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artmilk-newsletter no 2. may 05


    artmilk news

    artmilk yahoo group launched

    students accepted into Churchie art exhibition

    slide night for art tours

    gallery visit and art tour to Sydney

    up and coming art workshops

    web pages of interest


    Welcome to our second artmilk newsletter. I expected to get a lot more done for the web site since the last

    newsletter, but life has a way of slowing us down…but I was overwhelmed with your generous feedback and congratulatory response to the launch of artmilk. Thankyou. The glitches and spelling mistakes (woops) in the web will be fixed soon and much more juicy things are waiting to be added so keep posted.

    Just a reminder. You can find artmilk’s web site at It is full of useful information, courses and workshops and opportunities for development as artists. The resource section will be added too

    regularly, offering contacts, ideas research tips quotes and artists statements. Artmilk’ vision is for artist to

    know and share the joys of their work with each other as well as the public, to have a sense of the community. In the near future I intend to offer on artmilk artist’s web page facility where you can display

    your art works and artmilk can act as a publicity forum for you as an emerging artist. This newsletter will be published regularly and will contain information about up and coming art courses, art tours,

    opportunities for artists, articles on art and creativity, and details of artist’s exhibitions. Your responses,

    ideas and feedback are very much appreciated. I’m inventing the wheel here a little bit. So please write and tell me what you think and what you would be interested in…oh and please send in your images. I’ll

    happily post them in the newsletters till I get web sites underway, and your writing (yes some artists write!!), all very welcome.

majena mafe



yahoo artmilk site for a chat

Artmilk now has a yahoo group button on the web site where you can join up and be part of discussions

    with fellow artists. Just click the ‘info’ button on the bottom of the home page and wha la!! This site is just

    new so it will take a little while to get flowing, you will be able to post images on this site as well.

churchie artists

    Quite a few students’ both present and past were accepted into the Churchie Art Exhibition this year. This is a very prestigious prize and artists are selected because of the excellence of their work. Accepted artists are sometimes

    picked up from the Churchie exhibition by commercial galleries so it can be a great way to enter the commercial gallery art network. Very big congratulations to…Pamela Fitzgibbon Lock, Candy Herne, Jackie Lowry and Ellena

    van Reit. This is a very big step in your lives as creative artists. I’m very proud for you.

info evening for art tours overseas

    A slide and information evening for people interested or just curious in the art tours offered to New York, Paris Italy and Russia is on Saturday, 9th July at the BIA in Grafton Street Windsor at 6.30 in the afternoon. Bring all your

    questions and dreams of travel with you. Image presentations of the galleries and art treasures that will be featured

    on each tour will be screened!!

Sydney gallery tours

    NOTES FROM THE TRIP FROM MAJENA: I have just got back from taking a group of very talented and inspiring emerging professional artist to Sydney to assess the galleries there for potential exhibition venues. Highlights were

    the Mona Hartoum show at the MCA, web sites featuring her work follow. We visited about dozen commercial and

    artist run galleries over the two days…visited art bookshops, had lovely breakfast at a French patisserie and talked art pretty much non-stop. It was so popular a trip that I will plan more in the future. A trip to Melbourne is also on the

    cards. Why go interstate? The Brisbane art scene is relatively small compared to that of Sydney and Melbourne and

    it doesn’t necessarily cover all the types of work people want to show. The range of work shown interstate varies

    considerably. It is wise to at lest consider galleries interstate as well as here. Sydney especially has heaps of artist

    run hire spaces that might suit your plans for exhibiting your work. A copy of these Galleries is available through the

    Australia Council site. I will be hosting more of these interstate gallery tours in the near future, to Melbourne too, if your interested just drop me a line and I’ll let you know when the next one is on.

Sydney’s galleries student review

    The recent Artmilk trip to Sydney to look at Contemporary Art was exciting and inspirational. Majena took eight of us (all

    emerging artists) to Sydney for two days to look at exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art and at several private

    galleries and also to investigate Artist run galleries as possible places for us to exhibit. It was wonderful to be able to

    discus the exhibitions within in the group and Majena helped us to expand the perspectives through which we viewed the shows. She was also invaluable in advising about how to approach galleries with the view to having an exhibition


and how to evaluate the various spaces. The tour was well structured to allow us to break up into smaller interest groups

    to explore areas of individual interest and as we stayed at a small boutique hotel in Paddington where all the galleries we visited were no more than 15 minutes away. Traveling with a small group allowed us to visit many more galleries

    than we would have managed individually without the benefit of Majena’s local knowledge and also meant that costs

    could be shared. We all came home inspired with lots of new ideas and resolutions for our arts practices. SB

winter workshops

    Winter art workshops are booking up fast so please check out if there are any you would like to do this time round. Because I am going overseas in September for six months this is the last round of workshops

    till mid next year. Details follow…

great web-sites to search

    Artnet great big web site full of info on contemporary artists and their galleries internal

