political education should be an orderly whole, just from classroom teaching art, rational layout and structure the perfect classroom, like a concert, not only a spectacular "Prelude", exciting "theme ", and should have a feel buzzing, endless, endless charm of the" end. "is the end of a lesson the last step to success. Only a

    good start and successful process, and there is no satisfactory end, the whole class to be eclipsed. a wonderful ending to the spirit of encouraging students to activate their thinking; an innovative, long aftertaste of the end of classroom knowledge to make principled, systematic; a loud vibration at the end of people, can play nexus, the finishing point. Thus, at the end as an indispensable part of classroom teaching as an integral part of teaching as the most profound impression on the students a few minutes, it should cause serious concern to teaching front-line teachers. The end

    of the political class is an indispensable teaching an

    important part must be carefully designed, pay attention to art, so as to improve the efficiency of classroom teaching to

    stimulate students interest in learning the political class. So, the end of the political class in which a good way method? through years of teaching practice, I instruction in the classroom, according to teaching materials needed, made some

    useful exploration: First, the inductive method the end Through induction, summarized the contents of the whole class of systematic and concise. At the end of induction, outline the essentials, make the students understand, remember. To my

    practice, I feel let students summarize, sum up good results, so can play main role of students, but also when the Church detection efficiency of the students 45 minutes of lectures, real solid foundation for students, and then apply their knowledge. for students to summarize commonly used to allow students to expand the writing "lesson summary", listing "the Lesson Summary "in the breakdown of the various elements contained in the knowledge, and outlines the whole course of knowledge; also allow several students to write their own

    lesson on the blackboard summary, notes on other students in the summary, then, students with each other control, the teacher to give a necessary complement each other, induction course the best and most complete summary. general inductive

    method used at the end of the table format, questions and answers, system type, etc.. Our knowledge of economics in the "use value and value" as an example , ask someone to summarize the difference between the two, the students in most cases,

    the induction of the table format. reposted elsewhere in the Research Papers Download http:// Second, practice type at the end of Act The students through some exercises to consolidate knowledge. Teaching should note that throughout the various aspects of "mental training" the main line.

    Students to learn any knowledge, listening alone is not enough. Particularly in the teaching of the political class, the students of theoretical learning and mastering knowledge should be based on understanding through appropriate exercises

    to consolidate the knowledge of when the Church. This is the end of the way loved by the students. because in approaching the classroom, students are becoming more fatigue, lack of energy, at the inhibited state of mind often, this time out on

    the road a few exercises, students will be able to arouse emotions, to make their cerebral cortex re-excited. Indefinite

    item multiple-choice has always been a student both happy and afraid of the kinds of questions, students like , indicating

    that a certain degree of flexibility and challenge, fear, because it is always the weakest students to test a link, so the end of the section in the classroom, make some time to carefully design some multiple-choice questions for students

    to practice, both to strengthen the knowledge students learned in class, but also enhance the students ability to analyze issues. I often used answer in style, more aroused excitement of students. Third, the expression at the end of law Enable students to use language that is the way to repeat what

    they have learned in order to achieve the purpose of consolidating the knowledge. The political objective of teaching is to enable students to acquire knowledge, requiring students to express them in their own language, and language

    students with the weakest , especially those timid and introverted students, not to speak, and this political lesson to learn is very unfavorable. We as a teacher, they should encourage students to tongue representation. in the student presentation, the teacher is best not to interrupt students, not to scold, and if the student expression is incomplete or incorrect, it then told them a student expression, until it is completely correct. Politics Teaching middle school is an open "window of wisdom," the art of mastering the art of

    the key is to improve the quality of teachers themselves to continuously improve teaching methods and improve the quality of classroom teaching for 45 minutes. "Teaching is a unique distinctive performance art "(Travers, language), pursuant to

    a good layout for the design of rational, structure, structure of the perfect classroom, we must pay attention to design a good ending finale of classroom teaching in order to obtain the best teaching results. In short, the ideological and

    political course of the end of the approach is varied, no fixed pattern. In teaching practice must vary due course, must not be applied mechanically, in the teaching practice should also note some specific situations, such as at the end to the

    transitional nature arrangement should be carefully designed so that the entire teaching be a matter of course, the natural appropriateness; end should pay attention to refining the language, the language must be concise when the end, should not flashy. To closely when the class of the teaching center, pay attention to refining sublimation, the formation of knowledge rational distillation; the end to leave students to think of the time and space, can not rush to catch the end of mission, going through the motions. in teaching practice, we

    must according to the teaching content, with students in

    specific circumstances, for materials, individualized education, efforts to explore and choose the best end of the ways in which the classroom at the end of a broad, thoughtful,

    inspiring, interesting and developmental. Links http:// Research Papers Download

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