Section 1 Your vision and aim for Welsh-medium education

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Section 1 Your vision and aim for Welsh-medium education


    Welsh in Education Strategic Plan

    Powys County Council




    Section 1: Vision and aim for Welsh-medium education

    Powys County Council’s vision for education is to develop an efficient and integrated learning and community infrastructure that delivers the highest quality teaching and learning, with a broad range of learning opportunities, which will enable all Powys learners to develop their skills to the highest level. This vision takes forward the aspirations of the Welsh Government for Welsh Medium education as laid out in the national

    Welsh Medium Education Strategy: Our aim is to ensure that the education system in Powys enables an increase in the number of people of all

    ages who are fluent in Welsh. It is vital that the system is flexible and responsive to the increasing demand for Welsh-medium education, and that a strong framework and policy infrastructure is developed and implemented, in order to take forward effective planning across all phases of education and training.

The key principles that underpin this Strategy are:

    - enabling an increase in the numbers of children entering Welsh Medium education through collaborative working with outside agencies

    including Twf and Mudiad Meithrin;

    - committing to supporting learners to achieve fluency in Welsh and English through Welsh-medium education from the early years

    onwards Welsh-medium education up to the age of seven will continue to be delivered primarily through the medium of Welsh;

    - ensuring robust linguistic progression through every phase of education. In the secondary sector (11 16) we aim to achieve this by

    making sure that Welsh-medium education is of a consistent standard and provides equal opportunities across five schools (Brecon,

    Builth Wells, Bro Ddyfi, Caereinion and Llanfyllin). It is planned that these schools will all become 2 B Schools;

    - creating sustainable opportunities for learners to access a wide-ranging Welsh-medium curriculum at post-16, by creating three Welsh

    Medium Centres of Excellence at Caereinion, Bro Ddyfi and Builth Wells High Schools to serve their wider families of schools, and

    working with partners within the outside the county to develop Welsh-medium vocational opportunities;

    - ensuring that all learners in English-medium settings benefit from opportunities to develop their language skills by raising standards in

    the teaching and learning of Welsh second language. This will be achieved by developing improved bilingual teaching strategies and

    methodologies, as well as developing immersion projects for pupils in English medium streams;



    - Supporting Welsh medium schools to become centres for adult, community and cultural Welsh language activities, in order to foster

    increased awareness of the benefits of Welsh Medium education and to enable parents/carers to learn alongside their children, in an

    informal and welcoming environment;

    - Supporting all schools to develop their individual Welsh ethos;

    This Strategy will take forward a range of actions that are designed explicitly to foster growth in the uptake of Welsh Medium education to the point where the question of establishing a designated Welsh Medium secondary school can be actively and seriously considered.



    Section 2: The Action Plan

Outcome 1: More seven-year-old children being taught through the medium of Welsh

    A. Objective B. Current performance C. Timetable of future plans D.

     All actions will be Progress

    implemented between 2012 report

    and 2015, unless specified


    1.1 Increase the Based on PLASC information, the percentage of year 2 pupils 2012 2013: number of seven-year-being taught through the medium of Welsh across Powys for Families of schools to old children taught the last three years is as follows: develop and implement through the medium of strategies, which include all Welsh stakeholders, to promote the 2008-2009-2010-

     benefits of Welsh medium 2009 2010 2011

    education North Powys 24% 22% 21%

     Mid / South Powys 14% 13% 13%

    Continue to work with MYM to Powys Total 19% 18% 17%

    promote entry to WM

    education and coordinate Although the current trend has seen a reduction in the

    MYM, TWF activities in local percentage of year 2 pupils taught through the medium of

    areas Welsh, information about the year 1 cohort in 2010-2011

     suggests that the percentage will increase this year. Although

     there are fluctuations, the percentage has remained more or

     less consistent.

    To increase capacity of WM As a Local Authority, it is recognised that the rate of growth of

    education in: Welsh medium education in Powys has been considerably

    - The Upper Tawe



    lower than some other local authorities in Wales. However, Valley

    the Authority’s School Modernisation programme, along with - The Upper Severn the Welsh in Education Strategic Plan, will ensure that Welsh Valley

    medium education is central to the Authority’s vision for 21st

    century education. It is the intention that the Authority creates

    an environment where Welsh medium education can grow in

    a sustainable way.

    Through the school modernisation programme, the Authority Implement the proposals of is investing in Welsh medium education, in order to meet the the secondary modernisation increasing demand. Two significant projects are currently programme

    being developed.

A significant factor limiting the growth in the number of seven 2012-2013:

    year old children being taught through the medium of Welsh is Case studies to analyse the lack of coherent progression from key stage 2 to key reasons for the growth of stage 3 and beyond across the county. It is intended that the Welsh medium education in School Modernisation Programme will address this issue by specific areas, and develop ensuring linguistic continuity across all key stages. an action plan to develop and

     target schools where Welsh In line with the Authority’s Community Services Strategy, we medium education is not will ensure that Welsh medium and dual stream schools demonstrating growth

    become focal points for the delivery of other Welsh language

    services, so as to increase awareness of the benefits of 2012 2013

    Welsh medium education. In conjunction with MYM, to

     investigate the possibility of

     the establishment of at least

     one Cylch Meithrin in every

    secondary school catchment




1.2 Adopt systematic Within Powys, there are currently enough Welsh-medium Continue to measure demand

    processes for early years places available to meet the demand, and most every two years, by adopting measuring the children are able to access funded early years provision a targeted process, based on demand for Welsh-within their local communities