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    Moduel 8 Unit 1 There are stone animals .

    一、 Warming up

    1.Vedio ----- Wild Animals

    2.Free Talk

    T: There are many animals in the video . (show the picture animals )

    I like animals very much . Do you like animals ? (whole class) What animal do you like ?(single ) For me , I like ______ , ______ , ______ ,_____ and _______ .(shows the pictures one by one ; read ) 二、 Presentation

    1.T: Everybody like animals . They are our good friends . So today they come to our classroom . Can you find them ?Oh , there is a ____ . There is a _____ .I can find two animals . Can you find them ?(tick the pictures in the classroom )

    Present Ss use the sentences : There is a / There are to express . (遇到复数时渗透How many ____ are there ? There are ____ . )

    Present the new word : camel

    2.T: Now , who can introduce these friends for us ?

    Use There is a …” and There are …”

    T shows the example first .(From me ,Ok ? Oh , there is a _____ . ) 3.Practice : draws two houses on the Bb . (There is a …” and There

    are …”)

    T: There are two houses on the Bb . Can you show these friends their

    house ? For example , the horse is in _______ . (Put the picture in one of the house .) Now , dicuss with your deskmate .

    Asks Ss to tick the pictures .

    Read the sentences .

    三、 Text Learning

    1.T : Boys and girls , were having a good time in our English class . But what about our new friends Sam and Amy ? Do you want to know where are they now ? Lets watch the video . And think about the where are they .(Listen to the first time and present the Ming Tombs)

    2.T: As we know , they are in the Ming Tombs . And what are in the Ming Tombs ?

    (Listen to the second time and present stone animals )

    How many stone animals are there ? There are 24 .

    3.Listen and repeat .

    T: Now , please look at your books and repeat after the tape . (scary , monster )

    4.Read after T ;Whole class

    5. Role Play :Group work ; small group

    四、 Consolidation

    Introduce the bedroom .

    T: At last ,Lets visit Amys bedroom . Can you describe it ? For example : There is a bed .

    (There is a bed . There is a clock . There is a computer . There is a ball . There is a chair . There is a desk . There are books . ) 五、 Homework

    Use There is a …” and There are …” to describe your bedroom to your

    mother and father .

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