Finance - Oracle General Ledger Practice

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Finance - Oracle General Ledger Practice

    Finance Oracle General Ledger Practice

Purpose;In this practice

    (1) We will check a set of books to find out the current Chart of Accounts.(optional)

    (2) In this Chart of Accounts, we will insert a new value in the department segment

    for a new department.

    (3) After define a new value, we will practice to create a new journal entry that credit

    and debit total are not equal, then we post this journal and see the change.

    (4) We will practice to run a financial report (General Ledger) to review the account


    Responsibility;System Administrator(optional)

    Responsibility;General Ledge, Vision Operations (USA)

(Practice 1) (optional)

    1. Find out the Set of Books that link to the Responsibility

    Responsibility;System Administrator

    (N)Profile > System

    (Find System Profile Values Window)

    Profile GL Set of Books Name


    Notes: You can see the SOBs name in the Site column: Vision Operations (USA)

2. Review the SOB :Vision Operations (USA)

    Close the (System Profile Values Window), then Switch your responsibility to General Ledge, Vision Operations (USA)

    (I)Close Form > (I) Switch Responsibility

    choose : General Ledge, Vision Operations (USA)

    Responsibility;General Ledge, Vision Operations (USA)

    (N)Setup > Financials > Books > Define (Set of Books window)

    (M) View > Find

    Find: Vision Operations (USA) > (B) OK

    Notes: You can see

    Chat of Accounts: Operations Accounting Flex

    Functional Currency: USD

    Calendar: Accounting

    Suspense: 01-000-2990-0000-000 (p.s. in the Journaling Tab)世新大學ERP實驗室 1

3. Check the Accounting Flexfield Structure (Chat of Accounts :Operations

    Accounting Flex)

    (N)Setup >Financials> Flexfields > Key > Segments

    (M)View > Find

    (Find Key Flexfield window)

    (M) View > Find

    Find: Oracle General Ledger > (B) OK

    Move cursor to Code column > (M)View > Find

    (Find Key Flexfield Structure window) (M) View > Find

    Find: Operations Accounting Flex > (B) OK

    Then press the Segments button and check the accounting flexfields segments, next,

    select the segment you want to see and press the Value Set or Flexfield Qualifiers button to review some information.

(Practice 2)

    4. Insert a Segment Value

    Find the Department Segment Values (N)Setup >Financials> Flexfields > Key > Values

    (Find Key Flexfield Segment window) Application Oracle General Ledger

    Title Accounting Flexfield

    Structure Operations Accounting Flex

    Segment Department


    Then we insert a new values in Department Segment.

    Move cursor to Value column > (I) New


     Values, Effective

    Value 3##

    Description 3##


世新大學ERP實驗室 2

(Practice 3)

    5. Create Basic Journal Entry

    On Sep 5, an organization provides consulting service to a company for 1000 dollars,

    and the company pay cash.

    (N)Journals >Enter > (B) New Journal (Journals window)

    Journal JE##

    Period Sep-03

    Effective Date 05-SEP-2003

    Category Revenue

    Description Student## Journal

    Line 10

    Account (Use LOV to find the CASH account no) (Operations Accounting Flex window) Account Alias Cash


    (Operations Accounting Flex window)

    Department 0000


    Notes: Check the CASH account no is 01-000-1110-0000-000

(Journals window)

    Debit 1000


    Line 20

    Account (Use LOV to find the Consulting Revenue account no) (Operations Accounting Flex window) Account Alias (*P.S : Keep the field blank)


    (Operations Accounting Flex window)

    Department 3##

    Account 4130


    Notes: Check the Consulting Revenue account no is 01-3XX-4130-0000-000 (Journals window)

    Credit 800

    (I)SAVE > Decision (Yes)

    Note: The total debits and credits are not equal in this Journal, but we still need

    世新大學ERP實驗室 3

to save it.

6. Review your Journal Entries by T-Accounts

    (Journals window)

    (M)Tools > T_Accounts

    (Operations window)

    (M)Tools > T_Accounts

    (B) T_Accounts

    Note: Now we can review the un-posted journal entries with 2 accounts :

    Line 10: 01-000-1110-0000-000, Cash, Dr. 1000 Line 20: 01-3##-4130-0000-000, Consulting, Cr. 800

7. Post your Journal

    (Journals window)

    (B)More Actions > (B)POST

    Note: Write down your request ID if you want to check your request status.

8. Re-query your Journal

    After your request is completed, reopen the Journal Windows. If you stay in the

    Journal Windows, move your cursor to the Journal column and select the function from the menu bar.

    If you choose to reopen the Journal Windows: (N)Journals >Enter

    (Find Journals)

    Journal JE3##

    (B) Find

    choose your own Journal JE## (the Batch Status must be Posted)

    (B)Review Journal

If you stay in the Journal Windows:

    Move cursor to the Journal column > (M)View > Find then review the Journal (Find Journals)

    Journal JE3##

    (B) Find

Note: We can compare the posted journal with the original un-posted journal,

    and find out the change in this journal.

    世新大學ERP實驗室 4

(Practice 4)

    9. Run a General Ledger Report to review your account balance (N)Reports > Request > Standard (Submit a New Request)

    Single Request



    Name General Ledger - (132 Char) (p.s. you can find it by LOV) (Parameters window)

    Type Entry Item

    Currency USD

    Balance Type A

    Starting Period Sep-03

    Ending Period Sep-03

    Flexfield From/To (Use LOV to find Consulting Revenue account no) (Operations Accounting Flex)

     Low High

    Company 01 01

    Department 3## 3##

    Account 4130 4130

    Sub-Account 0000 0000

    Product 000 000

    (B)OK > (B)OK > (B)Submit > (B) > No (Write down your Request ID) Notes: Check the Consulting Revenue account no is 01-3XX-4130-0000-000

10. Review your General Ledger Report

    (M)View > Requests > Enable All My Requests > (B) Find > Find your own

    Request ID > (B) View Output Then see the report output to check these columns: Accounting flexfield, Date,

    Journal Amount, Begin and End balance. =============================================================

    Practice end

    Ping-Chung, Liu (Sep 04, 2003 Sep 05, 2003)


    (XXXXX window) = window name =Tab name ## = PC No.

    (N) = Navigator (M) = Menu (I) = Icon (B) = Button

世新大學ERP實驗室 5

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