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    Morkla from Ork

Static noise

    Morkla: Nanu Nanu This is Morkla reporting from earth. I am sorry for the primitive form of communication but my telecommunicator is lost among a stack of research books.

    Orson: Morkla, must I tell you again, don’t apologize. Living with earthlings can’t be easy. Continue

Morkla: These earthlings called Fellows, give up their free timewhat they call

    vacationto come here to Guyer high school every day for Writers Workshop in the Summer Institute. They come in each day loaded down with books they’ve been reading

    to find the answer to their “burning question.” I continue to try and understand why any question would burn. They talk about funny things like pensa primitive communication

    device. My Fellow earthling friends Vicki and Erin obsess over perfect points and ink flow. Oh that they could communicate their thoughts merely by thinking them as we do.

    First they write, write, write, about their lives, their thoughts, their deepest secrets. Then they read to the other Fellows.

I think Vicki is ahead of the curve on this when she wrote today of a movie called “Old

    School” and trust trees. We Orkans trust we don’t offend by our thoughts alone. Vicki fears earthlings have a way to go on this topic.

    Next Ranae uttered a prayer that was an anology for her faith and life and writers workshop.

    Joan wrote and read a letter to Heather about how sad events sometimes make you stronger and more independent. They shine a light on the path you must take in life.

    Audrey followed with a quote by Marianne Williamson from a book called A Return to Love. Like Joan she believes in illuminating fears so that the light shines from within, guiding earthlings to become everything they can be.

Orson, these Fellows are on the right track.

    Lynn wrote of the earthling habit of sharing random conversation with total strangers. I think the pizza man had a crush on Lynn and the Kinkos clerk wanted her advice about becoming a teacher.

Jacqueline presented the daily log of yesterday’s activities and then the fellows got back

    to writing, writing, writing. Some have reached the lofty plateau of writing on computer. There is hope for these earthlings, Orson.

    Some were writing for the Read Aloud and some were writing about their burning question.

    The Fellow named Katie presented a demonstration lesson on Brain Yoga. Modeling critical thinking Katie showed the Fellows synectics, a problem solving model using analogies. First the Fellows used earthly objects then transferred the thinking to their writing. Higher level thinking, Orsonthese writers are some smart earthlings.

    Audrey returned with some information on coaching. Best Practice vs Best Lesson.

    These Fellows needed to stop for some sustenance. Then Fellow Lynn admitted she had a crush on Harry Noden. She showed the group a lesson for teaching students to paint with words.

    Then Audrey sent the Fellows to their corners for coaching. Earthlings can help each other.

    After writing some more, the Fellows got together for some AHAs. Yes, Orson, Ahas. I think that means they synthesize their thinking and come up with what they learned today. Ranae liked the distinction between Best Practices and Best Lesson. Laura liked the demonstration lessons. Lynn gave props to Erin and Maegan for going first with their Demonstrations. Propsnor Orson, not a primitive flying mechanismprops is the

    same as praise. It was also noted that the trust tree is not a bonsai or a bush. Nor Orson, I am not exactly sure what that means.

    The day ended and everyone went to their domiciles. What’s that? You haven’t heard from my father, Mork…I am afraid he’s in the babble stage.

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