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Bellagio Meeting Organizer Guide ...





Contact Information to keep with you during your travel !

Bellagio Center (Italy) Pini Limousine Company

    Ms. Piera and Ms. Manuela Ms. Pilar Palaciá

    (both English speaking) Managing Director

    Piazza Aspromonte, 28 Ms. Nadia Gilardoni

    20131 Milan, ITALY Conference Coordinator

    Phone: +39-02-294-00-555 E-mail:

    Fax: +39-02-204-7843

    E-mail: Bellagio Study and Conference Center

     Villa Serbelloni

    Open 24 hours daily! Via Garibaldi, 8

     22021 Bellagio (Como), ITALY

     Phone: +39-031-9551

     Fax: +39-031-955-259

     Emergency contact number : 800-06-5858

     (no charge if calling from Italy)

     N.B.: at Milan Central Station and in Milan airports there are phones all around,

     both in the luggage area, and out of the customs area.

     September 2006


    The Foundation will provide limited, grouped transportation Arranging Local Travel

    (maximum of two vehicles) from Milan city or from local airports to Bellagio and (maximum of other two

    vehicles) return, while the organizer will be responsible for paying any extra transportation required.

Local travel is quite expensive (ranging from Euro 200 to 400, depending on the size of the vehicle and

    the distance to be covered). Therefore it is important for both meeting organizer and Bellagio meeting

    assistant to obtain “Travel Information” from each participant, so that the most suitable travel combinations

    to Bellagio can be arranged for.

    The Bellagio Meeting Assistant will collect information and draw up a draft of pick-ups, that will be submitted to the organizer for his/her approval. Once this draft is finalized, the organizer will be responsible for

    informing participants about their meeting times and points.

The Bellagio Center has a 30-year-long working experience with the Pini Limousine Company (a

    private transportation company) which is absolutely reliable.

    The Center will contact the Pini Company to inform them about the two vehicles provided by the Foundation.

    Should any extra transportation be needed, the organizer will have to contact the Pini Limousine Company

    directly, in order to arrange with them terms of payment, issuance and delivery of invoice.

    Should the organizer have limited or no funds to cover expenses for extra vehicles, participants not taking

    advantage of the offered transportation, will either have to take a Taxi or make use of the Local Public Transportation but in both cases have to be aware that the Foundation will not cover the related cost.

    Timetables and instructions on how to reach Bellagio can be found on the website or will be provided later on if required please note that local public transportation during low seasons i.e. winter is limited.

    Important Information when travelling to Milan, Italy Milan Airports. Since there are 2 airports in Milan (Linate and Malpensa) it is essential to provide

    complete details regarding flights (airline, flight number, schedule, airport of origin and airport of arrival).

    Please note that Linate airport is 20/30 minutes out of Milan town, while Malpensa airport is 1 hour far away

    from Milan town (in the opposite direction).

    All Pini drivers will be holding a sign "PINI BELLAGIO CENTER". Meeting Points will be: - at Linate airport outside the customs exit of the last flight for each group;

    - at Malpensa airport in front of “Swatch Shop” in area A of International flights at last arrival time for each

    group, while it will be outside the customs exit for individual pick ups.

    - at Milan Central Station in front of the newspaper kiosk located in the main hall down the central stairs.

Should any participant reach the Center on his own (own car, taxi, or public transportation), please do inform

    me about an approximate arrival time at the Center, if before or after lunch, early or late in the afternoon, so

    as to enable an adequate staff organization.

Cancellations. Should any participants have to cancel at the last moment or if any last minute problem or

    change in travel plans related to the arrival in Italy arises (flight cancellations, delays, etc.), affecting their

    ability to meet the group at the pick-up point, participants will have to contact immediately the Bellagio

    Center and the Pini Company too, when traveling with them, so that the group will not spend time at the

    airport waiting for you in vain and pick ups might be rearranged according to new needs.

Lost Luggage. In case of delay in meeting the group at the pick-up point because of lost luggage,

    participants have to inform the Center immediately; make the appropriate requirements at the “Lost and

    Found” office in the same area where the luggage arrives, sign the form authorizing customs officials to inspect their luggage and leave them the key(s) to unlock their suitcase(s). In most cases, luggage will be

    delivered to the Center when it is located.



    People holding USA, EU, or Schengen passports do not need Visas, while residents of other countries may

    need a visa to enter Italy and might also face visa difficulties because of strict Italian regulations.

