Unit1 Topic2 SectionA

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Unit1 Topic2 SectionA


     Section A Topic2 Unit1





    Unit 1 Sports and Games

    Topic 2 Would you mind teaching me?

    Section A

    ?.Analysis of the Teaching Material

    This topic is mainly about making requests and suggestions, including expressing intentions, making complaints and apologies and giving students moral educations.

    In this period, it introduces the key vocabulary and the target languages: Would you mind? Not at all/Of course not. Could you

    please? We should enable students to master and skillfully use the expressions of making requests and suggestions.

    ?.Teaching aims and demands

    1. Knowledge goals

    Learn some useful words and expressions: ill, fall ill, be glad to, mind, practice, window, get to, far from, smoke, somewhere, make one’s bed, right away

    2. Ability goals

    Train students listening and writing skills.

    Communicative competence.

    How to make requests and suggestions.


     3.Moral goals

    Get the students to bring up the consciousness of helping others and

    social moralities and admit mistakes courageously. Get students to

    learn to be polite while making requests. ?.Teaching Important Points

    Learn some useful words and expressions

    Go on learning the Simple Future Tense

    ?.Teaching Difficult Points

    How to make requests and responses

    Get the students to bring up the consciousness of helping others and

    social moralities and admit mistakes courageously. ?.Teaching methods

    Five-finger Teaching

    Communicative Language Teaching

     ?.Teaching type:

    New Teaching

    ?.Teaching aids

    A recorder, a small blackboard, some pictures. ?.Teaching procedures

    Step 1 Review


1. Ask and answer in pairs to talk about the students’ activities. For


    S1: What is …’s favorite sport? Do you know?

    S2:I think … is his favorite sport.

    S1: And his favorite player? .

    2. Talk about your sports plan with your partner, and then report to the class.

    3. Sum up and lead in Section A

    T: Good! I think now you are good at making a new dialog about sports. You all like sports. Do you like watching sports games?

     Ss: Of course.

    T: We are going to have a soccer game against Class Four this Saturday. But one of our teammates fell ill. What should we do?

    Guess the meanings of the two words? “Teammate” is “team” + “mate”. We’ve learned it. “Fall ill” means someone’s health is not

    good. He has to stay in bed to have a rest.

    Step 2 Presentation

    1.Listen to the dialog in 1a, and then answer the following questions: What’s wrong with one of Kangkang’s teammates?

    What does Kangkang want Michael to do?


Check the answers. Give some notes.

    2. Listen again and read after the tape. Pay attention to your pronunciation, intonation and stress.

    Work in pairs to act the dialog out.

    Step 3 Consolidation

     1.Make up a similar dialog according to 1a. You must use these three sentences on the blackboard in your dialog.

    For example:

    S1: Could you please do me a favor?

    S2: Sure. What is it? .

    2. Listen to the tape and fill in the blanks in 2a. Learn to make requests and responses.

    Could you please

    Will you …

    Would you please …

    Would you mind …?

    Make up a short dialog to make requests and responses, using some of these sentence patterns in the box. Then act it out. Step 4 Practice

    1. Open the books and turn to Page 10. Finish activity 2b by yourself.


    Then practice with your partners and act out the conversations. 2.Check the answers and summarize the ways of making requests and responses.

    Pay attention to these notes:

    No.= number. the Capital Stadium. get to far from.

    need to.

    3. Ask students to read the dialog.

    4. Match the conversations with the pictures. Finish 3. At first look at the picture 1. What’s the man doing?

    Ss: He is smoking.

    T: Do you think smoking is good or bad?

    Ss: It is bad….

    (This activiy not only provides practice in the target language but also teaches the students to listen to special information in conversations.) Step 5 Summary

    In this class, weve learned the key vocabularies and the target

    languages. And we also know the students to bring up the consciousness

    of helping others and social moralities and admit mistakes courageously. Step 6 Homework

     Make a dialog about asking the way. In your dialog you should use the


expressions “do me a favor, far from, have to”.

    ?.Blackboard Design

    Unit1 Topic2 Would you mind teaching me?

    Section A

    teammate, ill, fall ill,

    be glad to, mind, smoke, Could you please do me a favor?

    practice, somewhere Sure. What is it? get to, far from, Would you mind doing ...? make one’s bed, Not at all.



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