TMPT Operating manual

By Jacqueline Robinson,2014-08-10 15:45
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TMPT Operating manual

This is operating manual for TMPT program.

    We have been using this program for measument tempreture for the Desktop PC systems.

    The TMPT program is operating to each devices which are [FDD],[HDD],[ODD],[Memory] and

    [CPU] devices.


     1-1.For HDD drive

    If you measure to HDD drive, Please make a DOS format partition and then copy to

    the COMMAND.COM file on the that partition.

    The COMMAND.COM file is easy to copy from Floppy disk after format the

     DOS system with bootable format.

     P.S:Dont need to install OS to the HDD drive.Need to only file

     on the HDD drive.

     1-2.For ODD drive

     If you mesure to ODD drive ,Please prepare one file in the CD-ROM.

     But the file size is need to 1K byte for the TMPT programs.


     2-1.Make a floppy disk for TMPT program.

     Please make a format disk with bootable format.

     And please extract the attached [TMPT.ZIP] file to the floppy disk..

2-2.Boot the system from floppy disk.

     Please set the floppy disk which is made in [2-1] step.

     And you should set the CD-ROM with one file which is over 1K byt.

2-3.Set to the operation time.

     After start the TMPT program,You can show the below menu on the display.

     And you should set to some items based on your systems.

    Please input Drive No. (A->Z; 0:NO DRIVE)

     FD1 DRIVE No. = A Drive name for FDD drive.

     FD2 DRIVE No. = 0 Set to [0].Not need this item.

     HD1 DRIVE No. = C Drive name for HDD drive.

     HD2 DRIVE No. = 0 Set to [0].Not need this item.

     CD-ROM FILE NAME = ODN.EXE Input file name as copied by Item [1-2].

    P.S : This is samples for our operation.

     2-4.Start to TMPT program

     You will have below message from TMPT progarms.

     Message => Does it execute by this setting?(Y/N)

    Please input [Y] character after check your input items.

     2-5.Set to the operating time for each devices.

     Here is operating time for each devices.

     It is necessary 100 % after addition the each devices.

     Basically we set to 20%” for each device when measure the each dives.

     Here is samples for our operation.

    How many % is the access by FDD? => 20

    How many % is the access by HDD? => 20

    How many % is the access by CD-ROM? => 20

    How many % is the access by MEMORY? => 20

    How many % is the access by CPU? => 20

    The TMPT program will be start after set the each items.

     2-6.Stop the TMPT programs

     If you want to stop the TMPT programs,Please push to any key.

     The TMPT program is never stopped when push to any keys.

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