    Please do inquire at the Italian Embassy or Consulate in the city where you will get your visa 3 months before your departure so as to determine exactly what is needed, and also be aware that if your

    traveling route implies transit within an European Country, please make sure to request a transit visa both

    ways for the Country involved.

When a visa is needed, you are urged to contact Nadia ( in a timely

    manner (3 months before the meeting date) providing the “Participant Information Form”, including your full name as it appears on your passport, indicating your surname by capital letters, as well as the city and country

    and fax number of the Italian Embassy or Consulate where you will pick up your Visa.

    A personal invitation and a letter requesting a Visa from the authorities (with a copy to you) will be faxed at

    the appropriate time from Italy, helping ensure you will receive your Visa in time.

Please be advised that Embassies/Consulates are not open every day and some have strict requirements and

    longer lead times than others. Delayed contact and/or disregard for regulations may compromise the issue of

    your Visa.


Information about the Center

Hospitality: The Rockefeller Foundation provides room and board without charge. However, the Center

    is not able to offer accommodation before or after the official dates of the meeting.

    Should you decide to arrive before of stay after this period, please do arrange for hotel accommodation

    accordingly. Information about local hotels can be found on the website,

    in Michelin or other guidebooks to Italy, or through a travel agent.

Arrival. Between 9 a.m. and 8.30 p.m. Participants arriving at the airport after 7.00 p.m. should plan to stay

    in a hotel and travel to Bellagio the following day.

    Departure. Not later then 10.00 a.m., unless there is a last morning session.

Because of travel schedules and the amount of time it takes to travel form Milan to Bellagio (1 ? to 2 hours

    by car), it is usually impractical to plan sessions on arrival and/or on departure day, but should the organizer

    want to plan them, participants will have to arrange their travel accordingly, (which may mean people will

    need to stay overnight in Milan the evening before).

Participants in meetings scheduled over a weekend are expected to remain in continuous residence, with

    weekends to be used as working time. Please plan overnight side trips before or after the meeting.


    Your group will be housed in the Sfondrata. The facility includes dining rooms and bedrooms, as well as

    meeting rooms and public informal gathering spaces. Though most rooms have a private bath, there are a few

    instances where sharing with one other person is necessary.

    Room assignments are made ahead of time, so changes can not be made once participants get here.

    If climbing stairs and walking uphill are difficult, please check the appropriate box on the “Participant

    Information Form”. Rooms for people with limited mobility are available.

Spouses and Guests. As a matter of policy and because of space and staffing considerations, the

    Foundation does not provide meals or lodging for a participant’s spouse or other family members or friends.

Attire. “Business casual” – jacket, but no tie required - is fine. Appropriate national costumes are also

    suitable. Informal clothing such as shorts, tank tops, jeans, etc. are not appropriate for dinner but are fine

    during the day.

Mealtimes. The Center provides three meals a day. If time and space permits, the managing director will

    invite your group to have one dinner at the Villa. For your planning, assume that breakfast is available

    between 08:00 and 09:00, lunch at 13:00, and dinner at 19:30 (cocktails at 19:00).

Time. Daylight saving time is in force from late March to the end of October.

Smoking is not permitted indoor in any building.


    Facilities and Equipment Meeting rooms, break-out rooms and comfortable places for informal conversations are available.

    Equipment available in the meeting room:

    - Tri-standard 1/2” VHS video cassette player compatible for both PAL and NTSC systems;

    - Kodak carousel slide projector;

    - Overhead projector for both transparencies and paper;

    - Projector and screen for power point presentation;

    - IBM-compatible laptop computer;

    - CD, DVD, and cassette players;

    - Musicassette player.

Tape recording. Recording equipment must be operated by a member of the group. Our taping system

    uses standard cassettes that you may bring along with you or purchase for about є 1 each directly at the


Computers. 1 Macintosh and 2 IBM-compatible desk top computers are at your disposal in the PC-room,

    but be aware you will have to share them with other participants. If sharing compromises your productivity,

    please do bring along your own laptop.

Internet access. A dedicated Internet connection (HDSL) provided free of charge, is available in all

    bedrooms, common rooms and in the meeting room.

    This connection is accessible through our local area network. You may only use any browser-based email

    (Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, Outlook Web Access, etc.) without any previous set up.

E-mail systems such as Outlook and Outlook Express that rely on POP3 or SMTP servers cannot be used.

    Our Internet Service Provider does not allow e-mail relaying.

For your laptop. To access our local area network and have access to the Center provided Internet

    connection, your computer must have:

1. Ethernet 10/100 network adapter.

2. MS Internet Explorer or Netscape browsers must have their proxy servers disabled.

3. A working anti-virus program with the latest virus definitions. You will not be allowed to connect to the

    network unless your computer is in compliance.

