Unit 8 topic 3

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Unit 8 topic 3

    学乐家教周末辅导,Unit 8 topic 3


     节日 饺子 圣诞节 甜的

     运气 谜语 相信 满的

     月亮 重要的 准备 教堂

     打开 礼品 开始 整个的

     高声呼唤 国际的 劳动

    举行 国家的 首都


     必背短语。? 给自己加油?

     春节 直到 -------

     中秋节 熬夜


     彼此,互相 母亲节

     教师节 一天的假期


     1. Merry Christmas !

     2. On the eve of the festival , the whole family gets together for a big dinner .

     3. They are very happy to get lucky money from them .


     1. 不规则动词的过去式。


    1?写出下列动词的过去式。? 很简单吆;动一动你聪明的小脑袋?

     be begin bring buy

     come do drink drive

     eat fall find fly

     get give go have

     hear hurt keep know

     lose make meet put

     read ride run say

     see sing sit sleep

     speak swim take teach

     tell think wear write


     not ------ until

     each other

    3?单项选择? 小试牛力?

     ( )1. ------ Mary , last Sunday we a big get-together .

     ------ Did you a wonderful time ?

     A, have ; have B, had ; had C, have ; had D , had ; have

     ( )2. The traffic accident happened the morning of April 2 nd .

     A, in B, on C, at D, to

     ( )3. ------ Whose bike is this ?

     ----- It be Tom`s . Look ! His bag is on it .

     A, can B, may C, must D, will ( )4. ------ How do you plan to show your love to your parents on Mid autumn Festival .

     ------- sending them some presents .

     A, To B, For C, On D, By ( )5. ------Don`t play tricks the old man . It`s not good .

     ------- Sorry , I won`t do it again .

     A, on B, at C, with D, for ( )6. ------ The summer holidays are coming . Where are you going to spend the

    holiday ?

     ------ Maybe I`ll go to Beijing .

     A, two months B, two month C, two months D, two month`s

     ( )7. ------ What do you often say to your teachers on September 10th ?


     A, Happy New Year ! B, Merry Christmas !

     C, Happy Teachers` Day ! D, Happy birthday ! ( )8. ------ When do you want to get up tomorrow morning ?

     ------- At 5:00 o`clock . I plan to watch the national flag .

     A, put up B, stay up C, stand up D, go up ( )9. ------- I`m very happy again .

     ------- Me , too .

     A, to see you B, see you C, seeing you D, sees you ( )10. ------- What do families usually eat during Spring Festival in China ?

     ------ .

     A, Dumplings B, Mooncakes C, Honey D, Grapes ( )11. I would like to drink some tea honey .

     A, of B, in C, with D, for ( )12. I am happy you here .

     A, meet B, meets C, to meet D, met ( )13. Good to you !

     A, lucky B, hope C, idea D, luck ( )14. We have a holiday during National Day .

     A, seven day B, seven days

     C, seven days D, seven day ( )15. We are busy the class meeting .

     A, to prepare for B, prepare at

     C, preparing for D, preparing of ( )16. Can you help me the picture on the wall ?

     A, put up B, put away C, put on D, put off ( )17. the morning of the Spring Festival . people always get up early .

     A, In B, On C, At D, From ( )18. Michael up his father woke him up .

     A, got ; until B, didn`t get ; until

     C, doesn`t get ; if D, gets ; when

     19. ------- season do you like better , spring or summer ?

     ------- I like spring better .

     A, How B, Where C, What D, Which

    ( )20. It`s raining , Remember your raincoat .

     A, put on B, to put on C, take off D, to take off

    ( )21 It snowed yesterday .

     A, heavily B, heavy C, big D, hardly

    ( )22. We plan the hill it doesn`t rain tomorrow .

     A, to climb ; if B, climb ; but

     C, to climb ; but D climb ; if

    ( )23 of us has a good plan for the coming holidays .

     A, All B, Some C, Each D, Many

    ( )24 We will have a holiday during National Day .

     A, seven day B, seven day

     C, seven days D, seven days

    ( )25 ------- It is to travel to Hainan .

     -------- Yes , so we should take enough money with us .

     A, cheap B, interesting C, wonderful D expensive (4) 补全对话

     A: Hello ! May I speak to Jenny ?

     B: Hello ! This is Jenny speaking . Who`s that ?

    A: This is Linda . Jenny , it`s rainingin Shanghai now .


    B: The sun is shining in Beijing now .

    A: ?

    B: The high temperature here is about 28C . It`s a little hot . Oh, The summer holidays are

    coming . ?

    A: I plan to go to Beijing for my holidays .

    B: I`m glad to hear that . ?

    A: I want to take the train there .

    B: OK . I`ll go to the train station to meet you .

    A: That`s good . ?

    B: Yes , I`d love to . I`ll take you to visit the Great Wall , the Palace Museum ,

     Tian`anmen Square and so on .

    A: That sounds great .


     watch enjoy sun at swim sport

     like start see alone piano on

     It was Sunday yesterday . I was . David didn`t go to school . He stayed at home in the morning . After breakfast he played the

     . He playing the piano very much . He

    to learn the piano ten years ago . He plays it every day . and he is good it now .

    In the afternoon he went to a pool . Swimming is one of his favorite

     . In the evening he TV for a while and then he listened to

    music . He himself the whole day. 四!按要求做题。

    1. Jim usually walks to school. (改同义句 )

    Jim usually goes to school .

    2. Ann does well in history. ( 改同义句)

     Ann history.

    3 She could speak English when she was five years old . ( 改同义句)

     She could speak English five.

    4 With the help of Jane , I can play the piano well . (改同义句)

     , I can play the piano well..

    5 How is the weather today ? ( 改同义句)

     is the weather today .

    6 He can keep these books for four days . ( 对划线部分提问 )

     Can he keep these books?

    7 We go shopping once a week . (对划线部分提问)

     Do you go shopping .

    8. His trip was wonderful . (对划线部分提问)

     his trip .

    9. Amy did her homework at school . ( 改否定句 )

     Amy her homework at school .

    10. There is some water in the bottle . ( 变一般疑问句 )

     Water in the bottle ?

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