By Tommy Black,2014-09-21 01:22
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    Development of a Reliable Instrument for Recording and Analyzing Uroflow Procedures that includes the Liverpool

    (Haylen, et al) Nomograms

    A. C. COATS, M.D.

    Life-Tech, Inc., Houston, Texas, USA

    SummaryThe science of analysis of Uroflow recordings has been described at length by the International Continence Society (ICS) and in numerous publications by leading clinicians in 1,2,3the field of Urology in recent years. The clinical research demonstrated a need for a reliable device for the documentation and analysis of uroflow results that included the “gold standard” Liverpool Nomograms.

    ?The Microflo (Life-Tech, Inc., Houston, TX, values. The highly advanced load cell USA) was developed to provide clinicians with a technology provides superior accuracy while highly accurate system for the recording and minimizing maintenance and operating cost. The analysis of Uroflow procedures, to include the system is found to be both economical and easy diagnostic reference plotting of the patient on the to operate (Figure 1).

    Liverpool Uroflow Nomograms. The system Data analysis is automatic and provides for the features a high performance microprocessor, manual entry of patient information while collecting data at 8 samples per second while printing age, sex, position and the Uroflow digitally displaying the pattern. The system’s sophisticated algorithms automatically analyze the Uroflow study while virtually eliminating artifacts. High resolution

    Uroflow recording is automatically printed in the

    appropriate time scale of 0-60 sec., 0-120 sec., or

    0-180 sec. (Figures 2 and 3).

    Microflo retains in memory the last recorded

    Uroflow and with subsequent printout the

    scale can be changed from 0-50 ml/sec. to 0-

    25 ml/sec. to improve the resolution of

    abnormal Uroflow waveforms. Figure 1: Microflo 2001N.