    San Francisco Museum of Modern Art fantastic site with little movies on artists

Artchive great info on art big site

Mona Hartoum

    Emma kunz very interesting European artist

Cindy Sherman great contemporary artist

VCE art Victoria art web site big full of info

Art advice great advice for approaching galleries and lots more

Mark Rothko brilliant gorgeous paintings

news and opportunities and exhibitions

Art Expo Brisbane RNA Show Ground 24th September 2005

    No commission fees, Sell direct to the public, Huge exposure, Thousands of buyers, Exhibit up to 20 pieces, Applications open now Call Lili Andriani 0402 639830 or email

Attention all Australian Artists,


Brisbane Art Expo this one is going to be huge and I need your support for continuation of these shows on an annual

    basis around Australia. As usual, in my art shows you have the freedom to pick all your own exhibiting pieces (up to 20 now), sell and promote yourself and your art direct to the public without being charged commission fees upon sale.

    In the past many artists that have exhibited in my shows had some fantastic sales on the day and after, also the public and a variety of businesses offered heaps of commission work and jobs. These shows are the fairest and most inexpensive Expos to be a part of, we get thousands of buyers through the doors on the day. I hope you will be a part of this one and any others that I have around Australia.

My Expos are created to help all Artists up and coming and professional no matter what style or medium, it is open to


    Applications are open now and must be in immediately, do not delay, this will ensure your position for they do go fast, please email me or phone if you have any questions what so ever. Regards Lili Andriani


    Exhibition of the recent Art Doll Chronicle project will take place at Nona Gallery Brisbane Institute of Art Windsor …30

    May- 4 June Opening at 6.30 3rd June

artmilk art tours… now taking bookings for 2006

    An information afternoon for people interested or just curious in the artmilk art tours offered to New

    York, Paris, Italy and Russia is on 9th July at the BIA in Grafton Street Windsor at 6.30. Bring all your

    questions and dreams of travel with you.

    Two places have come available on the Italian tour leaving in September this year, if you are

    interested please contact me ASAP on 33531741

    True Pleasures: The Art of Paris

    2nd - 15 th Sept 2006

    Irresistible Paris…a special itinerary art tour that takes you into the world of art through legendary artists and

    writers who established so much of what is wonderful and inspiring in art today. This tour will lead you through

    the backstreets and show you where Picasso, Matisse, Gertrude Stein and may others lived and worked, and

    then introduce you to their work first hand in some of the most innovative and beautiful museums in the world.

    The tour leader Majena Mafe will help you to understand the techniques and ideas that the masters were

    working with. As well as Paris’s art you will visit Palais Royal, Notre-Dame, tour Mont St Michel, and spend a


    day in the historic Chateaux Country feasting your eyes of spectacular gothic castles and chateaus. To top the trip off you will enjoy an amazing meal under the stars at the Eiffel Tower…

Modern Art Experience in New York and Chicago

    29th Sept - 11th Oct 2006

    This very exciting art tour focuses on modern art in New York City and Chicago. Between these two cities, there are housed the most wonderful examples of modern and contemporary art. The tour will give you the

    opportunity to see, learn about and most of all enjoy contemporary art in all its guises. Help will be provided by the tour leader Majena Mafe, who is an experienced artist, art-teacher and NY traveler, to understand

    what you are looking at, learn the vocabulary of art speak, and uncover the rhymes and reasons behind contemporary artists approaches. As an aside she will help you find the best shopping spots and jazz clubs, and how to negotiate the subways of the Big Apple!

