9 Local Specialities

By Phillip James,2014-08-29 11:09
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9 Local Specialities

    Local Specialties

    Doug, an Australian studying Chinese at Peking Universities, is meeting with his language partner Li Li to practice Chinese and English. Li Li has just returned to Beijing after going back to her hometown during the 1________

D: Hi Li Li, 2___________

    L: Yeah, ______ ages since we last met. How was your holiday? D: It was 3______...I just stayed in Beijing and studied most of the time. Im still

    trying to get ready for next months HSK. How about you?

    L: I had a great holidayIts always nice to spend time with my family. Oh, before I forget, I brought this back for you [hands a bag to Doug].Its spicy dried beef floss, a

    local 4_____from my 5_____in6_______

    D: Thanks, Li Li! Thats very 7_________of you!

    L: Don’t mention it. As you can see, each piece is 8________, so its 9________to

    enjoy them as a snack. I hope it lasts you for a while!

    After finishing his study section with Li Li, Doug returns to his 10______, where his roommate Gabriel, a fellow Australian, is listening to his ipod.

G: Hey, how was your date with Li Li?

    D: Haha, were still just friends at least for now. Look, she brought me this local specialty from Inner Mongolia-spicy dried beef floss! Feel free to try a piece/ I have to run out to mail a letter, but Ill be back in a few minutes.

    Five minutes later, Doug returns to his dorm once again. Dozens of empty beef wrappers are scattered on the floor

G: Oh hi, youre backListen, about the dried beef floss

    D: Oh my God, you ate all of it !? Thats almost a pound of beef!

    G: Ywah…Listen, could you ask Li Li if she has any more? I think Im addicted.

    D: [in disbelief] 11__________________





    1 Spring Festival 2 long time no see 3 alright 4 specialty 5 hometown 6 Inner Mongolia 7 thoughtful 8 wrapped 9 convenient 10 dorm 11 Are you for real

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