The Center has available for your use PCMCIA Ethernet network adapters for IBM-compatible computers.

    Your computer must have a free PCMCIA slot to use these adapters.

The Center does not have Ethernet network adapters for Macintosh computers.

You may be able to connect to the internet directly or you may need the assistance of our technician, who is

    available in person on a weekly basis and daily through e-mail/telephone.

Voltage. The Center operates on 220 volts, 50/60 cycles. Adapters and plugs are available.

    Bedrooms do not have Radios or TV.


Photocopier and Printer. A collating copy machine and a regular printer are available.

    Up to 500 copies per meeting are free. Above this quantity the organizer will be charged є 10 per ream.

    Color Printer is also available with a charge of є 0.50 per page.

Note Pads, pens and pencils are provided.

    Writing boards and flip charts on stands (and markers) are available.

Secretarial services. The Center cannot provide secretarial support and assistance of this kind is not

    available locally.

Telephone. Telephones with direct-dial service are available in each room. Charges are automatically

    assessed; you will be billed at the end of your stay.

    In alternative, we highly recommend the use of calling cards or telephone cards (much cheaper) that can be

    bought at the airports or in town, at any Tobacconist’s.

Fax service. Faxes can be sent during normal office hours; incoming service is available 24 hours daily.

    You will be billed for outgoing faxes at the end of your stay.

Hairdryers are available.

Toiletries. Soap is provided but shampoo, hand cream, and other sundries are not.

Laundry. An automatic washer and dryer and soap as well as an iron and ironing board are available.

Gym (open from 6.30 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.) and Tennis court (with the use of tennis raquetts and balls) are

    at your disposal.

Medical care. Medical services are very limited. There are three general practice doctors in town. The

    nearest hospital is 45 minutes away by car, in Lecco. Staff are not equipped to handle more than a passing

    illness, such as the flu. In the event of serious illness or injury where the person is bed-ridden or has

    diminished autonomy, the managing director will help the person make plans to return home or to check into

    a suitable medical facility in the region.

Medical supplies. Some brand-name products you are used to may not be available at the pharmacy in

    Bellagio so bring enough supplies with you.

Currency conversion. The Center cannot engage in exchange transactions. Traveler checks are cashed

    by local banks. There are four ATMs in town.

Cars. Center cars are not available for transportation off the grounds.

Rental/Personal cars. If a car is needed to travel before or after the meeting, it is usually less expensive

    to reserve a rental car ahead of time in your home country. Major car rental agencies are represented at both

    Milan airports, the Milan train station, and in cities of Como and Lecco. There are parking facilities at the



    Mail and Advance Shipments We suggest you carry rather than send essential materials.

    To send books, papers, or materials, address the package as follows:

     Mr./Ms. [your name] + meeting reference

     c/o Bellagio Study and Conference Center

     Villa Serbelloni

     Via Garibaldi, 8

     22021 Bellagio (CO), Italy

Include your name and address on the return label. Affix a label on the package with the following statement:

    Esente da Diritti Doganali ai Sensi della Legge No. 984 del 9 Ottobre 1964

    pubblicata sulla Gazzetta Ufficiale N. 264 del 27 Ottobre 1964.

In accordance with this law, the Center has the right to import duty free materials essential to its operation.

    The exemption may not be claimed for personal items like clothing. It is possible that an Italian Customs Tax

    may be levied after inspection of your shipment. If so, it will be paid by the Center’s representative and you

    will be billed after you arrive. Do not exaggerate the declared value on packages because if duty is levied the

    charge will be based on the stated value.

Courier Services. The Foundation has used Federal Express, DHL, UPS, and Skypack to send materials

    to Italy; currently, the best service is with DHL. Although delivery is usually faster than the options

    described above, one should allow 2 weeks for packages that must go through customs in Italy. Letters

    usually reach Bellagio in 2-4 business days.

New procedures require that the Bellagio Center’s fax number (+031-955-259) be included in the address.

    Please list the contents as used books and papers or used tapes, etc., and select “no commercial value.” You

    will also want to indicate a low value in field required for customs since the material is used.

Please fax to the Bellagio Center the following information if you plan to send a package by courier: copy of

    the front page of your passport (name, photo, expiration date); copy of the track document; name and dates

    of your conference.

Packages without the above documentation and information for customs will not be delivered to the Bellagio

    Center and the participant/organizer will be charged for expenses that are involved in the delay.

     January 2007


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