    tours now taking bookings for 2007

Art Jewels of Russia

    thth16 - 27 August 2007

    This tour is specially designed for people wishing to relax and enjoy the jewels of Russian culture whilst learning from your art teacher and guide how to and appreciate what Russia holds dear. Her palaces and

    cathedrals and incredibly beautiful art collections span centuries. From ancient icons right through to the most wonderful examples of impressionist and post-impressionist work, some argue the best in the world,

    all are just dazzling. Touring both of the capitals Moscow and St Petersburg in a fully guided and intimate tour group, you will see and experience the rich art masterpieces some in private collections in ease and

    comfort. The onion topped cathedrals in Moscow, the Kremlins magnificent buildings, the exclusive

    Diamond vaults housing Catherine the Greats jewels and the museums! In St Petersburg you will spend your days at the Hermitage one of the oldest Russian royal residences now a magnificent art gallery, and the European-style Winter Palace. Now a museum complex, the art and architecture of the Hermitage is breathtaking with ornate and baroque rooms made of gold and malachite. This beautiful city is often referred to as the Venice of the North. Come and see Catherine the Greats ball gowns, dine on caviar and

    blini visit to Bolshoi Theatre. Be bedazzled by the moving and beauty history of Russia while enjoying modern Russian culture at its best!

Italy: Ancient, Renaissance and Modern Art

    7 th - 25 th September 2007

An 18-day art, study and retreat tour, for those of you that love art and travel. Think about

    …coming away to Italy to see first hand some of the most beautiful and inspiring art in the world. From ancient Etruscan ruins and fresco’s in the forum and catacombs of ancient Rome, to Fra Angelico’s

    cloistered frescos, Giotto’s chapel, and wonders of the renaissance masters Michelangelo, Tintoretto, Da Vinci, Raphael, Titian, in Florence, on to the most modern of art in the Venice Biennale.

     thIn Tuscany we will stay in a 10 century villa surrounded by vineyards and farmlands where you can pause, rest up and paint or just muse in the most inspiring of landscapes. From here we will take day trips to Florence where we will visit the Academia, and the Uffizi Medici Chapel, San Lorenzo’s and the frescos of

    Fra Angelico in the cloisters and chapter house of the convent of San Marco… and walk over Florence's

    famous Ponte Vecchio, which spans the Arno River. Travel to Pisa and Sienna and other gems of Tuscany district. Then on to Venice to visit the most contemporary and innovative art show in Europe, the Venice Biennale. Venice is a beautiful city to cruise the canals and wander the side streets. This all in one trip!

Majena’s generous and informed talks accompany you at every point helping you appreciate what you are

    seeing. Enjoy the rich conversations with other artists as you take in the world’s most famous cultural museums. Don’t just dream of Michelango’s David, meet him in person. Come back feeling passionate about art, life and yourself…


    This whole tour has been organized along the lines of offering you the focus, time and opportunity to develop

    your own particular areas of interest in regard to art. Help will be provided by Majena to assist you to hone

    your research skills, learn the vocabulary of art speak, uncover the ins and outs of Italian art history, and then

    the issues being offered in contemporary art…as well as how to negotiate the canals of Venice!

    For further information or to book a place on the tour…

    Contact Majena Mafe at artmilk. Majena is the tour leader, guide and manager on the tour, she will send you

    further details, registration forms and terms and conditions.

    You can contact Majena on (07) 33531741, or email:

artmilk art workshops offer an innovative arts program with workshops that are fun, creative and geared to help

    artists develop the skills they need to be successful in their field. These practical workshops offer a rich and

    contemporary approach to art making. Workshops have an emphasis on increasing the participant’s awareness of creative options and accessing individual forms of expression. In this encouraging and supportive environment

    practical and technical skills are taught, expanding options for participants in a wide variety of arts making

    approaches. Group tutorials and lectures offer information, inspiration, and discussion. They are also a way to building networks of ‘alike’ creative piers and friends. For bookings and further information please ring Majena

    Mafe on 33531741 or email Visit artmilk on the web at for lots of

    resources for artists.

    ; painting materials and techniques I & II

    ; mixed media materials and techniques I & II

    ; egg tempera icon painting-including gold leaf egg tempera and panel preparation

    ; what is art and gallery tour-commercial galleries and the museum I & II

    ; advanced studio classes

    ; silhouette, ornament as mapping workshop


    what are traditional art materials

    Areas of application: open

    Media: Traditional and contemporary painting media

    This workshop is an introduction to art making techniques through the practical recreation of traditional old masters techniques and recipes for beautiful paint. Covering art history, artist’s guilds, all about pigments, making your own

    watercolour, gouache and oil paint, gesso’s and sizes, mediums and waxes, wooden panel supports, stretched canvases, palettes, easels, brushes and much more. This workshop also covers acrylic paint and the relevant

    mediums to add to them to make the paint yummy. This is a practical workshop with lots of recipes to try out. Cost

    including some materials 260.00


    what are art materials & artist’s techniques & how can you use them as visual language…

    Areas of application: open

    Media: Traditional and contemporary painting media

    This workshop is a development on painting I as it introduces participants to art making to the detailed techniques

    used by old masters and contemporary artists. It covers advanced work on glazing, scumbling, varnishing, wax and

    encaustic techniques. A focus is on how to handle brushes and paint in terms of texturing and surface interest. Cost including some materials 260.00


    Areas of application: visual arts, sculpture,

    Media: Mixed media

    This workshop is an introduction and practical exploration to non traditional approaches artists are using in


contemporary mixed media work. You will explore the possibilities inherent in using a wide range of materials often

    found in hardware stores to create rich and exciting surfaces and techniques. You will be shown how to use collage,

    found objects, metal, glass, textures and plastics, plasters, and varnishes, shellacs, and bitumen to make your own

    rich and interesting paint surfaces. You will learn how to make your own implements and brushes and how to use

    them in a myriad of ways for the most wonderful effects. Cost including some materials 260.00


    Areas of application: visual arts, sculpture,

    Media: Mixed media

    This workshop is an advanced workshop focusing on the development of non traditional approaches to make works

    finished art works from mixed media sources. You will be introduced to techniques and effects used by a different

    contemporary artists that you can then develop yourself in a range of painting/mixed media works yourself that are built up with layers and layers of techniques and media. Cost including some materials 260.00

EGG TEMPERA 13-14 August 9.30-4.00

    Area of application: open- either traditional icons or contemporary paintings

    In this course the wonderful technique of tempera will be introduced for beginners and taken one step further for

    those having done previous classes. Focus will be on developing subject matter, teaching advanced techniques in modeling form, and advanced use of gold leaf and its application. Plaster cast panels will be created that can be

    carved or embellished with mixed media and then used as a base for painting works. Cost including some materials


WHAT IS ART AND GALLERY TOUR II 27-28 August 10.00-4.00

    advanced how to read art work of art

    Areas of application: Open - all areas and levels of interest

    Media: Art- Sculpture- Painting, Art History

    What does art mean and how does it say it? The varieties and definitions of art are overwhelming and often confusing to the lay person and to the artist alike but especially so in terms of contemporary art. This workshop will

    introduce you to how you can decode, understand and appreciate contemporary art and practices. The workshop will in part occur at contemporary art galleries in Brisbane, giving participants first hand experience of how art works.

    Detailed information on contemporary artists and their work will be offered and discussed. Cost 220.00

ADVANCED STUDIO WORKSHOP new 9 week class starts 5 July 9.30-1.00

    Areas of application: Open - all areas and levels of interest

    Media: Art- Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, Instillation

    *Previous experience in creating art work necessary

    This workshop is for emerging artists seeking advice and encouragement in beginning or furthering their artistic careers. It will involve advanced levels of reading and developing work in relation to current culture and art

    marketing trends. The course will cover theory, practical and professional development, what art is and is not, art

    genres, an introduction to contemporary art theory, postmodernism and modernism, art history and the museum,

    and the impact of science, politics, culture and advertising on art current trends. Cost 300.00

SILOUETTE, ORNAMENT as MAPPING WORKSHOP 4 week course 6-27 July 6.30-9.00

    Areas of application: design, visual art, fashion

    Media: Mixed media, painting, drawing, mixed media, collage, graphic work, garment construction

    This workshop explores the diagram, ornament and abstraction in art through a fun look at the impact of story

    telling, cultural influences, social shifts, history and the imagination. Various approaches will be offered for exploring

    pattern and map making as both a 2D and 3D effect. Genres such as the silhouette, cartography and calligraphy will be explored to create innovative and exciting works. Cost 220.00





Thank you I hope you like your new newsletter!! If you or a friend would like to add someone new

    to my monthly email news listing please just drop me a line…If you would prefer not to receive this newsletter please email me and I’ll take you off my list.

For further information and bookings, please contact me Majena Mafe at artmilk on (07)

    33531741, or email:

web: phone:(07) 33531741 email:

    address: 25 Nicholas Street McDowall Brisbane 4053 Australia


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